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New Pop Worlds Adventure Trailer! โ€” A storm is coming…

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I have arisen from the dead yet again to bring you some very exciting news: for the first time in 4 months (7 months if you’re counting solely full islands), a new adventure on Poptropica Worlds is ahead of us.

Guess what, everyone? As the title says: a storm is coming. The trailer for this new adventure had just dropped, so Poptropicans all around the world, brace yourselves, forย Greek Sea Odyssey.

Now, from all two of the preview images that we had gotten so far, we knew that a form of Mythology Island was coming, but it was up in the air as to what form it would be in. The trailer, and its YouTubeย description, seems to imply that this is an entirely new storyline to possibly conclude Zeus’s now three-island arc. Then again, I could be wrong on that assumption. Speaking of the description, here it is!

Set sail on the newest adventure in Poptropica Worlds: Greek Sea Odyssey! Travel through Ancient Greece and beyond in search of the items that will allow you to topple Zeus once and for all!

If I have to guess how this island is going to go beyond “oh no, Zeus is wreaking havoc“, this island seems to be focusing more on a traveling direction, on dare I say, an odyssey. I have a feeling that there will be a series of lands with challenges, each relating to an item that will help in your battle against Zeus. This would likely therefore have somewhat of a Skullduggery Island kind of feel to it, and since one of the most famous stories from Greek Mythology is Homer’s The Odyssey, it would make perfect sense.

Then again, this could also be simply a fresh coat of paint on the story we already know from Mythology Island. Only time will tell on which direction this will go.

As a side note, Zeus has gotten a bit of a design revamp. Alongside his new wardrobe, he’s also looking moreย disheveledย than before:

Whether this is a simple redesigning choice or this appearance was a consequence of being locked up in a sleep chamber for 5 years, this… will take some getting used to for me.

There’s no release date yet, so the most we can do is sit back and see what happens! I know that I’m excitedโ€”after all, Mythology Island was my favorite Island.

Where do you think this will go? Are you excited to finally get something out of the Creators? What about dealing with Zeus… yet again? Make sure to keep posted to the Poptropica Help Blog for more updates, and don’t be afraid to comment!

BT out!

16 thoughts on “New Pop Worlds Adventure Trailer! โ€” A storm is coming…”

  1. YAYYYYYY! new update, new story, new characters, and new design. It is going to be one of a perfect island that will bring an unique and creative storyline nobody has never seen ! Set sail to poptropica: Greek Sea Odyssey.- Ramubai

      1. Hold up. So if the island is already playable on moble, why the heck isn’t it on the browser version? (If it is actually playable or if its the whole thing, is it?)

      2. Just checked: it’s also on the browser now. Not sure why it took longer there than it did for mobile โ€” it may have to do with how they have to send their updates to be approved by the app stores, and perhaps they didn’t want to release it online before it was available on the apps.

        Yes, the whole thing is playable in members’ early access.

      3. Ooh… ๐Ÿ˜‘

        Well they could at least put in a demo, but eh, might as well wait!

        Well they gotta have some costumes for…

        Im not going to complain about the membership costumes, but why the heck do the girls get a normal outfit and the boys only get an emo kid costume?

        Well, I am aloud to buy any girl item so I guess thats alright… but what will happen when they bring back the costumizer, will those costumes become obsolete? ๐Ÿ˜•

      4. The โ€œemo kidโ€ costume is Icarus, one of the characters from the island. Heโ€™s actually pretty cool as a creative modern take on an ancient mythological character. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Store costumes werenโ€™t customizable with the Costumizer in Pop Original, and my guess is itโ€™ll stay that way in Worlds.

  2. The time has come at last.

    So they’re definitely in for sequels, there’s Dr. Hare’s Revenge, and there’s this.

    Since it’s going to have a sort of “Scullduggery Island” kind of vibe, I just hope it takes out the requirement to buy better ships/boats since it was kind of a hassle for me back when I tried it, and it was pretty hard (for my patients) (but I got older and finished the island).

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