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Popspiracy: Poptropicans as futuristic hybrids of humans and aliens 👶👽

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver Horse. Enjoy!

Hello, fellow Poptropicans! When you see a Poptropican, with their large head and noodly limbs, what do you think about its biology and anatomy? A bird, plant, maybe a robot? Well, I have a theory that makes a lot of sense as well, at least to me. Here it is…

Part 1: The anatomy of a Poptropican

Now, as my theory goes, Poptropica takes place in the 4200s, on a future earth. (For this to work, Astro-Knights would have to take place in an alternate dimension.) Yes, you heard that right. 4200s.

Back during the 2200s, a society of aliens from Astro-Knights on the moon accidentally opened a portal to our dimension, ending up on a tropical island in Hawaii, which is where the “tropican” in the “Poptropican” species name comes from.

When they first found Earth, the aliens didn’t know English or any other human language, so they communicated with body language before they started learning ways of speaking and writing. After finding other intelligent life on Earth, the aliens ended up having kids with humankind, creating the first generations of Poptropicans. The aliens had three fingers per hand, so averaging out with the humans’ five fingers, Poptropicans ended up having four fingers on each hand, and for some reason only had one oval toe on each foot.

A Poptropican’s average height would be around four-and-a-half feet tall, between a human’s six feet and an alien’s three feet. Their head and eye shape was inherited from the aliens, able to breathe despite having no necks or noses, by having a really thin piece of skin in their faces that allowed air to trespass. The necks are anti-gravity, having a wormhole between the bottom of the head and the top of the body, with the vocal chords in the top front of the body. 

The authorities on Earth had not realized the aliens and their half-human children, dubbed “Poptropicans,” were a threat, but conflicts grew into a worldwide war between humans who sided with governments and humans who sided with the aliens and Poptropicans. By the time the war was over and the Poptropicans survived, the humans were very few, and had no choice but to reproduce with the aliens and Poptropicans. A few generations later, and humans went extinct.

Belt It Out: Someone get Kuiper on the line.

Part 2: A rough Poptropican timeline

Now, maybe you’re wondering, “But Silver Horse, Poptropican technology looks just like present-day tech!” Well, I have an explanation for that, and there are a few high-tech things.

Firstly, going back to when the humans went extinct, the Poptropican officials vowed to start over from the year 0 and follow in humans’ footsteps. To keep the new order of the universe, they formed the secret organization “‘Tropicans in Black,” which are the spies from Spy Island.

During World War P, as I like to call it, a combination of climate change and bombs and the like caused most continents* to split apart, forming Poptropica’s current islands. Mythical creatures and beings also revealed their existence, which explains islands like Fairytale, Mythology, and Realms. (*An exception is Africa, which stayed intact, as canonically seen in Nabooti Island.)

By the time of current Poptropica in the 4200s, time travel and alternate universe travel had been invented, as seen in the likes of Time Tangled Island. The ‘Tropicans in Black were compelled to take more extreme measures and invent the PoptropiLens, an equipped device that allows Poptropicans to see all humans and animals in the past as Poptropicans and Poptropican-like animals, without altering anything else, and without explaining what this technology was for.

Whattya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger.

There were some mess-ups, though, such as a few statues in Time Tangled being humanoid, and handprints in Mystery Train and Back Lot having five fingers and not four. Other high-tech devices include the Colorizer, a permanent, automatic skin and hair dyer; CJ’s shrink ray; and the aforementioned time and dimension travel.

Print It: The marks of a legend.

There was also the introduction of sapient animal-like Poptropicans, which are either half-Poptropican hybrids (Silver Horse is one of these, albeit ¼ Poptropican) or through a Frankenstein-like surgical process, enlarging an animal’s head, transplanting a Poptropican’s brain into it, removing the Poptropican’s head, and sewing the animal’s head to the Poptropican, similar to deities of Egyptian mythology.

