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Cat’s in the Costume Cradle 🐱

Hey Poptropicans, pop in for a sneak peek and costume collection!

Secret of the Jade Scarab, the final Dream Island winner, is still in development, and the Pop Creators are treating us to another sneak peek. Earlier, we got two glimpses of a cat, and now, there’s a third:

We still don’t know much about this green-eyed kitty, but from the various sketched movements in the new pic, it seems like it might play an active role in the upcoming quest! The Creators also promised this island is “coming soon” and will be available “to all players.” Sweet!

Curious about what secrets lie within the Jade Scarab? Check out this PHB post for an inside look with the Dream Island creator!

In other news, the fan submission reel for February’s costume contest is now up on Pop’s YouTube channel! A winner has not been announced yet, but you can enjoy the collection of entries below:

Exciting stuff, right? We’re still looking forward to new islands and costumes in 2022, but we Pop players haven’t forgotten the old ones. Poptropica blue, and islands that got pruned, when you comin’ home?


Snapshot Series

Museum visit

Well, well, well. What have we here in this new PCB post? It’s a new year, and as ST mentioned: Happy New Year, everyone! Of course, now that that’s over with, Dr. Hare is at it again! Poptropica’s little evil minded genius will start once again this year to travel all over the world’s different locations.

This photo came along with his most recent visit.

Eek! Don’t get too close to that thing, Dr. Hare. I’m afraid it’s not as fake as it seems and may eat you alive ;). Just kidding. Hmmm…upon closer examination he appears to be in some sort of museum. The cat is obviously a motionless yet realistic prop…what museum could this be? I could think of one major one: The Smithsonian Instituition of Natural History. Long name indeed. Before they oficially post the answers, it’s time for you guys to take your best shot :D.

Guess away!

EP out!


Quizzing For a New Game?

Post - New Quiz GameWe track down some amazing new things about Poptropica that other blogs have found before us, but are generously contributing their news with the rest of the Poptropica community.

From a loyal PHB reader’s blog by MonkeyTacoz we find some news on a new game called ‘Quiz Game’  that will be coming out soon to Poptropica! And we uncover the truth on the Cat/Dog Glitch from Poptropical Thunder’s Blog that will cause you to go barking mad!

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