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Clubhouse Tour: Noisy Snowball 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Noisy SnowballEnjoy!

Hello everyone! It’s me again, Noisy Snowball! There have been a lot of clubhouse tours, so I decided, why not make one myself?

I took some time to complete the design, and now my clubhouse now looks awesome to me, so it’s a perfect time to share it. First up: the entrance. My entrance is pretty simple, but I like it!

Two palm trees greet me as I enter, with an open window allowing me to see outside and let some nice air in. And next to the window are two sets of swords and shields! 

Now to the left, here is one of my two relaxation places. In the bottom one, I have a couch to lay on with my pets, a basket to hold stuff in (my pets also like sleeping in it), and one of my favorite things, a plush unicorn saying hello! Plush toys are some of my favorite things, so when I saw one in the shop, I had to get it. 🦄

Above the couch, this is where I sleep! A hammock does a really good job for me, and it’s a bit more fun than a simple bed. I also have a bookshelf with all kinds of books! It’s nice to read before I sleep. I also have a mini moon hanging over it, which looks cool, but can also remind me to go to bed if I accidentally stay up.

How about a quick view of what’s up there?

Woah! That is a long fall! Luckily we don’t take damage in Poptropica clubhouses. Anyway! There are a few lights hanging on the ceiling, and another open window, along with a basketball hoop. It’s pretty fun for some solo basketball training! Now, let’s move to the right…

Welcome to the center of my clubhouse! A few things are hanging on the wall, including a picture of a popsicle, a cactus photo, and a poster for a concert. I have to confess, the popsicle picture makes me hungry sometimes. There are a few plants up here, as well as a fake pineapple. There’s also a vanity, which I use to brush my hair and for a few other things, and a water cooler to stay hydrated. And in the middle, there’s a dog house, which my pets like to live in. Oddly, they take turns in it, but at least they’re sharing it. Now, it’s time for the top right!

Here is my other relaxation stop! We have another couch here, with a LED moon over it. I have a table as well, which has a little candle on it. But my favorite part here is the TV! I love watching TV shows and movies — it helps me relax after a long day. Maybe we could have a movie night?

Anyway, onto my gaming area! Since I’m a huge gamer, as evident from the poster, of course I needed a gaming area. And it’s really cool! A chair to relax on to browse the internet or play PC games, an awesome gaming PC with all of the essentials (and even a place to put drinks), and a speaker so I can hear everything coming from the PC! I’ve had a lot of fun over here, and it’s probably my favorite spot in the clubhouse.

Time to move down for the final area! I don’t really know what to call this area, but I guess it’s for technology. I have a table here that has a radio on top, which reports news from islands set in older time periods. It’s really interesting to hear what’s going on, especially since they aren’t as advanced in society as we are. I also have a soda vending machine, which is always good when I’m craving a soda. Plus there’s an ice cream dispenser! Getting ice cream 24/7 always cheers me up, especially after going on cruises that have had 24/7 ice cream machines!

And that’s it for my clubhouse! I hope you enjoyed it, everyone! I’m considering writing a “My Place In Poptropica” for my next guest post, but I only started playing Poptropica in January 2021, though I did know what Poptropica was for a while. So I’m not sure. People in the comments, should I do a “My Place in Poptropica” post?

That’s it from me! This is Noisy Snowball, signing off!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Noisy Snowball. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featured, like this one from Dangerous Dragon. Consider sharing yours, too!

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New stuff in the stores and art galore

Howdy Poptropican friends! It’s LJ with some new store swag for both your clubhouse and your next Poptropica fit, plus some more artist highlights form Poptropica’s Instagram. Let’s get into it.

In the newly opened Adventure Outfitters, there are a total of seven new outfits (indicated below) — two of which are for members only. The prices range from 75 to 350 credits.

Albeit members exclusive, I’m glad to see the Lightning Knight costume back since it’s of the best costumes in Poptropica in my opinion. Now onto the Clubhouse store. There’s much more to see there…

The entire stock has rotated from the last time leaving us with 55 different décor options — and the best part of all, only a mere 7 items are members only! Good job Poptropica. Time to start decorating! Perhaps you can send in your very own clubhouse tour.