Other than these, the tech and life of Poptropicans is almost exactly like ours as humans, except for things accommodating their four fingers, like musical instruments for example. 

Finally, Poptropica’s Amelia was the actual, human Amelia Earhart. During her disappearance, she accidentally flew into a portal that turned her into a Poptropican, crashing on Home Island, leading to the events of Monkey Wrench Island.

Your Poptropican is a secret agent working with the ‘Tropicans in Black to save islands, and is actually a 20-something adult. Since your older self in Time Tangled (50 years into the future) looks at least 70, this seems to check out. Plus, correct me if I’m wrong, but the only times your Poptropican gets called a kid appear to be in the sponsored islands, which mostly take place in alternate universes where you would seem the size of a child, because the average height in those universes is taller than in the Poptropican universe.

With that, my theory is done! Let me know your possible explanations for why Poptropicans look the way they do, and how that might relate to future Poptropica. See you next time!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Horse. If you did, you might also like another post of his: a Clubhouse Tour with animals galore!

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Popspiracy: The Magic Girl 🦄☔️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Incredible Fire. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! Over the pandemic, I’ve gotten really into gaming theorists, so while I was scouring the latest mini quest for a potential “Is Amelia a Villain?” theory, I stumbled onto something… interesting. It may just possibly change the way we think about Poptropica forever. So what is this game-changing theory?

In the top corner of Amelia’s house, we see that she’s been studying Rumplestiltskin. The lipstick flashes purple when you interact with it — and it’s the same purple flashes with white sparks seen in Fairy Tale Island when Rumplestiltskin uses magic.

Also in Amelia’s house, we can see photos of her with her friends. Most noticeably, the girl from the statue on Home Island. We can gather from her statue that she’s studious, and from the picture, can apparently do magic. And what color is her magic? Purple with white sparks.

And that’s not all, folks! If you look at the king in Fairy Tale Island, he doesn’t really resemble his son. That could be for any number of reasons, but guess who he does resemble? Our magic girl. They have the same skin tone and similar bouncy hair.

Perhaps Purple Girl is actually Rumplestiltskin in disguise, or vice-versa. It’s not too far-fetched for our shapeshifting trickster. That would explain her absence from the game and why Amelia is so intent on finding her.

But then again, maybe not. Rumplestiltskin presents as a male, and seems older than the girl in the image. It seems more likely that he’s an older relative. Or perhaps the girl is related to the king, and Rumplestiltskin is a mentor?

And what role does Amelia play in this? Who are the other people in the picture? What about Xavier and Red Baroness? 

If I’m actually right, what does this mean for Poptropica? Is Poptropica actually building an extensive lore around the newer islands of the game? Are they being subtle and letting us pick up on the clues for ourselves? Are we getting a part 2 to Fairy Tale Island? And most importantly, is Poptropica gonna be able to pull it off? I don’t actually think I’m right, but I’m excited to find out!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Incredible Fire. If you did, you might also enjoy other posts from her, such as her My Place in Poptropica story.

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Popspiracy: What happens to Poptropica villains after “the end”? 🦹‍♂️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by White Fox. Enjoy!

Hi! I am White Fox, and this is my first time writing on the Poptropica Help Blog. I want to write about the Poptropica villains—more specifically, what happens to them after you defeat them at the end of an island adventure?

Whatever happened to the Binary Bard, for example, after he had to give up the princess? Did he just float around in space? Enjoy my theories, and do share yours in the comments!

Dr. Hare meets space aliens?

You destroy his Rabbot, and he flies off to space. Then what? Well, he happens to land on Pewter Moon.

He runs into the aliens, thinking they know him because he is such a popular villain (blah, blah, blah)… but they don’t recognize him. One alien tells Hare to talk to their boss. The alien boss freaks out, and accuses the mighty Dr. Hare of being the Binary Bard in disguise. The who-what now?

Hare steals a spaceship (because that is his specialty) and takes off to another galaxy. The door to the next universe closes behind him, and he is stuck on the roof of an obsidian castle.

