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Airship brings Baron with game, exotic goods, and explorers’ greetings 🚁

Hey Poptropicans, something new is in the air, and it’s painted red! ✨

As previously teased, the Red Baron’s massive airship has arrived on Home Island, bringing a new mini-game, interesting items, a common room and more. You’ll see it first thing when you log in, with the Baron swinging from a dangling rope. Tap on the rope and click “enter”!

This Baron appears to be quite the gender-bending character. It’s interesting that she takes the male title of “Baron,” as she was formerly known as the Red Baroness (female title) when she first appeared on Monkey Wrench Island. The Creators’ Blog post announcing her arrival also alternates between using she/her and they/their pronouns for the Baron, further suggesting the character’s gender nonconformity.

Anyway, to the left of the ship, you can talk to the Baron, who introduces herself as the “greatest adventurer in Poptropica.” Seems like she’s taken over the title from Xavier in the Home Island starter quest! Perhaps she needs her own statue on Home Island too…

On the right, you’ll find the Baron’s plane, the Red Jenny, operated by her monkey Ack. Hop in and you can play a mini-game called Clear the Skies! This involves taking a joyride on the plane, smashing other airships you see to rack up points as you fly above the islands of Poptropica. Collect salvage (box with balloon) for a wind boost, and avoid the storm clouds — if you take too much damage, you’ll crash.

If you last long enough in the air, you’ll make it back to the Baron’s airship and win 50 credits! You can replay this as often as you like for more credits — after all, there’s shopping to do just around the corner!

Back over to the other side, next to the Baron, you’ll find the Cabin of Curiosities. It’s like Amelia’s Adventure Outfitters on Home Island, but cooler. Or so the Baron claims, anyway.

Inside, you’ll find the winning designs from the monthly costume contest available for free! June’s winners were the Love Potion Demon and Movie Geek. You can even see the original drawings on the shop walls! Remember, July’s contest is open until the 16th.

The shop floor also offers various other fascinating items, though not free. Among them are costumes: Binary Bard (previously only available from ASG tricks), Cosmic Noble (which can switch between galactic purple and fiery orange and comes at a costly 700 credits), Cyber Hunter (also in two shades), and Dragon (long lost from the stores of yore). You can also buy clubhouse decor from across the islands: a bonsai tree from Red Dragon, portrait of Mordred from Astro-Knights, and Hercules statue from Mythology. All available to non-members!

You’ll also find the Baron lounging on a red throne, being fed grapes by her loyal monkey. Ask about it and she’ll throw shade at Amelia’s Home Island store by calling it “quaint.” (Btw, the answer to “Don’t you have one?” might be yes! The Monkey Follower, which is Ack’s twin minus the goggles, was a member gift back in 2019. Thanks to Silver Horse for that tip.)

And hey, Amelia’s shop downstairs isn’t doing too badly. This week, she’s offering two new costumes inspired by summer’s water balloon fights: the Water Fight and Water Battle, both available to all. 💦🎈

Back onboard the airship, you may find some other players roaming around — that’s because the Baron’s base also serves as a common room, like the Arcade! 🚀 You’ll find the usual chat and emoji buttons in the bottom left corner, but they’ve both been upgraded: the chat buttons are bigger and the topics are now in blue, plus there are new emojis to enjoy, including a frozen blue Poptropican and purple devil.

There’s also a new invite button, which takes you to the friends page. From there, you can invite your friends to join your own private party room, aka your clubhouse! It didn’t load for me, but Silver Horse on the PHC kindly shared a pic (and besides, his clubhouse is pretty rad).

If all this is getting to be too much, you can run right and just jump right off the Baron’s airship into oblivion. You’ll hear a scream (is it you or Ack?) as you descend, and soon find yourself teleported back to the ledge where you jumped from. There’s no escape…

…just kidding. When you’ve had your fill of fun, you can leave through the way you came, down the ladder marked “exit.”

Remember, the Baron comes by for a limited time (how brief, we don’t know), so enjoy the airship while it’s here! They’ll be back once a month with new player-designed winning costumes and other cool things from their travels around Poptropica that you can pick up.

RIP to all the islands lost in time. Bring them old islands back, Poptropica!

What are your thoughts on the Baron and her wares? Are you enjoying the new interactive features with other players? Share your thoughts in the comments, and maybe find a new friend or two to hang out with on the flashy red Poptropica blimp! 🎉 Keep on popping on!



10 thoughts on “Airship brings Baron with game, exotic goods, and explorers’ greetings 🚁”

  1. I loved this new feature! Also it’s funny because when she asked “Don’t you have one?” I had my Charlie the Choco Monkey (I named her Coco) with me. She somehow survived the end of Adobe Flash and the new costumizer update so she can still follow me around lol. I think you can still get the monkeys in the card collector if I remember correctly.

  2. Okay my question is, since we know three great adventures now: Xavier the hair flip guy, Amelia Earheart, and now the Red Baron/Baroness, how come we still haven’t heard anything about the woman whose statue is on Home Island along with Amelia and Xavier. All we know is that from her statue, she wears glasses (not sure if they’re just for reading or she has sight problems) and she appears to be some kind of bookworm. Since this year is about storytelling, and there is a lot being done with Home Island, maybe it’s building up to reveal something about this third adventurer we know nothing about.

  3. Also concerning the Red Baroness now using the title “Baron”, in history there has been reports of women in history using male titles like “king”, “pharaoh”, etc when they’re in positions of power. Could be possible that the Red Baron/Baroness uses the title “Baron” because she wants to be up there with the greats and/or have the equal power of command that of a baron/man would. The great female pharaoh Hatshepsut was even depicted with most of the attire a male pharaoh would wear and used the male title of “pharaoh” along with her other title as “queen.” Even pirate women like Anne Bonny and Mary Read initially took on male identities so they could live as pirates. In the franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean” Elizabeth Swan took the title of “The Pirate King.” If anything, Red is adding on to this tradition by taking the title of Baron and being referred to as they/them. It may or not be the case, but all I know is that this concept has been done throughout history and she has mentioned she’s been to islands lost in time so my head canon is that that’s probably where she got the idea. TRADITION!

    1. That’s interesting — thanks for sharing! The Baron’s rebranding could be their appeal to traditional male dominance, could be an attempt to subvert gender expectations, could be both…

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