Yesterday, Poptropica featured more fantastic artwork from fan artists on Instagram, this time including me! A cute comic redraw, a pop portrayal (which you probably recognize from Guess That Poptropican), an island pitch, a suggestive picture of Binary Bard after the glow up… it’s all there!

I love everybody else’s drawings and I hope the creators keep on sharing them; it’s really one of my favorite parts about the online community. If you want to view more from the past year, you can see them in the Fan Art highlight story on their Instagram page.

Welp, that’s all the news for now. Thank you for reading as always and I’ll talk to you in the next one. We have some exciting things happening later this month and you won’t want to miss it. Pop on!

– LJ 🍀

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Castle Clubhouse Tour: Invisible Ring 🏰

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible RingEnjoy!

I’m back, baby! It’s me, Invisible Ring! I hope you enjoyed my last clubhouse tour because I’m picking up right where I left off. Now… I’ve pulled the lever and switched my rooms. Next stop: room number 2, my clubhouse castle!

Welcome to my castle, everyone! Hey wait a second — where did you phoenixes come from? Did you fly through a window or something? You need to leave; you’ll scare the guests away! 

Another perfect landing, ladies… that intergalactic E. Vile fight was tough, wasn’t it? Wow, this is quite the castle! Hey, what’s that noise? I think it’s coming from up above!

Come on, phoenix, out the window! Don’t even think about stealing any of this treasure. That’s right, I see that smoke bomb in your hand. Go on, shoo!

Uh-oh… we’re not alone. Looks like there are other people upstairs! We can’t let ‘em see us; they’ll think we’re aliens — especially me since I’m wearing a Pewter Moon uniform. I say we all get back into our ship and retreat right now before we’re accused of trespassing or something. 

What was that, a rocket engine? There must be someone else down there!

Hmmm… I guess it’s nothing. Whoever they were, they’re gone now. Argh, I knew those fire-birds would scare someone away. Oh well… for all of you that are still with me, here’s what the rest of my castle looks like. 

This is the royal library that I’ve worked hard to make look beautiful for this castle. Now with that being said, I’m tired and feel like kicking back and reading a book for a minute. Wow, I never read any books on demons before! It’s really ominous, but also very interesting. No wonder these books are considered hot reads.

Yikes, it’s a demon! Did I summon you by mistake? I shouldn’t have opened this book… how do I put you back?

Wait, you’re not a demon. You’re just a tourist in a really convincing costume, aren’t you? Ha-ha, whoops… I should definitely put this book down and continue the tour.

This is where I sleep. Yeah, you heard right. You might be wondering why I would want to sleep on the chandelier. Well, why wouldn’t I? This is way more exciting than a bunk bed! I think it’s a smart place as well. If someone tries to break into the house, I can jump off and drop all the way down to the door right on top of the intruder. No surprises while I’m up here! Isn’t that right, angel tourist? Wait… Angel tourist? How long has she been standing right behind me?

Huh, where’d she go? She was standing right there. I’m sure of it! Was she a real angel or what? So much for “no surprises while I’m up here.“

Moving on! This is my observatory — my study hall away from the one l have in my room. There aren’t any laptops in here, but I have everything I need to get all of my non-digital work done. 

Finally, my relaxation corner! Unlike the one in my room, this one has fancy treats and fancy seats. I guess this is what we call a first-class relaxation corner.

And if I need a break from the screen, I like to look out the window up top with my spyglass. Between the day and the night, I get countless brilliant views! 

Oh no, that’s not a brilliant view. It’s an invasion! Somebody’s trying to attack this castle! What am I going to do? Wait, what am I saying? This is my castle and I need to defend it! I need to show the invader who’s in charge of this palace.

Good thing I keep extra swords up on my top floor! Time to suit up and arm myself for battle!

