Greek Sea Odyssey Island Guide


Set sail on Greek Sea Odyssey! Travel through Ancient Greece and beyond in search of the items that will allow you to topple Zeus once and for all!

For walkthroughs on Greek Sea Odyssey, scroll down.

greek odyssey island
Released: February 23, 2018
Preceded by: Dr. Hare’s Revenge
Succeeded by: Snagglemast Island

Resources on this page: Island Extra | Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Trivia | Museum

Island Extra: PHB Island Review

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough on Greek Sea Odyssey, scroll down.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Lucky Joker & Slanted Fish

Welcome to the city of Athens on Greek Sea Odyssey Island!

Speak to some of the Greek citizens around, and you’ll find that they’re hoping to build a new type of city—the world’s first democracy, in fact! Just one problem: Zeus, king of the gods, won’t leave them alone.


Go all the way to the right to the next screen and speak with Theseus. He needs some wood to patch a hole in his ship. Climb up the rope and go left.


Keep running left, and you’ll drop through the broken roof and bounce up to the front of the Parthenon, the temple of the goddess Athena. Enter it, run to the left, and push the Hercules structure to the right.


Make your way up the Athena statue and pull the lever at the left. This will cause another Hercules structure to fall. Leave it there for now, and run up the wooden platform and make it lean down to the right.

Go back to the Hercules structure and push it under the middle of the platform so that it’ll keep balance while you run on it. Run to the right on the wooden platform and jump up to the bundle of lumber.

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, will appear out of nowhere.

not cool, zeus

She’ll show you a map, showing the three sacred items you’ll need to collect: Hippolyta’s Girdle, the Golden Fleece, and the Lyre. Next, pick up the lumber for Theseus.

Now, return to Theseus down by the ship dock and give him the lumber. After talking a little, pull the lever on the ship and you’ll set sail to the island of Crete.


Crete & the Lyre of Icarus

Run to the right and go up to Daedalus. Speak with him, and he’ll tell you that his son, Icarus, is stuck in the labyrinth behind you. Go on inside.

Once you’re in the labyrinth, talk to Icarus, who’s trapped in a cage and holding the Lyre we need. He tells you that there are three keys corresponding to the locks of the cage, and your task is to find them and free him.


Now, go to the left and drop down the tunnel. Next, run to the right until you see the Cyclops. Talk to him, and a game of rock–paper–scissors will commence. You may notice he only goes for one move, the rock—which means he’s pretty easy to beat. Once you win, you’ll get the Ogre Key.

Run further to the right and jump up the platforms (the ones in between the two orange torches). Keep going all the way up the path and open the chest to obtain a Carrot. We’ll need that in just a bit.

carrot gos

Go back down and go left until you see a skeleton. Jump up on the platforms in front of him and push the boulder down to crush him. (RIP) Now you’ll be able to get the Skeleton Key.

Then keep going up and head left all the way until you meet the hungry minotaur. Give him the carrot so that he’ll let you pass, and grab the Minotaur Key.

Now continue on, and bounce on the Minotaur’s bed to reach the end of the labyrinth. Pull the lever and watch as a huge minotaur stone hurtles you toward the exit. Finally, click on the cage to set Icarus free.

Upon exiting, you’ll watch as daddy Daedalus forces Icarus to give you his Lyre. Kind of sad, kind of awkward, and maybe kind of hilarious, too. Sorry, Icarus…

daddy daedalus

As they’re talking, a gryphon will fly in and snatch the Lyre. Daedalus will give you his invention that will help us get it back: a pair of wings to chase the gryphon down.

A chase mini-game will start immediately after this. The instructions are simple: tap to flap wings, avoid obstacles, and catch the gryphon (a half-eagle, half-lion creature)!

griffon instructions.png

If, after many tries, the struggle is too real, you can click the “skip” button to move ahead with the quest without finishing the game. But that’s no fun, is it?

Once you grab the Lyre back from the gryphon, you’ll land in Themyscira—home of the Amazons, an all-female warrior tribe.

Themyscira & the Girdle

Head right and talk to Hippolyta, the Amazonian queen. She wants you to find a way to get Dionysus, the god of wine who’s passed out on the ground, to leave.


Click on Dionysus, and a physician named Hippocrates will arrive to give you a Recipe to cure a tummy-ache. Let’s hope it works out for the drunkard. The recipe calls for red grapes, honey, a pinecone, and a bull’s horn.

These ingredients can be found all over Themyscira. For the grapes, walk to the left and pick off the red grapes from the bush.

red grapes

Next, make your way up to the Amazonian with the bow and arrows, and grab a stick from her vase. Head back down and light it up with the fire. Now go all the way up and stand near the beehive to scare the bees away. Now you can grab the honey.

Head to the right and get the pinecone from the tree.


Fall to the right even more, and push the boulder down to the right. This will cause a horn to fall off from the bull—sorry bull!—which gives you a bull’s horn.


Now that you have all of the ingredients, go to your items and click “use” on the recipe. But you can’t just throw in all the ingredients randomly—there has to be a certain order, and the parchment to the right is a bit of a puzzle.

Notice that the parchment is divided into three columns, and each column has room for each of the four ingredients to be listed only once. Also, notice how when you read the pattern from left to right, the circled (chosen) ingredient gets repeated. So, reading from left to right, the order becomes: honey, grapes, pinecone, pinecone, honey, grapes, grapes, horn, horn, horn, pinecone, honey.

If the above paragraph was just a bundle of confusion, simply follow this order: pinecone first, then the red grapes, then the bullhorn, and, lastly, the honey. Tada!

dionysus gos

Once you give the concoction to Dionysus, he’ll wake up and leave. Hippolyta will graciously give you her Girdle! And by the way, Dionysus will not be invited back.


