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Recap: PHB’s Pride Palooza 🏳️‍🌈🥳

Howdy, Pridetropicans! Earlier last week we rallied our lovely readers to join us for our second party celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, the PHB’s Pride Palooza. We had a gay ole time! 🏳️‍🌈

While we recognize the surrounding nuances of opinion regarding LGBTQ+ topics, here at the PHB, we are safe space and believe everyone should be shown kindness and respect no matter who they love or how they identify. That’s why we had this party and why Pride Month is celebrated all around the world.

All the attendees gathered in the Blast-Off Arcade to go head-to-head in Star Link, Balloons, and Sky Dive. I had a pretty good winning streak, myself, though I will admit I lost a couple of times.

Digital doodles and a fair amount of disconnections from switching tabs away from Poptropica also made the night eventful. It wouldn’t be a Poptropica party without the art and the server hiccups, now would it? Here are a few that didn’t make it into the recap collage:

Artwork by Ayman, BrittScarlet, Purple Paw, and Slanted Fish.

The PHC is always open for Poptropicans to talk and hang out, and we strive to be an inclusive place where everyone can have a good time. Pop in and join us anytime.

Pride Month’s not over yet, though. Spread love, extinguish hate, celebrate and enjoy it! Learn more about the ABCs of LGBT with the PHB, and don’t forget the theme for this month’s Community Creations is LGBTQ+; there’s still plenty of time to participate!

🖤🤎❤️🧡 Happy Pride from the PHB 💛💚💙💜

Popular Poptropicans

Popular Poptropican: Slanted Fish

Howdy doodly Poptropican friends! It’s LJ here with the final interviewee of the Popular Poptropican staff lineup. She’s the friendliest of fishes, the editor-in-chief, the very creator of this Poptropica Help Blog… it’s the one and only Slanted “Fishy” Fish! Does she really need an introduction, though? Let’s pop right into it!

1. What has it felt like to watch something you created grow so much and even get recognized by Poptropica themselves?

No doubt it’s been amazing! When I first started this blog, I couldn’t have imagined how big it would become. I didn’t really have any expectations — I just wanted to make a blog about something I cared about, because I had been inspired by fan blogs on the internet for other games I played, made by kids and young adults.

I remember the first time Poptropica made some kind of acknowledgement to the PHB, almost a year after it first began, it was just a feeling of surprise, awe, and excitement from me and others involved with the blog. Since then, it’s been nice to know the Pop Creators are keeping up with what fans are thinking, and to garner an occasional nod of appreciation!

2. What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers or writers in general that you wish you had starting out?

Looking back at some of my earliest posts, I’d say the biggest points I could have done better are writing more concisely and making the formatting more appealing. On the first point, remember that effective news writing is all about how well you’re able to get your message across, and you don’t always need a ton of words to do it. On the second point, it turns out there are ways to polish up a digital post, like making use of hyperlinks, bold text, and images.

Of course, these are things that take time and effort to figure out, and best practices will change over time. But the old adage remains: practice makes better!

3. What has been the biggest milestone for the PHB?

Just the fact that it’s been around for so long (12 years and counting), almost as old as Poptropica itself, is pretty phenomenal. The community definitely helps keep the spirit alive — without all of you, there’d be no blog here!

4. What sort of future do you hope the PHB will have?

I hope the PHB will continue to share Poptropica insights that are thoughtful, truthful, and tale-full for as long as we can dream of and grow from them. Nothing lasts forever, but why not enjoy the ride while we can?

5. Would you say the PHB is like a family? What do you think keeps everyone so involved and connected with the blog?

In a sense, yes! We may not know each other IRL, but we’re in touch with one another digitally and united through our common interest in Poptropica. I think new and solid quality content is what keeps people engaged and coming back — that’s true of any online space!

6. What is your favorite island and villain? 

My favorite island is Shark Tooth, which may seem like an underdog choice, but it’s a classic (Poptropica’s second island!). The blue palm trees in the background are nostalgic Poptropica aesthetics, and despite the simplicity, there’s good story to explore.

