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Popspiracy: Familiar Faces of the 40 Thieves

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Popular Raptor. Enjoy!

We know Scheherazade as the leader of the Forty Thieves from Arabian Nights Island, and Brutus as her muscular sidekick. But who are they really โ€” and their fellow thieves? That’s my question for this post!

Remember, the culprits are always people you know in life (that’s how it is for my life, yours?). That got me thinking. What if we know these thieves from elsewhere? And then it occurred to me: Brutus looks like a more muscular version of Hercules from Mythology Island! (Sorry Herc.)

There’s also the thief looking through the telescope later in the island. Maybe it’s just me, but he kind of reminds me of the Viking on Time Tangled Island, just with some hair shaved off.

I don’t know, sometimes appearances can be misleading. Maybe the Poptropica Creators have ideas for a new island where all the “good” characters we meet are actually the hidden villains of another island, and the “villains” are actually good.

Are there any good and bad characters that you think are similar to each other?

-Popular Raptor

Hope you enjoyed thisย guest postย by Popular Raptor. If you did, you might also enjoy other Popspiracy posts we’ve shared on the blog.

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