Now return to the ship, and it’s off to the next stop…

Colchis & the Golden Fleece

Now you arrive at Colchis, where the last sacred item will be. Run to the right and approach the Snakehead.


He’ll tell you that in order to obtain the golden fleece, you’ll need to play (ss)something to (ss)soothe his troubled (ss)soul. It’s time to use our recently acquired Lyre!

gos lyre

All you have to do is repeat the sequence Snakehead plays – nothing out of the ordinary in Poptropica. A new note will be added at each turn, for a total of five turns.


The order is different for each player, so just do your best! When he’s satisfied after five turns, he’ll let you pass to get the fleece. Jump on Snakehead’s head, and he’ll level you up to a few platforms. Jump up some more and grab the Golden Fleece!

golden fleece

Head back to the ship, as before, to leave Colchis. The time has come for our final destination… the top of Mount Olympus.

Mount Olympus

When you dock on Mount Olympus, you’ll have a talk with Theseus… which ends in you agreeing to risk your life, yet again, to save Athens.

gos theseus hero

Run to the right and make your way up Mount Olympus.


Once you reach the next screen, the almighty Zeus will begin blasting lightning orbs headed your way. Make your way up the mountain the best you can, while dodging the orbs along the way.


Once you reach the top, the final cutscene will start. Athena will arrive and bring forth the sacred items you gathered to free Hera, a goddess who was the queen and wife of Zeus, from the curse of being stone, which Zeus put her in.

gos ending

After some convincing, Zeus will voluntarily surrender his throne. Zeus, Hera, and Athena will leave the mortal plane, allowing humans to be in charge of their own fates. Theseus can finally have his democracy!

humans fate gos

Theseus will present you with a gift: an island trophy which you can put in your house, along with 500 coins! You can even replay the island for more coins. Congratulations, you’ve completed Greek Sea Odyssey!


Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂


  • Greek Sea Odyssey is the 4th adventure on Poptropica Worlds, released on February 23, 2018.
  • The island is inspired by various Greek mythological tales, most notably the story of The Odyssey written by Homer. It is the second island to borrow these elements in the Poptropica universe—the first was Mythology Island on Poptropica Original. You can learn about some of the characters in the museum on Theseus’ ship.
  • On the island of Crete, if you go left past the ship and click on the palm tree, it will reveal a sleeping Sphinx. (This mythical creature played a role in the original Mythology Island.)
  • In the labyrinth on Crete, opening one of the chests will shoot up several swords that stick to the ceiling. One of these swords is a less glimmering version of The Bolt, a sword you can find in Legendary Swords.
  • In the minotaur’s labyrinth room, there are stone statues of Daedalus the craftsman, Dionysus the god of wine, and a smiling Icarus with a reed instrument.
  • At Themyscira, if you head left and climb the glowing rope, you’ll come across an Amazonian warrior modeled after the DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman, who was the princess of the Amazons. Also, she’s got a “P” on her chest for Poptropica. When she sees you, she’ll duck and swing away on her rope.
  • Themiscyra is the name of a fictional island nation created by DC Comics, where the characters—including Wonder Woman—are Grecian.
  • When you ask Hippolyta for her girdle, your character will make a meta reference by mentioning the quest journal.
  • Hippocrates attributes Dionysus’ sickness to “an overabundance of black bile,” which was one of the four bodily fluids (called humors) from medieval medicine. An excess of black bile was thought to cause depression.
  • At Colchis, if you head left, there’s a small S-shaped snake statue. If you click on it, a green snake will pop out and hiss.
  • Snakehead greets you with, “Hello darkness, my old friend” (with extra s’s), a line from the Simon & Garfunkel song, The Sound of Silence.
  • If you head right past Snakehead on Colchis, you’ll see a pink unicorn in the woods. Upon the sighting, the unicorn will screech and run off, with a rainbow and star sparkles appearing briefly.
  • As you go about the locations, you may find some mischievous-looking little satyrs poking out from various hiding spots.
  • The common room, Theseus’ ship, refers to a thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object.
  • This is Zeus’s third time appearing on a Poptropica island. He previously also appeared with a villainous role on Mythology Island and Super Villain Island in Poptropica Original.


These are the educational displays from the Greek Museum on Theseus’s ship. Click to view the images in full size.

“My name is Nobody.”
The Odyssey


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      1. First thing I thought of when this was released was Percy Jackson. Rick Riordan was my favorite author for a while.

  1. hopefully this will not be the last good poptropica island or the end of the poptropica series

  2. Is it just me or is the final fight with Zeus very underwhelming. For realising the island after so long I would have expected a better fight.

    1. I found the action-y “challenges” of this island to be less difficult in general compared with Poptropica Original. Perhaps that’s nice for those of us who would find those parts frustrating, which I sometimes did, but it does feel a bit underwhelming compared to the original game.

  3. Thanks so much! I’m a member and you helped me figure out how to get the honey for the concoction in Themyscira, I also really love your blog. Keep up the good work! P.S. I would really enjoy it if you added me in regular Poptropica, my username is artsypie!

  4. Just wondering, but after completing this island, how do you get back to the main street? (without replaying the island) XD Since, I want to see the sleeping Sphinx again, because I found her really adorable.

  5. this island didn’t have much on it but at least we have a new island still love this game being play it when i was at a little school back when i was young it bring back memory i love the good old days and thank for this too

  6. I’m kind of frustrated that the creators made Zeus Athena’s brother, while in Greek mythology Zeus is Athena’s father. Also, the gameplay isn’t as exciting as it seems 😦

  7. That poor skeleton though…I mean all he was doing was standing, and the poptropican “hero” drops a giant rock on him.

  8. In the Labyrinth, the statues are actually Hephaestus, Dionysus, Pan(?) and an Ares head.

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