Binary Bard in a Hare-y situation

You defeat him, take the princess, take the medallion, ya go home. Right? Well, you never actually got rid of the Binary Bard…

When you had to defeat him, he was in a robot suit. After you destroyed his robot suit, he became weak. That ball on his robot was his power force. Too bad he didn’t have someone to help him repair it…

Turns out, being a genius, Dr. Hare could help! Can you believe the guy was watching you solve the problem on the door and fight the Bard? He went inside and saw another weak, evil villain (ahem, that is, a weak villain… Dr. Hare wasn’t weak. *cough* as if *cough*). The Bard told him he could have half of the universe if he helped him.

So, after the robot suit was repaired, and they were just about to split their kingship, poof! They ended up at Erewhon Prison for Super Villains. No one quite knows how they got captured and sent there, but most are glad it happened.

El Mustachio Grande’s gang’s got his back

This Wild West villain was a handful, but eventually you got him back in prison. Thing is, as soon as you take the medallion and ride on outta this island, the trouble begins…

You got him in the iron pen, but what about his gang, y’all? They broke in here once. Y’all were warned, right? The gangster said, and I quote: “Nothing can stop the Grande Gang!” 

Well, the guard was on his lunch break, the Marshal was outta town, and Mustachio had his smoke bombs (and real ones, because that is how he is). So he dropped the smoke signal for: “Get your tushes on your horses and get down here!” The gang broke him out of prison and headed straight for the train, ready to ambush it again. 

Lucky for the regular people, your trusty sidekick Annie Oakley was ridin’ on the train, right down to Dos Cactos. (Oh, I’m sorry, Oakley… I mean the superior friend Annie Oakley. Please put down your spud gun!) Anyway, she managed to shoot them down, but they rode away before she could call the Marshal (you) on ’em.

Heading for the casino in Dos Cactos, the gang happened to run into some lost cattle. Since the gang is not as nice as you are, they didn’t really try to herd them back to the ranch. Once they got to the casino, they were challenged to a shooting contest. They shot down all the targets against everyone. Then they had to face off against Annie Oakley—and no one’s a match for Oakley!

They did not bother her again. She turned them in, but the Pop Police decided they’d better be sent to Erewhon Prison.

Black Widow’s revenge

The Black Widow was a relentless, ruthless villain whose specialty was stealing art and selling it for money.

You were trying to stop her at the same time when a friend-who-you-thought-was-a-traitor-who-turned-out-to-be-a-friend will beg you to stop her before she destroys a million dollars worth of art. Oof. Tough crowd. Well, when you team up, everyone assumes she is done for. You knocked her out. The end. But do you really ever stop her?

Apparently, she hasn’t had her revenge quite yet. Since you have left the island, she plans to get back at the curator for ruining her plans. Her disguise won’t work anymore. But if she could just learn the secrets of where all the art is…

She managed to customize from the assistant curator. Now she looked just like him! In her disguise, she talked to the curator to find out where the art was. But being a smart old lady, the curator noticed something suspicious. She told the Black Widow that she had forgotten what a painting was called and pointed to “The Starry Night,” by Vincent van Gogh. The Black Widow didn’t know the names of art! She just knew how much she could sell it for! She was caught and sent to Erewhon.

That’s all for this post! Share in the comments your theories, plus what villains you would like to hear about next.

White Fox

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by White Fox. If you did, you might also enjoy another Popspiracy guest post that looks at the reverse side: Speculations on Villain Backstories.

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Popspiracy: Theories on how Poptropica villains turned evil 🦹‍♂️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous DragonEnjoy!

Hey Poptropicans, hello from DD! As we know, a good Poptropica story often contains a villain. Take Goofball Island, which is coming out later. Though we haven’t really met him yet, Dr. Blandston sounds like quite the epic villain. From there to Hare… you name it. Poptropica is full of villains, and today, I’m going to make some theories on how they got to be that way! So what are these villains’ backstories? Keep reading!

