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Costume Call with Baron & Amelia’s Fallout

Hey Poptropicans, welcome to week two of 2023!

The monthly costume contest is back, open from now until Wednesday, January 18 at 8pm PST. As usual, send in your design(s) for a chance to have them made in-game! Plus, check out Poptropica’s playlist of past costume entries for a bit of creative inspo. โœจ

As shared in the last update, Adventure Outfitters has restocked its offerings with PoptropiCon goodies and more. ๐Ÿฅท According to the Creators’ Blog, in the coming week we can also look forward to updated clubhouse decorations at the store! ๐Ÿก

Enjoy the latest fan art features from Poptropica’s Instagram stories, and click on the artists’ names to see more detail in the original posts, including a mini fanfic for how Amelia’s Grapple-Gift was received! ๐ŸŽ

Keep on poppin’ on!


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Has Grapple-Pap Got the Baron? ๐Ÿ‘น๐ŸŽ

Happy Grapple-Pap, Poptropicans! ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ’โ˜ƒ๏ธ

We may be well into December by now, but the Pop winter tradition is officially on for the third year in a row. All players can find the old man on Home Island to play the Grapple-Gift Side Quest! Here’s our guide.

Just like before, you’ll be asked to deliver a gift to the shut-in, Clareta, in a short journey across a cold cliff. At the end, you’ll win a Grapple-Pop treat that can turn people sickly green! ๐Ÿคข Check out our review of The Grapple-Gift here. Cheers โ€” we wouldn’t want ol’ GP to get us for a year!

You may have seen the winter wonderland of Home Island topped with Christmas garlands, but there’s another arrival on the homebase as well: the Baron’s airship! Except, well, the Baron’s still missing

…and taking the throne inside the Cabin of Curiosities is her nemesis Amelia! Though maybe frenemy is a better word for their curious relationship, as the storekeeper comes with a peace offering of Grapple-Pops for her absent archrival, as she apparently does every year.

Also in the cabin, you can pick up a plethora of gifts, including half a year’s worth of the monthly player-designed costumes for free! The returning outfits were determined by popular vote last month, bringing us the Rockette, Jester, Spa Day (with slippers), The Hair, De-Man, and Boxing Barb (with shoes and gloves).

To the right, you can also purchase Grapple-Pap goodies: a tri-color lamp, totem pole, Christmas garland, gargoyle, and villager outfit.

But back to the case of the disappearing sky pirate. Talk to the detective Amelia, and she’ll share that the Baron’s ship just drifted in on its own.

She’ll also tie in worry for the Baron with the legend of Grapple-Pap, which states that if you don’t spread cheer, the fearsome monster (who shares a name with the holiday) “will get you for one whole year.”

We know the Baron is notoriously un-cheery, so does that mean they’ve encountered Grapple-Pap… whatever that means? Will we not see them for an entire year? Or is Rumpelstiltskin in on this too?

While the plot is only getting thicker up in the skies, down at Adventure Outfitters, Amelia is back to her smiley self with new gear for the holidays. In addition to the wintry wonders on the shop floor introduced earlier, don’t miss the fine fits for players and pets, including the Polar Bear, Slice of Pie, and Ornament costumes for the latter littles!

Last but certainly not least, enjoy these fan art features Poptropica shared on their Instagram stories last week! Feeling inspired? Share something “Grapple-Pap” for our Community Creations this month! โœจ

Have a merry holiday season, however you celebrate. Come back before the end of the year for our annual rewind and let’s put a bow on 2022! ๐Ÿ’


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Rest in Pop: No more Poptropica Worlds ๐ŸŒ

RIP to the 3D, post-Flash Poptropica prototype: Poptropica Worlds. This week, the plug was quietly pulled from the game for good.

Rest In Pop 2017โ€“2022

Pop Worlds began its life in 2017, releasing only a handful of islands in the year that followed: Crisis Caverns, Greek Sea Odyssey, 24 Carrot and Home Island (both of which are different from the versions we know today), as well as the mini-game Dr. Hare’s Revenge.

