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Popspiracy: Bird Boy and the Dream Machine

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver SwordEnjoy!

Heya, Poptropicans, it’s Silver Sword! Been a while, huh? Last time I shared on the blog, it was in February of 2020! However, this post isn’t about me. This time, I wanna bring up a Poptropica-related theory.

At the end of the revised Monster Carnival Island, Edgar says the next destination for the carnival is Super Villain Island. The same island where four of Poptropica’s most infamous villains were being kept in sleeping chambers. Why on Earth would the carnies be heading there?

Besides the apparent subtext that Bird Boy is caged to be shipped off to the prison at Super Villain, could something else be going on?

Then it hit me: the dream machine. Even though it was partially destroyed at the end of the main island quest, it was still functional. (Spoiler: That’s actually how Zeus was able to be contained in the first place!) There could be parts left over from that machine that would be of use to Bird Boy, aka Ringmaster Raven.

And Raven would be interested because he too has a machine that can control minds. And unlike the machine on Super Villain, I don’t think the one from the circus out of commission just yet. Taken apart for travel, maybe, but not damaged like the dream machine from the prison has been. And with both machines being mind-control related, at least some pieces from each machine might fit together.

You may have convinced Bird Boy to become your friend, but he may still have his original viewpoint on the rest of Poptropica…

I hope you guys enjoyed my little Popspiracy theory. It’s not too far-fetched once you look at the evidence, and having Super Villain Island return would be divine — it’s one of my three all-time favorite islands, tied with Night Watch Island and Virus Hunter Island. 

Slash on, Poptropicans! 

– Silver Sword

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Sword. If you did, you might also enjoy his My Place in Poptropica story.

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Guest Posts, Popspiracy Theories

Popspiracy: The Baron’s Backstory, Part II

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by HeartofEnder. Enjoy!

Heart here! Now when I wrote my Popspiracy on the Baron’s backstory, I wasn’t planning on doing a part two to the theory. However, Red October and the reveal of the Red Queen brought new lore with even more questions, so here we are. Reminder: This is all guesswork gathered from what we know — it’s not canon to Poptropica (yet?).

The Seven Systems, the Resistance, and Astro Knights?

Let’s start with the seven systems. The dark knights guarding the airship mention that the great Red Queen conquered the seven systems, but what even are they? From the Queen’s own words, they seem to be planets in outer space.

But why is there a resistance in the first place? Maybe the seven planets didn’t want to be conquered by the Queen. While conquest can introduce new languages, tools, and culture, it can also destroy the old cultures of the area being conquered. Overall, not a great thing.

Now we move onto the fun stuff — the mention of everyone’s favorite lost island, Astro-Knights. The Red Queen believes that whoever freed Rumpelstiltskin is affiliated with the Astro Knights, suggesting that she has some problems with them. Maybe the Astro Knights are defending the seven systems from being conquered. However, there’s one key piece of info worth remembering.

In Astro-Knights Island, after we gather the three “Astro Knights” (which back then were simply known as the Knights of Arturus) at the Crystal Gate, it’s revealed that the player is the fourth knight.

We also happened to be the ones who freed Rumpel in Fairytale Island. Perhaps sealing away Rumpel was the key to the Queen’s conquest of the seven systems, but since we, the player and potentially the last of the Astro Knights, freed Rumpel, that may mess with the Queen’s plans. This leads to the next question…

Why did the Queen trap Rumpel in the first place?

In my previous Popspiracy, I guessed that the Queen trapped Rumpel because he was causing trouble, but could there be another reason? 

Perhaps Rumpel has some hidden power the Queen wants to use. The royal family doesn’t seem to have any sort of magic, so the Red Queen could have trapped Rumpel on Fairytale Island not for the safety of Poptropica, but for personal gain. 

So why was Rumpel stealing happy endings, kidnapping a king, and possessing a sky pirate? For the first two, it could purely be for revenge. Rumpel is angry the Queen sealed him away, so he gives her family a taste of what happens when you take magical beings for personal gain.

However, kidnapping the Baron could be something different. The Red Queen clearly doesn’t care about the Baron, in fact seeing her as an obstacle. The Baron could be resisting the Queen’s ways. Maybe Rumpel went through a lot of trouble to kidnap the Baron with the hopes of gaining information and possibly working together to stop the Queen. 

Last time I theorized that the Baron simply didn’t like being royalty. But if the Baron resisted the Queen’s ways, that could be a reason for why she’s not royalty anymore. Maybe the Queen disowned the Baron, simply for resisting conquest. Maybe the King and the Prince of Fairytale started fearing the Queen because of such events.

What does the future hold for Fairytale Island?

With all this new info, it seems possible Fairytale Island is connected to Astro-Knights in one way or another. I theorize that as the last of the Astro Knights, the player heads to the seven systems to assist the planets in fighting back against the Queen, with potential assistance from the Baron and Rumpel. We might even get more references to this classic island… anyway, if there’s another fight in space, I’m all up for it. 

