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An Odyssey Awaits!

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with news about a new island on Poptropica Worlds!

Only a day ago, Brave Tomato posted a trailer for an upcoming island, Greek Sea Odyssey, and it’s already here! It came out on mobile that same day, but now it’s available on both the app and browser, so you can play at home or on the go.

worlds greek sea

Right now it’s in early access for members only, so if you don’t have a membership you’ll have to wait a little longer to play.


So what is Greek Sea Odyssey about? Well, when you drop off the blimp, the first person you meet is Georgios, who explains that people are trying to build a city ruled by its citizens (or a democracy, as your Poptropican points out), but Zeus, ruler of all the Greek gods, keeps interfering. That’s not that unexpected; I mean, Zeus wants to rule all of Poptropica, after all.

The island seems to be a continuation of Mythology Island on Poptropica Original, with all the gods having left Olympus except for Zeus. Athena asks for your help to overthrow him, but in order to do so, you need to — guess what — go on an odyssey across the sea and gather sacred artifacts. Will you topple the great god of Zeus, or will you fall to his wrath? And what do these sacred artifacts include?

I don’t want to go too much into detail because of spoilers, but if you really are dying to find out what happens or need help on a section of the island, you can check out our island guide. 😉

Update: There are also Greek Sea Odyssey costumes in the store, including two members only costumes and two costumes for everyone.


From left to right, we have: a generic Greek female costume, the queen Hera, a skeleton, and emo Icarus—my personal favorite character. It’s pretty cool that you can be actual Greek Sea Odyssey characters, and that there’s something for everyone!

What do you think of this island concept? Is it too similar to the classic Mythology Island or do you like the idea of a sort of sequel? And which costumes do you like? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

-SW 🐺

25 thoughts on “An Odyssey Awaits!”

  1. The objective has been done like two or three times, but I think its great that it has that ship voyage thing, we haven’t had one of those since that one ad.(I forgot what it was)

    I haven’t played it (for obvious reasons) but since the avatar is on a quest for those items, it might as well have that Zeus boss fight.

      1. Thanks! Yeah, it was a mix of there not being much news since December and when there was, being busy/not getting it first. 😛 I’m still very much active!

  2. Oh, I love the timing of that spot the difference contest…. The membership will actually be worthwhile! 😀

  3. Do you think half of the new costumes will become obsolete after/if they bring back the costumizer? I mean, the ones on the left and right pretty much look like something you’ll definitally find in the island itsself.

    Oh yeah, about the boy’s Greek costume, I am not willing to dress like an emo kid, heh.😁(at least Im able to wear girls items dispite being male)

      1. Im talking about after they bring back the costumizer, because I know they will eventually.

      2. Well, in that case I think the Customizer will be very limited in what you can copy; they wouldn’t want costumes you can buy to be obsolete. You could probably Customize not-so-important characters but not iconic ones.

  4. That was definitely an interesting island. Got to play Flappy Bird, Donkey Kong, obliterate a cow’s face with a boulder, and made some dude fart every time you jumped on the cushion he was holding. Oh, and this:

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