Now, where’s that invader? Maybe he wants to break into this treasury like those phoenixes! Good thing I just locked my loot up in this trojan horse. 

Oh no, he flew past the window! Now he’s going down to the front door! I gotta get down there quick!

Any moment now, the invader is gonna come right through that door. I have a bad feeling about this. Maybe I should grab a second sword from this wall to even the odds.

I hear footsteps… He’s here! Who are you and what do you want with me? Show yourself! I have a sword and I know how to use it.

“Hey, what is this place? This isn’t Poptropi-con. Darn, I must have flown right past it. Better get outta here and try again.”

Whew, he’s not an invader after all; he just took a wrong turn. Did he say something about a con? That explains why he looked like an invader. I’m glad that’s over.

Wow! Even for a palace, that was a royally eventful tour. Now that it’s over with, I’m gonna hit the hammock now.

What’s that? You want me to pull that room-switching lever again? No thanks, I had enough for one day. After all, I am the princess of this castle — my rules, my castle, my Princess Amethyst costume!

It’s now time to go as visiting hours for this palace are over. Thanks for popping into my castle, and thank you to all of the poptropicans I met inside (whether or not you were caught on screen). You made this a royal adventure the whole way through.

That makes the first half of my clubhouse tour complete. If you enjoyed the trip so far, then stay tuned for part 3. See you later! 

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featuredConsider sharing yours, too!

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Clubhouse Tour: Purple Paw 🏡

Hey there everybody, Purple here with a new addition to the popular series: Clubhouse Tours! 🏡

I’ve done multiple redos of my Clubhouse since the feature first arrived, and I think the style I have now might be the best version yet. Step on inside and see what you think!

I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

Upon entrance, you’ll find you’re being closely watched by a wide-eyed skull. Eek! Luckily it’s just a glass decoration…but it still has the tendency to give you chills.

Moving past this skeletal decor, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home! Be sure to place them on the shoe rack instead of leaving them lying around, as I like to keep my floors clean. Once you’ve done that, follow me; we’ve got lots to tour!

Jump, like the ceiling can hold you–

If you’re feeling energetic today, pop up to the higher left floor, where you’ll find an assortment of sports gear! Bounce on the trampoline, shoot some hoops, and admire the surfboard collection if you’re up for it. While you go about burning off your energy, stay hydrated with a cup of water from the machine; flipping on a trampoline sure does make you thirsty. 😅

I wonder what flavor of gumball I’ll get this time.

You probably worked up an appetite after all those sports — I know I sure did! Jump down to the kitchen below the sports area, home to a full fridge, a gumball machine, and multiple very tempting soft drinks and juices. Don’t mind the pet food on the table; my pet gecko’s got a bigger stomach than I do. He’s probably hungry too.

One Poptropican’s trash is another Poptropican’s treasure.

Before we tour the rest of the upstairs rooms, I’ll show you the very messiest part of my home: the Awe-Inspiring Artifact Collection, or, if you want to be less fancy, just the good ol’ junk pile. I’ve built up a high pile of oddities over the years from adventuring across the islands, and they all seem to end up in this area. A flaming phoenix, a guard gnome, the classic Legendary Swords rocket — messy or not, I’m quite proud of my haul.

🎵So throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year would see me right…🎵

Up on the floor above my artifact heap is my bedroom, which simply screams that this clubhouse belongs to a half-cat. I do enjoy playing around with that yarn and lounging on the cat tower…as well as admiring my whiskers in the mirror…but there’s no time for that now, we’ve got a tour to complete! I guess I’d better throw those curtains wide and let some light in before we continue. What a view!

Nothing like a good nap to get your creative gears spinning!

Follow me up to the higher middle floor, my personal favorite: the relaxation room! This is the perfect place to nap, brainstorm, read, and generally take it easy. The shady palm trees provide a taste of tropical paradise, and you’ll never run out of books to indulge in on those shelves! I like to keep the curtains of this window closed to provide extra peace and quiet, although some sun now and then is enjoyable. A nice rest in that hammock really gives you a good recharge…I think I’ll take one after we finish this tour!

