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Red Queen looking for a Green Fiend ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Red October is upon us! Board the Baron’s airship unless you want the Queen of Fairytale Island herself on your case — ahem, if you’d like to partake in some Halloween shopping. You know, casual.

That’s right. The infamous Red Queen, the very one mentioned time and again throughout this Fairytale Island extended story, has arrived at last, guarded by dark knights and cats. And she’s on a mission!

Things aren’t looking too good for the green weasel in question. Rumpelstiltskin escaped the airship before the Queen arrived โ€” possibly taking the Baron and her faithful monkey Ack with him, but neither of their whereabouts are known. No Baron’s Crusade this time!

There’s also an interesting bit of dialogue from the Queen that mentions Astro Knights. Could this beloved lost island be reentering the plot?

With these new revelations, we’re left with more questions than before. What are the 7 systems the Red Queen speaks of conquering? How exactly does she plan to defeat Rumpel with that hammer (and do we want to know)? Where’s Rumpel hiding? Is the Queen planning to save her daughter the Baron, or is she after Rumpel for personal gain alone?

It also makes us wonder if Rumpel may not have been Fairytale’s true villain all along. With the introduction of the Red Queen, he’s no longer a menacing shapeshifter but a victim on the run. Will we as the player end up helping him? Whose side are we on?

On a lighter note, the Baron’s absence isn’t hindering her shop’s success: as announced, six new fan-made costumes (one designed by yours truly) are now available in-game for free! Personally, I’m pleased with how my “Jellyfish” was interpreted. The other five look fabulous as well!

You might find these pieces useful for your entry in the PHB’s Halloween costume contest, which is open till October 29. Besides the Red Queen and green fiend, don’t forget to pop in a bit of blue as well. Good luck!

Besides the costumes, you can also pick up two styles of jack-o-lanterns for 50 credits each, and a Rumpel-ized Baron Plushie for 200.

By the way, while Ack is nowhere to be seen, you can still earn credits by playing the Clear the Skies mini-game on the airship, which has been refreshed with a new skin to match the Red October mood!

Meanwhile, Amelia is no longer dangling under the clutches of Baronstiltskin, but back down on Home Island operating an autumnal sale of her own. She makes no mention of what she went through, but you can pop by Adventure Outfitters for hoodies and Halloween decor!

Whew! It’s certainly been an eventful day. There are many different directions the story of the royal family could take, all of them equally intriguing. I’d love to read your thoughts and theories โ€” drop ’em in the comments below! Happy Red October, everyone. ๐ŸŽƒ


Thanks to Dizzy Feather for contributing to this post.


18 thoughts on “Red Queen looking for a Green Fiend ๐Ÿ˜ˆ”

  1. I actually think I know about the seven systems. When the Red Baron gave us a side quest, this blog DID mention about an odd map hanging in the Baron’s room. The Golden City. I think that’s where we’re headed next!

    There was places like Port Rye, Port Omamora, Port Mustang, Port Yoller, Port Sanders, & right next to Port Lagos, a ??? mark!! If you count the names of the ports plus the ??? sign, you get SEVEN. The Seven Systems!

    1. Well, the Red Queen did mention Astro-knights, and there’s a space ship right below , what once was the Ack Mini-game (It’s been taken-over by cats).
      So “The Seven Systems” are most likely in space. But your theory does make sense, especially the part about us heading to “The Golden City” next.

  2. Well if the Red Queen well be hunting rumple then the prince will be happy.
    That’s a good idea Fearless Dragon. but there can be so many places they could go.

    they coudev gone to island in the barons side quest since baron knows how to get in. and the red queen probably dose not know were it is since there was still treasure there.

    ok that might be a stretch but i gusee that’s my theory.

    1. The prince might not like Rumpel, but he and the king were both pretty panicky about the return of the queen at the end of Rumpel’s Challenge…

      But that is an interesting theory about hiding out in the cave from the Baron’s Crusade โ€” maybe Skullduggery Island?

  3. So the plot thickens…

    It’s interesting that the Red Queen is more concerned about crushing Rumpel than saving her daughter. In fact she doesn’t seem to care much for the Baron, further showing that Baron’s ties with the royal family are not strong, or perhaps even severed.

    The juicy question is, who or what set it in motion? It’s intriguing that each character might have both a good and bad side in the story, but as it’s gone on for quite some time now, it would be nice to get more answers than questions!

  4. A lot of questions remain, but one thing is certain though. Baron’s mother is definitely a heck of a character, and speaking of which, who’s gonna tell her who actually released the beast, I mean, Rumpel because I’m not it so I’ll just *steps away slowly*

  5. I noticed that she didn’t seem to care much about the baron too. She said “the princess-or should I say common pirate-won’t stand in my way”. Does that seem like the queen is throwing shade at her daughter?

    1. Not sure if itโ€™s necessary to say this, but I have a (game) theory. What if Baron didnโ€™t want to become a royalty? The princess wanted to adventure rather than stay cooped up in a castle, so she runs away, and so the royal family may have not wanted anything to do with her afterward, thus Red Queen being more interested in capturing Rumpel rather than save her own daughter.

  6. Well, I do not have a game theory in mind but these events are starting to concern me.The whole storyline mainly occurs on the ship,which only stays on home island each month for a limited time.Players who were not able to play during that limited time or new players will have zero clue about the plot without accessing external information.Moneky wrench island is one example: For returning and new players, Amelia is just some random girl who gifts you a costume for no reason and somehow has a conflict with the baron.

  7. For some reason I canโ€™t login. I am using an computer so I have to go to the website but the login pop-up isnโ€™t โ€˜popping-upโ€™. What should I do? (I really really want to play!)

  8. Im having a problem Idk if anyone has said this yet-

    What I’m trying to say is that when you said the rumples name and he teleports u out of the castle and you have to go talk to Amelia and tell her ig it glitches the bridge and I fall through having to have the screen showing my character just jumping over and over

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