Home Island Guide

Home Island is the first island you land on when you visit Poptropica, and your rest stop between islands. Here you can find the store and your clubhouse. You’ll also find a short side-quest called “The Greatest”!

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Video Walkthrough

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Written Walkthrough

Written by Slanted Fish

Welcome to Poptropica! Home Island is your first stop and is also a place you’ll be coming back to often in between other island adventures.

You’ll first meet Amelia Earhart, an established Poptropica adventurer, who gives you a Novice Adventurer Outfit. You can go to your items to try it on!

While Amelia begins introducing the world of Poptropica adventuring, a guy on giant robot legs clomps by, grabbing the nearby statue of the greatest Poptropica adventurer, Xavier. Thus begins the side-quest, as Amelia implores you to “go after them!” Follow them through the small gate next to the house.

You’ll appear in the backyard, but the guy can’t hear you, so get closer by hopping on the windowsills until you can get to the human seat of the robot legs on the right. Click on the character to ask why they took the statue.

In a dramatic sequence, they’ll take off their helmet, revealing… the same face that’s on the statue! Turns out it’s Xavier, the greatest Poptropica adventurer!

Xavier says they just missed their statue and has been meaning to retire, anyway. Just like that, they give you the cottage, which was theirs when they were starting out on Poptropica! Then the robot legs take off. Sayonara!

The cottage is now your clubhouse to decorate however you like with items from the furniture store. That’s all for this quick quest!

this is the greatest show


16 thoughts on “Home Island Guide”

  1. Wow! My name is Xavier, and I have been playing Poptropica for a while, since 2010; you could say that I am a great adventurer, too….

    1. Sometimes thereโ€™s a pet cart on Home Island that can take you to the pet store, though this feature seems to be buggy at the moment. Hopefully itโ€™ll be fixed in a future update.

  2. Hi, PHB! Thanks for the guide! Sorry, but at the end when you added in โ€œthis is the greatest showโ€, I believe you had made a reference to a movie and one of the songs in the movie. Just saying this now if you havenโ€™t noticed it yet.๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. i can’t get into my backyard after the first quest with the statue! Red Riding Hood is blocking the gate! I already completed Fairytale Island, so I don’t know what to do! Any help??

    1. You can only access the backyard during the Home Island quest. Since you’ve completed it already, you’ll find at the gate characters from other islands asking for your help, such as Red Riding Hood, even if you’ve already helped them.

  4. It’s so funny when he takes off his helmet! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ. I keep making new accounts so I can see it again. HAHAHA!!!

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