Dr. Hare (24 Carrot Island): A bad day for the carrots

“Dr. Hare” by Fierce Flyer

What’s with this bad bunny? Dr. Hare was a good scientist! But what happened? Let’s say he used to work in the carrot factory making new flavours and facts. One day as he was working on an invention, that’s when things turned really bad… a routine radiation test took a turn when a rabbit hopped into the machine. Something happened… the man, the rabbit, and the radiator merged, and the radiation also made his mind… well, pea-brained!

Myron Van Buren (Survival Island): The scariest hunt

Oh well look who we have here: Myron Van Buren! Remember when your Poptropican was being hunted by this mean, scary old man?

Perhaps old MVB was tortured his whole life. So when he grew up, he decided he’d train harder than ever, so that no one could pick on him anymore. But his determination got the best of him. He started out hunting animals, but when that wasn’t enough, he turned to hunting people. He wanted to lash out at innocent Poptropicans too, and that’s how we find ourselves as his quarry!

Black Widow (Counterfeit Island): The power of art

“W O M A N” by Criaha

Oh no! It’s Black Widow! For her I am thinking “Jealous.”

I think that when she was little she was teased because she couldn’t create art. From the classroom to the playground, she was laughed at. This made her hate the beauty of art. Later, she would dress up to blend in with the posh art folks, and of course, that was all part of her plan to backstab the art community with her high profile thefts. Her disguise certainly worked on us at the Counterfeit museum! Oh how she used us.

Next up… Ringmaster Raven? Oh come on, we know his story, don’t we?

Onto the next one…

Director D (Spy Island): Bad hair day

“Director D” by pengu1nsane

Beware for your hair, here comes Director D! Like him, D’s parents were bald. On the island where he lived, bald people were looked down on. D and his family all had to wear toupees just to get their due respect! So when he was older, D joined the spy agency in hopes of training his skills so he could one day get his revenge. Too bad for him, his plans to turn the world bald were foiled by us!

That is it for this post, but before I go, I also want to give a thank you to Maggie — if you are reading this, thank you for mentioning me in your podcast, the Poptropicast! 😄

Let me know in the comments: who’s your favorite Poptropica villain and what’s their backstory? Step in their shoes for a second and imagine how they became the person they are!

Thank you and this is DD popping out! Keep popping, Poptropicans!


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy their guest post on “Why Ringmaster Raven is a real hero.”

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Popspiracy: Are Poptropicans plants? 🥗 Anatomy and eating habits may hold clues

Hey there! Purple Paw back here again, this time with… ah, yes, a closer look at our Poptropican’s insides! Um, excuse me… ahem. That wasn’t a very good introduction. Maybe I should try again.

Nabooti is a strange place. It has viruses and inside-out people.

The question of Poptropicans’ eating habits—and how it ties into their anatomy—was brought up recently on the PHC Discord. It’s something I hadn’t considered much before, but thinking about it now, I wonder why I never did.

Eating is something that every living being does—including Poptropicans. How do I know this? Well, the answer is simple—we see our avatars eating throughout the islands! I can think of a few: Wimpy Wonderland, Escape from Pelican Rock, Survival Ep. 2 (Hook, Line & Sinker) and Survival Ep. 4 (Cabin Fever).

Poptropicans have their share of meals, but not always willingly.

There’s also a big indicator of eating on Virus Hunter Island. As clearly shown on an anatomy chart, Poptropican people have stomachs. And they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t serve a purpose! When you enter Joe Stockman’s stomach, you can even see the chewed-up food he previously ate… yuck.

And it’s clear that Poptropicans must eat plenty of healthy food. How else would they be able to perform the jumping, climbing, swimming, running, flying, and countless other  physical activities they’re asked to do in every single island? Food gives energy and strength, and without it, Poptropicans wouldn’t be nearly as quick or strong. In fact, they wouldn’t be there at all without food! (That is, if they can be qualified as normal beings…)

Up, up and away!