Clubhouses began on Poptropica Worlds’ Home Island

But by 2019, with barely any updates and some glitches never quite resolved, Poptropica quietly began to retire the game, first by hiding all links to it from their website. However, as long as you visited or downloaded the mobile app for iOS or Android devices, which would sync with the desktop game, you could still play it. But as of this week in November 2022, it seems, not anymore.

Scene from Crisis Caverns Island

Now, going to the link will redirect you back on the original homepage. The app has also been removed from the Apple and Google Play stores, which seems to point to the official end for Poptropica Worlds. We’re sad to see it go! While there’s no archive of the game itself available, you can revisit its legacy through our various blog posts under the Poptropica Worlds category. Rest In Pop, Worlds.

Thanks to Muddy Fly and Dizzy Feather for sharing this news.

While we’re missing Pop Worlds, over on this side of Poptropica, we may soon be seeing the return of one of this year’s free costumes! On the Creatorsโ€™ Blog, you can cast your vote for which player-designed outfit from the Baronโ€™s Cabin of Curiosities youโ€™d like to see make a comeback next month. Guess that means we wonโ€™t be seeing the airship this month, but at least itโ€™ll be back in time for the winter holidays!

On the note of design, check out the latest fan art features from Poptropica’s Instagram stories โ€” red’s a hot color this week! ๐Ÿ”ฅ


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Halloween Habiliments and Homepage ๐ŸŽƒ

(Hey, I used a big word!)

Hello Poptropicans! Following up on the earlier Halloween costume peeks, we’re now bringing you the final four of the six September costume contest winners. Plus, stick around for more October chaos!

For our winners we have: Candle Cat by White Moon, Flowy Man by Happy Chicken, Jellyfish by the PHB’s own Purple Paw, and Zombie Redcoat by Magic Poptropican. Purple Paw tells us their design was submitted many months ago and Poptropica must be digging into their archives โ€” but hey, as long as we’re getting some good ones!

Anyway, congratulations to the winners! Soon others will be wearing your designs across the game.

Perhaps these costumes will give you inspiration or even parts for yours! There’s still plenty of time to enter the PHB’s Halloween costume contest, open till Oct 29. Alas, I wish I could take part, but Smart Bubbles is currently in the middle of a fight with Dr. Hare. ๐Ÿ˜›

“Zombie Redcoat” seems to share similarities with this revolutionary from PoptropiCon… great minds think alike?

Poptropica is entering fully into spooky season now, and we even have a new background for the login screen! I have to admit, I’m digging those reds… reminds me of Vampire’s Curse Island.

If you’re an artist looking for ideas for your own work, check out Poptober, our daily drawing prompts for the month of October! Even if you’re starting late, it’s okay to go at your own pace, or picking whatever prompts inspire you.

Happy creating!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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Homemade Halloween Peeks ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿงต

Hey Poptropicans, looks like the Baron’s airship will be staying awhile!

Like last year’s Red October, the Cabin of Curiosities will be refreshed with six player-designed Halloween costumes โ€” the winners of September’s contest, arriving this Thursday! We’ve already got peeks of the first two, with the rest to be revealed in the coming days. Enjoy~

Unlike before, however, this would be the first time the airship doesn’t depart before arriving with new stock. But this means that September’s haul will soon be replaced, so grab them while you can!

With all these spooky suit-ups on the way, it’s not too soon to start thinking about your Poptropica Halloween costume… ๐ŸŽƒ

Speaking of costumes, check out these inventive looks from the latest fan art featured on Poptropica’s Instagram stories:

October is a great time for Pop fan art, as we’ve just launched Poptober 2022, a series of daily drawing prompts to inspire your creative juices. Find out more here and do share your art with us on the PHC! ๐ŸŒŸ

“Poptober Day 3: Evil โ€” Director D” by Purple Paw