And my favorite villain is probably Scheherazade from Arabian Nights. I love her many forms, with impeccable outfits in all and a compelling backstory that tugs at the heartstrings.

7. What challenge in the game has been the hardest to complete in your opinion? 

Anything that’s dependent on game physics is quite the challenge — as in jumping platforms with the right timing or you’re toast. The volcanic platforms on the Fire Planet in Astro-Knights are a great example of this.

8. What is your favorite feature (still here or gone) from the many years of Poptropica? 

The Costumizer, which allowed you to “steal” (well, copy) clothes off characters, was such a unique and fun feature in Poptropica. It’s a shame it didn’t carry over to the new Haxe version of the game (except for on PoptropiCon, where it’s essential to the quest).

9. What is your favorite Poptropica item? 

It’s hard to pick! Maybe the boba tea, since I love drinking the stuff IRL. I also quite like the Rainbow Ride hoodie, which is a staple of my Poptropican’s wardrobe nowadays. And I have to also mention the Fireworks, which makes every PHB party pic so much brighter.

10. What is your favorite Poptropica Easter egg/secret/reference?

It’s got to be the one in Escape from Pelican Rock Island with the PHB license plate. 😄

(LJ: You can friend her on Poptropica with the username slantedfish)

🌟 Would you like to be the next Popular Poptropican? 🌟

To nominate yourself or someone you know, send me an email at or a private message on Discord with the following:

  • the name of your nominee (a Poptropica name or other screen name)
  • a reason why your nominee should be the next Popular Poptropican

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in the next one. Pop on!

– LJ 🍀

PHB Parties

Join our Poptropica Pride Palooza to celebrate inclusion! 🏳️‍🌈💖

The party has wrapped up. Stay tuned for the recap!

Howdy, Poptropicans!

It’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and pride parades are happening everywhere around the globe. And like before, we’re bringing one to Poptropica! With affirmation of equality for our LGBTQ+ friends and fun times for all, we invite you to the PHB’s 2021 Pride Palooza:

  • ❤️ WHO: Everyone’s invited — you don’t have to identify as LGBTQ+. Some PHB staff will be in attendance too!
  • 🧡 WHAT: Hanging out on Poptropica and our Discord chat server, the PHC. Though there’s a focus on LGBTQ+ pride, the conversation can be about anything. Also, we encourage you to dress up your character in rainbow colors and fun gear just like at a real life pride parade!
  • 💛 WHENFriday, June 18 @ 8 pm Eastern / 7 pm Central / 6 pm Mountain / 5 pm Pacific. If you’re in another time zone, use this converter to see what time it’ll be where you live. It may be Saturday morning, June 19, in some parts of the world. PHB parties usually go on for a couple hours, so come and go however you’re able! 😄
  • 💚 WHERE: Meet us at the Blast-Off Arcade formerly on Home Island! 🚀 You can access it by going to the menu and clicking “Arcade.” We’ll also be on the PHC, a safe chat space where PHB staff and other Poptropicans regularly hang out (for ages 13+). If you’re under 13, you can keep the party going in the comments of this post.
  • 💙 WHY: To celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and have fun!

For those who are unfamiliar, LGBTQ+ is an acronym that stands for individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer (an umbrella term) or questioning. Sadly, LGBTQ+ people are not always respected for who they are in terms of who they choose to love or what gender they present as. But not here in the Poptropica community!

As a fandom with its share of LGBTQ+ people and allies, the Poptropica community is generally a safe space for LGBTQ+ expression. With this Pride Palooza, the PHB encourages unity, particularly with those who are different, and the freedom to be your true lovable self.

We hope to see you there. Be loud and be proud!

– the Pridetropica Help Bloggers –

Clubhouse, Guest Posts

Dreamy Clubhouse Tour: Invisible Ring 🦄

Howdy Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible Ring. Enjoy!

Hey, it’s me, Invisible Ring! Remember me from my first, second, and third clubhouse tours? Well, get ready for the grand finale, because my final clubhouse tour is ready!

Wow, look at this place! I’ve never seen so many flowers and — *GASP* Oh my gosh, UNICORNS! This is a dream come true! Is this a dream room?

