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Clubhouse Tour: Silver Horse 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver HorseEnjoy!

Hello, fellow poptropicans! This is your friendly neighborhood ASG-maker, Silver Horse. Every once in a while, I like to re-decorate my clubhouse — even on the outside, with umbrellas from the Wimpy Boardwalk and Poptropolis Games statues. Hop on in and enjoy the tour!

Our first stop is the relaxation corner, where I sit on my red beanbag and open treasure with a juice, because why not. It’s also where I like to paint (with kinda messy results on the door). There’s also a small section for music with a microphone, bongo, and a saxophone!

Next up, we’ve got the study area and dining room, on two floors each. The dining room comes with its own trampoline, as well as a cozy fireplace, where I eat pie (wait, do Poptropicans eat?) among other things.

On the floor above, the study room is a cozy place to read, relax, and research the strange customs of Shark Tooth Island with a Booga statue. There’s also a claw machine, popsicle poster, and old-fashioned TV, which I use to store books!

After that, here we have the upper floor of the relaxation corner. In this area, you can see my secret gem hoard, which was offered to me by the coin collector from Arabian Nights: Episode 2, along with a Trojan horse to guard it. Behind that, we have my fish tank full of wondrous fish (which my Poptropican may or may not want to eat, considering he is a purple unicorn dragon cat) as well as a unicorn beanbag and a poster from last year’s Trolls World Tour ad.

Right next to that we have an animal encyclopedia, from foxes to birds to fish that somehow miraculously survive on land, to armadillos, to mythical beings, and many more. Next to it, you can spy a mini Poptropica blimp, and above, some posters, as well as a stained glass window leading into the bedroom.

We are now up to the final area, the bedroom. Here, I’ve got a unicorn plushie to hug, a laptop for playing Poptropica in-universe somehow, a scratching post and ball of yarn for my tabby cat (some real Goofy-Pluto energy going on here!). There’s also a cozy bed, because even if my Poptropican is a purple unicorn dragon cat, they still sleep on a human bed! Then there’s a statue of Poseidon on a seahorse and some red curtains. (Hopefully the potion doesn’t fall on the scratching post!)

Welp, I hope you guys enjoyed my first guest post! If you would like to see this for yourself, friend me: bugsbunny96. Until then, see you!

~Silver Horse

P.S. Here’s what my clubhouse looks like as a whole, courtesy of idk!

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41 thoughts on “Clubhouse Tour: Silver Horse 🏡”

  1. Oh silver horse pls add me AxrnavKrumar

    Oh how do we decorate it from the outside can anyone tell pls?

    1. Those were part of some bundles from when poptropolis games and wimpy boardwalk came out, i can DM you how to get them on discord, though. If you’re not on discord, i can show some screenshots here of the items.

      1. Alright, here you go.
        I got some images of the cards that give you these powers.

        Statue Power

        Umbrella Power

        To get these, you can use modify a poptropican.
        The umbrella one is store_wimpy_umbrella in item.
        The Statue one is storeplantastatue1 in item as well.
        When you press spacebar, your poptropican will kneel down and place one of these on the ground.

      2. There should be a box at the bottom, something like this:

        You would then enter the parts I mentioned in the “item” field.
        I could also make some ASGs for the two parts if that’s easier.

      3. I only see this…
        Choose Part to Change:
        Enter the ID of the Part:

        Do you want to save this outfit to your closet?

        Yes No

      4. Is there any item from spy island? I really want to see because I never got to play it. Maybe the invisible suit?

      1. Would you add me? My username is Pianist1, I made it back when I was good at playing the piano,

      2. Wait wait wait your username is Bugsbunny96?? I think we are already friends! I got a friend request from that username, so I can visit you right now! EEEE I can’t wait to see your house for myself it looks awesome!

  2. Wow! I would want to have this house in real life. My favorite room is the animal encyclopedia. Just wondering Sliver Horse, how long did it take you to put all of that furniture into your house?

    1. One day I had decided to get every single clubhouse item from card collector, and it took me about 30 minutes to put it together, if i don’t count all the glitches that were happening 😀

      1. Uhh..can we get a laptop from card collector? Actually what is card collector?

      2. I picked out a bunch of cards but when I got to Poptropica I couldn’t find them anywhere! Where should I look?

      3. Are you using the numeric IDs or the named ones? The numeric ones are the ones that work. After using the numeric ones, reload poptropica and they should be in your inventory. BTW, ad items and pets don’t work unless you have membership. Items that are in the store do not work at all, neither do medallions. For medallions, you can use beat em’ all.

      4. You mean the ones that are numbered for each island, like number 900 is the card deck from Poptropicon 3? I’m using those. I’m using parts from islands, like the pearl from Arabian Nights. Will that work? And can I put them in my clubhouse, or are they just in my inventory?

      5. Silver horse so I want to add a laptop in my clubhouse from the card collector. Can I get it?

      6. Oh, those are the items that you use in islands, and they’ll be in their respective island’s inventories when they get ported. Also, I couldn’t find the id for the laptop, but i’ll see if i can. You can get costumes with card collector as well.

      7. Eeeeee this card collector thing is awesome! Now I can get anything I want for free!

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