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Fanfic: The Pink Knight, Part 1/4 💕🪶

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dizzy FeatherEnjoy!

Hello everyone, I’m Dizzy Feather. Before we get started, I’ll tell you a little about myself. I am ever loyal to the Pathfinders, but if I had to choose another tribe it would be the Seraphim.

Anyway, my fanfiction has four parts. It stars me as my alter ego, the Pink Knight. Plus, find out how you can be part of it below. Let’s go!

The scene is black. A sad melody plays. We hear a female voice.

Once I was a hero.

As she speaks, we see black silhouettes surrounding the Pink Knight in pictures of swordfights and handcuffs.

I defeated countless villains, but one day…

Bird’s-eye view of the Pink Knight’s uniform and sword piled in a chest. Fade to black. We hear the chest lid slam, followed by the rattle of a lock.

I decided to put it all away after I failed my mission. Poptropica has dozens of adventurers — they’ll manage without one more hero.

A phone rings. We see DIZZY FEATHER walk over to a small wooden table to pick up the phone and place it to her ear.

Dizzy, listen, can you come over to my shop real quick? I mean, above my shop — you know where I live.

Uh, sure. Are you OK?

No time to talk, just come over here. Now!

DIZZY FEATHER hangs up and runs out her clubhouse door. AMELIA is calmly sipping tea in her home. DIZZY FEATHER runs into the room, slamming the door behind her.

Oh hi there, would you like some tea?

Wait, what? You sounded like you were being robbed over the phone!

Oh yeah, sorry about that. I had to get you to come over here quickly — you know how you like to take your time. Anyway, here you go.

AMELIA hands DIZZY FEATHER an orange ticket. As DIZZY FEATHER takes it, we see that it says: “PoptropiCon — Admit One — VIP Pass.”

Uh, are you going to the con? Have fun!

No, you’re going to the Con. You see, after the Omegon incident last year, I bought a VIP ticket for the following year so I could send someone to help in case it happened again. I would go myself, but I got a store to run.

You could go, and I could run your store until you’re back.

Sorry, I only trust myself to run my store, and it can’t be closed for an entire week.

Fine, I mean Omegon was defeated last year, what could happen?

Jump to DIZZY FEATHER with a bulging pink backpack, walking around the Poptropica convention. Suddenly, a large red spaceship lands in the back, where the catapult was in episode 1). DIZZY FEATHER drops her drink out of surprise.

DIZZY FEATHER (whispering):
Oh, no! It’s happening.

Flingers: Travel with flair.

That’s it for the first part. In the upcoming parts, I would like to include some of you readers! If you want to be part of this story, just pop in a quick outline in the comments with:

  • who you want you Poptropican to be (villain, hero, anti-villain, etc)
  • your Poptropican’s name
  • your Poptropica username (so I can add you to my friends list)

I will choose two players from the comments of this post and then we can meet up in-game!

  1. I’ll wait till you’re in the game, then invite you to my clubhouse.
  2. Get ready for a screenshot! Just follow me around, then stand a little ways away from me, facing me, so I can take the pic.
  3. I will not contact you, so what your Poptropican says and does in my story is completely up to me.

Hope you like the story so far! Feel free to share what you think will happen next. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dizzy Feather. If you did, you might also enjoy The Villain Saga, a fanfic series from the PHB’s MaryannTheConqueror.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “Fanfic: The Pink Knight, Part 1/4 💕🪶”

  1. Hi Dizzy Feather! I loved this first part of your series and can’t wait for the next one. The alter ago ” Pink Knight” sounds really cool. I’m Pink Crush ( I go by my Poptropican name) I don’t really have an alter ego, but I like to call my Poptropican ” the official fashionista of Poptropica” since I did a fashion post on the Poptropica creators blog. I’m doing another one, it’s being posted today I think. If I could I would like to make a guest appearance in the series. I’m not a member, so some scenes for member islands I couldn’t do. If possible, I would like to be some kind of famous fashion designer who happens to be at Poptropicon to showcase Poptropicon costumes and for interviews and your character happens to see me because of a big crowd around me. Your character happens to be a big fan of mine and asks for an autograph or something. Also, ( sorry if I’m ranting) maybe later in the series, your character can ask a favor from my character for costume help or to make an outfit for a mission. My username is GoldenPuppy3.

  2. Hi Pink Crush,
    So glad you liked it. I’m also a non-member so you are in good shape. I don’t mind people ranting I do it myself all the time. I don’t know when the next part will come out I’m a fast writer so It’ll be done soon, but I can’t figure out how long I have to wait to post another guest blog here on the PHB.

  3. Hello Dizzy Feather or should I say ‘Pink Knight’. My name is White Sun becuase the sun when you look at it, is kind of white. Anyway I would like to be part of this series. I would like to be an antihero or an anti villain. I always liked Harry Potter, Starwars, and Medieval kind of stuff so it could be kind of cool if my character have magic powers, or the force, or a sword! Thanks very much.

  4. hi dizzy feather!
    it would be so cool to be in your fanfic thing! my character’s name is Purple Axe and i’d like to be the villain!
    my username is purpleaxe77

    1. Hi, Purple Axe,
      Thanks for your interest in being in my story. I do already have a villain in mind but a lot of stories have more than one villain in them, so being a villain is totally an option. For the record, I’m not choosing the two winners by replying to them, it’s just my way of confirming that I saw and read your comment. Just thought I should mention that.

  5. Hello Dizzy Feather, there is probably another comment by me but I don’t see the comment so, here goes. My name is used to be White Sun but now I changed it to Grey Cloud and if I would be in your fanfic, I would like to be an anti hero or an anti villain because the character traits of the antis are really interesting. My username is jasper241. I really like magic and the Force so it would be cool if my character could incorporate one of these powers.

    1. Hi White Sun/Grey Cloud ,
      I just now see your other comment on my end.Anyways, I do agree with your statement about the anti characters they are amazing characters to read and write about. Since the Force is a Star Wars element I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it, but magic could definitely be in my story. Thanks for wanting to be in my story.

  6. I just realized something I totally forgot to Choose a date for when I stop taking character outlines ( I know that I’m posting a lot of comments so sorry about that) anyways I’ll take character outlines up until this Friday.

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