🎵Just dance, gonna be okay, da-da-doo-doot–🎵

Lastly, up on the highest floor on the right we have a multipurpose gaming room. This is the perfect setup to watch TV, play video games, and listen to my favorite music playlist on repeat through those speakers; and dance along, too! I’m planning on settling down in that comfy chair tonight to rewatch past episodes of my favorite show, Reality TV, with my glow-in-the-dark heart, moon, and flamingo. Maybe I’ll grab a soda and some snacks from the kitchen to accompany my RTV marathon…

Home, sweet home.

Well, it looks like it’s getting late now, and we’ve popped in just about every room, so I should probably wrap up this clubhouse tour for now! Let me know down in the comments what you thought of my redone home. ⬇️ If you’d like to visit my clubhouse in-game, friend me on Pop with the username PurplePawzz. I’ll see you all next time!


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Clubhouse Tour: Invisible Ring 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible RingEnjoy!

Hi, I’m Invisible Ring, and this is my first guest post on the PHB! I never thought about writing for the PHB before, but when Slanted Fish saw my clubhouse and invited me to write a clubhouse tour, I got really excited and decided to go for it! 

Shoutout to Silver Horse, because without your clubhouse tour, I wouldn’t have thought of planting flowers around my clubhouse.

Poptropica challenged us to submit our clubhouses to them a few months ago, so I made a YouTube walkthrough of my clubhouse. But for this guest post, I felt like I could do better with my clubhouse at this point, so I rebuilt it from the ground up! This video shows how my clubhouse looked before I changed it. How does it compare?

While I was rebuilding my clubhouse, I saw a lot of clubhouse tours on the PHB, and the creative decorating and storytelling in all of them were a huge inspiration for me! I had a lot of fun the whole time decorating everything, and I just finished all of my new designs. So without further ado, let’s open the door and see what’s inside!

The first thing to do is to get outta bed. Hmmm… Is it just me, or does this bed look exactly like the bed of the 21st-century Powerpuff Girls? Oh, there’s my game center! I gotta get on and see what’s new on Poptropica today!

Now to head down to my dressing room. Lookin’ sharp… now what?

I suppose I should get a head start on my online schoolwork over here… Nah. I’ll do it tomorrow. I have a clubhouse to tour!

I got my own movie theater over here, complete with popcorn, soda, and a big bean bag. Oh snap, where’s the remote? Do I even HAVE a remote? Oh well, moving on. 

This is where the music happens! I got a trumpet right here, which is perfect because I actually have a trumpet myself! Oh look, there’s a karaoke corner too! “Mamma mia, here I go again, my, my…” Hold on, what am I doing? I gotta stay focused and continue the tour!

I like this part. It’s the perfect place to play pretend and film a movie! It’s a jungle over here, so watch out! I’ve got a sword and I’m not afraid to use it! And don’t even think about messin’ with my dragon or… Say, that is one awesome view outside that window up there!

Cut! Cut! Do a recount! Do a retake! Do something! That’ll never do! …Hey, who threw that basketball?? Oh right, there’s a basket right above me. I should move that basket sometime so I can film without any distractions. 

These gardens are my favorite part of my clubhouse! But I think I got lost in them again. No, wait, I see something! I think it’s a pool. Care for a swim? Don’t worry, we got the life preservers and towels right here. Just keep your wetsuit on and watch out for the Squirtgun-slingers!

Well, it’s been fun, but that wraps up my clubhouse tour. Wait a minute, I almost forgot about that lever over there! I have more rooms to tour! I guess it’s not the end — it’s just the beginning! 

Say, what time is it? Oh no, look at the time! As much as I wanna pull that lever, I can’t, ‘cause I gotta go! I have other stuff I need to do, but I’ll get to work on part 2 of my house tour as soon as I can. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the tour, and I’ll catch you guys later! Gotta run!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featured, like this one from Silver Horse. Consider sharing yours, too!

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