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PHB Membership Giveaway: March 2021

Hey Poptropicans, we’re approaching the end of the month, which means it’s time to announce another lucky Poptropican to win our monthly membership giveaway! 🎁

Congrats, Silver Horse — you can finally get that pet pony to go with your horse (or unicorn dragon cat?) identity. I mean, have you seen the animal collection in his clubhouse?? 🦋😸🐦

In addition to calling a little pony mine, members also get to add a bunny, lizard, goat, and husky among their horde of pets. And, with the recent influx of new items in both the pet and clubhouse stores, you’re sure to find some new stuff to love — all the more if you’re a member!

If you’re not a member, you still have the chance (or many chances, in fact): the PHB is hosting a giveaway every month, and it’s easy to enter! Just comment on the Free Poptropica Membership page and leave at least two other comments around the PHB within the month to be entered into that month’s giveaway.

We’ll announce a winner sometime in the final week of each month. If you don’t win, you can always try again for the next month! Full details »

Congrats again to Silver Horse, and as always, keep on popping on! 🐎



12 thoughts on “PHB Membership Giveaway: March 2021”

  1. Yay! I’m definitly getting a pony (as well as a rabbit, and maybe the unreleased corgi through card collector) and it’d gonna be super cool! Can’t wait to see who wins next month!

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy member life, Silver Horse!
    P.S you can expand your clubhouse now because now you can buy literally EVERY object!

  3. lol i wish i win a free membership cause i will be very happy if slanted fish gave me one also slanted how many days till fairy tale island comes on on im just waiting for it to come

    1. Fairy Tale should be out around the beginning of summer. Just keep entering the raffle, and I bet eventually you’ll get picked for the free membership!

  4. also im entering this as glaselkj for me account if u enter me and if i win slanted will u post my name on u blog page if i do win also if i do win free membership i want to collect all pets and clothes on poptropica thats why i hope to win free membership giveaway for one if i win message me ok

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