So, you’re most likely thinking by this point, “Well, that’s that then. The question is answered; Poptropicans eat.” But alas, there’s a catch. Something that often leaves me stumped about Poptropican anatomy: Poptropican people don’t have necks. This is one of the most noticeable features of a Poptropican, and one that seems to defy, well, science. How is it possible that a Poptropican’s head could float freely above their shoulders, with nothing connecting it to the rest of their body? How can food reach their stomachs without a neck to pass through?

This official Poptropica anatomy wallpaper shows an absence of necks.

After some sleuthing, I found an important clue on Virus Hunter Island. Anybody who’s managed to fight their way through this tough island will remember traveling up the inside of a neck to reach Joe Stockman’s mouth. Hm, so there is something connecting a Poptropican’s head to the rest of their body… but then how come we never see our Poptropicans’ necks? Is there something making them invisible

What’s connecting the Poptropican’s head to its body?

And another question arises: would food alone be enough to give Poptropicans the energy to jump off buildings and lift boulders, among other seemingly superhuman feats? Is there something missing?

Maybe the final piece of the puzzle can be found in a theory Tall Cactus recently suggested on the PHC. Her idea is that Poptropicans are not people, but a very advanced species of plant. Plantropicans! And—all previous indicators of Poptropicans consuming food aside—she proposes that Poptropicans photosynthesize; meaning that light passes through their invisible plant-stem necks, resulting in plenty of energy. So instead of eating food to keep active, Poptropicans are constantly soaking up the sun, and are always gathering more energy. It’s certainly an interesting theory. 

Though it is slightly absurd, I quite like this idea. It provides an unexpectedly fitting explanation for Poptropicans’ unseen necks as well as their strange and infrequent diets. Yes, I suppose I do think that the reason Poptropicans’ necks are invisible is because they are plants. Wondering what I mean? To fully understand this, let’s take a look at another important clue from Virus Hunter… the size of a Poptropican’s neck.

As Dr. Lange states, when you enter Joe Stockman’s body, you’re nano-sized. In other words, you’re very, very small. And I’m assuming your ship isn’t much bigger. And yet, when you attempt to steer your way up the inside of the neck, your ship tells you that the passage is too narrow; it can’t fit through. Your nano-sized ship is too big. What could this mean? Poptropicans’ necks are miniscule. So small, we can’t even see them!

You may be thinking, “So how does that tie into the theory that Poptropicans are plants?”

That’s just it: I believe that Poptropicans’ necks are so tiny because they’re plant stems. When I first realized how this fits, I actually googled if there was such a thing as an invisible plant stem. Disappointingly, there is not; but there is a type of plant with stems so small, they’re described as “almost invisible.” Since their stem necks are so thin and short, nobody would ever know they were there, unless they looked closely under a magnifying glass. Tall Cactus also adds that this is why Poptropicans’ heads bob up and down: yours would too, if it was supported by just a small stem! This could also be why Poptropicans’ arms and legs are so skinny; they must be stems too, just thicker and stronger. Given all that evidence, it’s becoming less difficult to imagine Poptropicans evolved from plants… 

Did Poptropicans evolve from plants?

So, if Poptropicans do photosynthesize, it could mean that they don’t need food; they have more energy than normal people because they’re constantly collecting it from the sun! That explains all the deserted eateries across the islands… but we can’t forget how many times we have seen Poptropicans eating. They must have some method of digesting human food as well as sunlight (aka plant food). But just what those methods are might be slightly too gross to write about here, so perhaps it’s best to save what’s unspoken for another day. But feel free to share any theories you’ve thought up in the comments!

Plants are just one idea, but I’m sure there are many other interesting explanations for Poptropicans’ diets, necks (or lack thereof), and other anatomical features. (There are also probably plenty of loopholes in this theory left unmended…) Will the mystery of the Poptropican anatomy ever truly be solved? We have yet to know…

Eat up?

Purple Paw 💜