A Wrinkle on Poptropica

Hello, everyone! Lucky Joker popping in to show you a pretty rad ad on Poptropica Original.

The temporary game this time around is a multistage game for the upcoming movie, A Wrinkle in Time — which is based on the 1962 fantasy novel from the Time Quintet series by Madeleine L’Engle.


Okay, enough for your history lesson. Let’s pop into it, shall we?

Go on in and speak to Mrs. Who. She’ll send us off on a quest that will help Meg save her father.


First, we need to find Mrs. Whatsit, who’s somewhere on the planet Uriel. This task can be easily accomplished.

Just run straight ahead to the right, and climb up the rope. Run to the left and jump up to the next level. Run to the right, jump up again, and then run to the left and… tada! You found her! Now it’s off to the dark planet, Camazotz.

Woah! Kids who are all bouncing their bouncy balls in unison! Isn’t that a spectacle?

Anyways, here, you need to trace the light to find Mrs. Which. This task is also a very simple one.

Just follow the orange light trails until you make your way to the top right corner of the scene. Congrats, you’re finished!

The two prizes you earn from completing the ad include a Mrs. Power card as well as your very own Teleporting Spectacles — epic!


A Wrinkle in Time hits the big screen, March 9th, in the US. Anyone plan on seeing it?

Well, that about wraps this post up. Thanks for reading, as always! Talk to you in the next one.

– Lucky Joker ☘️

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