Me: What else is in here? Ooooh, what a forest! It’s even better than the one in my room! 

Tourist: I know, right? 

Me: Huh? Oh hi! I didn’t know there was someone else here.

Tourist: Yeah, these woods remind me so much of Twisted Thicket.

Me: You wanna explore these woods with me?

Tourist: Whoa, dude, I don’t think going any further is a good idea. Dangerous things always go on in forests just like this one.

Me: I’m not afraid. I mean, this is all part of my clubhouse!

Tourist: Oh, ok. So that means you already know what goes on in here, huh?

Me: Well, I uh…. 

Tourist: Oops, gotta go! Great talkin’ to ya!

Oooh boy, I suddenly have a bad feeling about this. Maybe that guy was right. Maybe rushing in there is a bad idea, but what should I do? I’d better slow down and set up camp around here somewhere and figure this out. 

Ok, so I knew what I was doing in the rest of the rooms in my clubhouse, but I don’t know what I am doing in this last room. That’s a scary thought, but then again, figuring out what you don’t know along the way is half the fun of exploring. Ok, It’s decided. Back to the forest!

Me: Oh my gosh! Who are you? And where did these flowers come from? It’s as though the whole forest instantly bloomed! Did you do this?

Fairy: Indeed. Welcome home, Invisible Ring. Much has happened since your last arrival here.

Me: Yeah, It’s been a busy year, y’know?

Fairy: Yes. You have come a long way. Please continue. I will be here if you need my help. 

Gnome: Hey, you! FREEZE!

Me: Everybody clap your hands!

Gnome: Don’t try to smooth-talk your way outta this, trespasser! You’re comin’ with me! 

Me: Trespasser? I know I haven’t been in here for a long time, but this is my clubhouse! But since you seem to know your way around this place, I’ll come with you.

Gnome: That’s more like it. Don’t try anything funny now, ya hear me?

Gnome: Your majesty, I found an intruder in the woods. What should I do with her?

Gnome King: Mango, put that squirt gun down. That’s Invisible Ring! She owns the place!

Me: Your name is Mango? Haha! *ahem* I mean… Told ya.

Me: It’s nice to meet all of you, but I have some questions here.

Gnomes: And we got answers! What’s up?

Me: Has anyone noticed this place keeps changing? First, the unicorns ran and hid somewhere, then the trees themselves moved around! What’s going on?

Gnomes: This room is your creation, right? And don’t people describe their favorite art as “moving”?

Me: Ohhh, I get it! That makes a TON of sense, thanks a lot! Now I know exactly how this place works.

Ooh, this is just beautiful. Look at all of the stars in the sky tonight! I have such a good view of ‘em from here. This room really is a gem!

And speaking of gems, this tree is covered with ‘em! It’s so colorful, no wonder these butterflies like this spot so much! 

Me: What’s up here? Oh, It’s a giant! Um… hello. I come in peace

Giant: So you’re the Invisible Ring that the gnome guards were talking about, huh?

Me: Uh, yes sir! …Oh look! The unicorns! So that’s where they went!

Giant: They’re with me, kid. We guard the place. If you run into any trouble, call us. Got it?

Me: Gotcha! Oh by the way, what’s that stuff the gnome is drinking?

Giant: It’s an enchanted elixir. You should give it a try. There’s an extra bottle over on the right.

That’s a lot of treasure! And that dragon is one heavy sleeper. There it is — The elixir bottle! I should find a good place to try it. 

I think this is my favorite clubhouse room! Why don’t I come here more often? I must remember to come here every time I need a creative inspiration! Ok, this looks like a good place for a drink break.

What the? Where did this helicopter come from?!

Lumberjerks: Well, what do you know! I didn’t think we would run into a second magical forest. Hey, wait! We know you! You’re the brat who stopped us last time over at that twisted thicket! But it doesn’t matter now, because you’re not wearing a magical necklace this time. You’re in big trouble now!

Me: What are you doing?! Why are you here? You’re scaring away all the inhabitants! Guards, get down here quick! It’s an emergency!

