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Red Baroness rebrands, shipping Cabin of Curiosities to Home Island ๐Ÿšข๐ŸŽˆ

Hey Poptropicans, you’ll never guess what Poptropica’s working on releasing next! It’s… wait for it… really, you’ll faint with shock…

Another Home Island makeover!!! (Or an extension of Home Island, to be more precise.) Because we totally needed more of those. (Not.)

meme: MaryannTheConqueror

Okay, at least it’s going to be more than a cosmetic change this time: according to the Pop Creators’ Blog, The Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities in the sneak peek will be a place for players to “check out exciting, new item inventories, enjoy a blast from the past by accessing previous store items that have been tucked away in Poptropicaโ€™s vaults, and purchase the winning outfits from each monthโ€™s costume contests for free!” So… lots of shopping and accessorizing ahead!

Do you recognize the Baron? Formerly known as the Red Baroness, she was a minor character in Monkey Wrench Island, where she had a much humbler aircraft, and was responsible for throwing a monkey wrench at you and Amelia. You can see her smaller plane in the sneak peek, though the design has been simplified.

Some players might even remember older rumors of a similar design known as Skydock Island, shared in Daily Pop sneak peeks as a possible upgrade to Home Island that never happened. Until now, perhaps? The floating airship is returning in new form!

You might’ve noticed some more curiosities around the Cabin of Curiosities, too. There are various casually dressed characters interacting with various poses, and one is even showing the starry-eyed emoji, suggesting this could also be a common room!

In fact, this is one of Poptropica’s “top-secret projects” launching “in the next few weeks.” The features include “an enhanced, communal space for players to interact amongst one another, play additional games to stock up on credits, and includes an exclusive, limited time storefront!” So, we’ve just seen the storefront, and it looks like we’re getting another Arcade. Or do they overlap? And will older games like Soupwords be returning?

Looks like the cruiser will be dropping by soon, although when exactly remains to be seen. The official blog curiously didn’t finish their thought when they wrote that “The visiting vessel will be accessible for a”…

Wait, aren’t the Creators neglecting something else? Sure, we could be playing more actual islands if they would focus on those instead of this Home “Island”… but let’s look toward more recent promises. The PHB’s Gentle Dolphin reached out on their Instagram post to ask aboutย June’s costume design contest winners, and the Creators confirmed that they’ll be sharing about them this week!

Also on Instagram, the Pop Creators have continued to share the latest fan art on their story. Check out these fantastic features:

So, how do you feel about the Red Baroness’s rebranding? Is this what Poptropica needs? Does the Baron’s new role remind anyone else of Rockhopper from Club Penguin? Share your thoughts in the comments!

That’s it for this post, but we’ve got tons more piping hot tea you can read down below. โ˜•๏ธ Keep on popping on, Poptropicans.



7 thoughts on “Red Baroness rebrands, shipping Cabin of Curiosities to Home Island ๐Ÿšข๐ŸŽˆ”

  1. Whatever happened to the Cabin of Curiosities? I used to have it on my home island and really liked it, but it’s not there anymore. Does she only come occasionally?

  2. The baroness only appears at the start of the month and disappears after. about a week or so.

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