Giant: Leave here at once or I’m gonna smash your chopper and take you to jail.

Lumberjerks: Not if our chopper smashes you first, you overgrown gorilla!


Me: NO, What have you done?!

Lumberjerks: Oh don’t worry. They’re not dead. But now they won’t be able to get in the way when we rip this forest down to the roots!

Me: You’re gonna destroy this place?! But why? You’ve got no right!

Lumberjerks: Look, kid. This is how we, as people, make a living. Getting rid of this rubbish is all just part of natural selection. Now, there are two ways out of here, kid. The easy way and the hard way. And you do NOT want to leave the hard way! 

Me: So this is what the tourist meant. This is the kind of danger that happens in a forest like this. 

Lumberjerks: This is your last chance. Either you go away or we have no choice but to MAKE you go away!

Me: NO! Nobody threatens me like that! This is MY clubhouse! This is MY work of art! And if you think I’ll let you take it all away, you’re DEAD WRONG!

Lumberjerks: HAHAHA, What are YOU gonna do about it, little girl?

Me: Blast it! I don’t know. Oh wait, my magic juice! Now’s the perfect time to drink it and see what it can do! Behold — the power of this enchanted forest!


Me: I did?… I mean, that’s right, I did! And if you think that’s surprising, behold the most powerful magic of all in this forest — my imagination!

Lumberjerks: Holy fricassee! Who’s moving all those stars?!

Me: I am! Now begone you intruders! Run away and never return!

Lumberjerks: AAAHHHH! RUUUUN!

Me: Hey, you all came back and you’re all ok!

Giant: Way to show those jerks who’s boss! You made us all proud, young warrior.

Me: Warrior?…Oh yeah, my sword! I remember now that I had it concealed in my ninja suit for emergencies!

Gnomes: Forget the sword, lady! Did you even notice that you transformed into some sort of flaming angel? That was incredible! And you saved the forest, for Pete’s sake!

Me: Yeah, the seraphim has always been my favorite tribe, and I couldn’t have saved the forest without you guys. I’m sorry I hadn’t visited for so long.

Gnomes: You don’t have to be sorry. You wouldn’t be much of an adventurer if you just stayed put inside your house all day, would you?

Me: Hehe,I guess not. Oh my gosh, why do I feel so tired all of a sudden?

Fairies: Nothing surprising there. An imagination as powerful as yours takes a lot of strength to use. You should go and get some rest. 

Me: Well, ok. I guess I’ll be going now.

Fairies: Keep on adventuring! We’ll be here whenever you’re ready to visit!

Me: Alright. Bye, everybody!

Home, sweet home. That tour was a big job, but it’s done now.

Hey, did my garden grow while I was gone? Cool! Now I know what I’m gonna explore tomorrow!

Looks like my laptop is still on. What’s it say?… Aw, sweet! I can see all four parts of my clubhouse tour on the PHB now! So glad I took up the offer, and it felt great to finish the job.

That’s all, folks! Thank you so much for joining me on my whole tour, and I hope it was an adventure for you as much as it was for me. I’ve got no plans to post anything else now, but if you really want more from me on the PHB, just let me know in the comments section. Until then, I’m taking a breather. I sure won’t have any trouble falling asleep tonight! 

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featuredConsider sharing yours, too!

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you!


PHB Special: Pop the Difference, Round 4

Howdy, Poptropican friends! It’s LJ here with another round Pop The Difference! Let’s pop right in, shall we?

Here’s how the game works: Down below are five pairs of Poptropica images, each containing five differences. Some differences are easy to spot while others may be tougher. Are you up for the challenge?

1) Shark Tooth Seek

2) Fairytale Fish-Around

3) Bazaar Bewilderment

4) Comb the Crowd

5) Scour the Staff

How many could you find? Send in your answers to

The first person to correctly spot all 25 differences (5 in each) will receive a drawing of their Poptropican by me. (Check out my DeviantArt page to get a glimpse of what you’re in for. :P)

Answers and winners will be revealed at some point in the next coming weeks. That’s it for now and I’ll talk to you all in the next one. Pop on!

– LJ 🍀