When I first started playing Poptropica, the Baron was only an antagonistic character that appeared once on Monkey Wrench and was never seen again. It makes me happy to see characters like her get more of a spotlight. For now, we can only sit back, relax, and prepare for whatever the Pop Creators are up to next…

I hope that you enjoyed this follow-up to my theory on the Baron

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by HeartofEnder. If you did, you might also enjoy her fanfiction series, The Witch’s Heart.

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Guest Posts, Popspiracy Theories

Popspiracy: The Baron’s Backstory

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by HeartofEnder. Enjoy!

Heart here, with a slightly impulsive guest post written shortly after Baronstiltskin’s takeover. With all the new lore, I decided to write up this Popspiracy (Poptropica conspiracy) about the Baron’s potential backstory. Remember: None of this is canon to Poptropica (yet?), so take this with the tiniest grain of salt.

Early Life

The Baron was born on Fairytale Island as a member of the royal family. This was confirmed in the latest Baron visit but has been theorized for a long time. At some point either before or after Baron was born, Rumpel was causing trouble for Poptropica, playing with the world around him. This annoyed the Red Queen, so she locked Rumpel away. 

The Baron didn’t like the whole being part of the royal family thing, so at some point she ran away or announced her departure. Either way, the Royal family seemed fine with that, since we never see them trying to get their daughter back. They likely still have some sort of connection, considering that Thanksgiving picture we saw.

Relationship with Amelia

So the Baron left the royal family, now what? They turned their attention to the thing they loved the most: legends! Were they real or not? Only one way to find out, and that’s to go on an adventure!

The Baron started adventuring, eventually stopping at an island in danger. There she met Amelia and together they saved the island, becoming friends. 

Now what caused their friendship to become sour? Those who played Monkey Wrench Island would know the serious measures she took to come first place in the race. Perhaps before, Amelia and Baron had a friendly race. Amelia won, which angered the Baron so much that she ended their friendship —throwing a literal wrench in Amelia’s plane as revenge for the event that ended their friendship.

Post-Monkey Wrench

After the events of Monkey Wrench, the Baron likely crash landed on the same island we did, or landed in the sea and washed up on the island’s shores — we won’t question things too much here. 

Here, the Baron met Ack and decided to adopt the monkey as her sidekick. While stranded on Monkey Wrench, she did some thinking. Taking revenge on Amelia was not a good idea, so what now? Sure, adventuring brought her money, but were there other options?

And then it hit her. The Baron could make easy money by looting faraway islands of their stuff, and selling them to dedicated adventurers: the players! But first she needed to get off the island.

The monkeys on Monkey Wrench Island were smart enough to plan and build the Poptropica blimp, so together with Ack, they worked to build the Baron an airship.

And so, the Baron began her monthly pop-up shop on Home Island to sell her findings to the players. Soon she was offering to let players assist her on her treasure hunts with The Baron’s Crusade

With various developments surrouding the Baron and Rumpelstiltskin of Fairytale Island since then — including Rumpel’s Challenge ending on a cliffhanger, the side-quest becoming available for all, the shenanigans with the Baron’s Rumpel obsession, going missing, and now returning as Baronstiltskin — it sure seems like Poptropica might finally tie up the loose ends of Fairytale Island. 

I hope you enjoy this little theory of putting pieces together! I couldn’t stop thinking about the new lore we got, so here we are. Love how lore adds so much depth to a virtual world — it’s my favorite thing in games.

Last thing: Chapter 6 of Storm’s Calamity, my Poptropica fanfic series, is now available on Tumblr and Quotev.

Heart out!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by HeartofEnder. If you did, you might also enjoy her fanfiction series, The Witch’s Heart.

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Guest Posts, Popspiracy Theories

Popspiracy: Amelia is a Villain ☕️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dizzy Feather. Enjoy!

Dizzy Feather again, continuing with my theory about the Red Baron and Amelia. (Read part one on why the Baron is not the Queen of Fairytale here!) Anyway, in this post I will be discussing how I believe Amelia is a villain. I know it sounds ridiculous, right? But trust me, it’ll make sense.

Let’s start in Amelia’s clubhouse. Right at the doorway lies my first piece of evidence: the deed to Home Island. Although she says she got it to set up her shop, let’s think about it: who else owns a whole island? I can’t think of one in all of Poptropica, and if you ask me, owning an island sounds like something a villain would love.

On the shelf, we see a tea box with a silhouette of E. Vile, the villain from Legendary Swords. It’s probably nothing, but could it also be a hint of its return? Anyway, let’s get back on track…

In her home, we also see a picture of Amelia holding a trophy, with an angry Baron waving a wrench behind her. Another photo shows Xavier and Amelia flying in the plane we rode on in Monkey Wrench Island.

But look the way Amelia’s looking at Xavier and smiling… is it just me, or does she look nervous, like she just did something she doesn’t want him to know about? I think these two pictures are telling a story: Before we came along, Amelia’s co-pilot was Xavier, and one year during the great race, Amelia threw a wrench in the Baron’s plane, which is why the Baron threw one in Amelia’s later on. If I’m right, could that have been what started their rivalry in the first place?

Now over at the Baron’s cabin, there is a picture of the Baron throwing money from a bank down to a group of Poptropicans. If the Baron was a full-on villain, then why wouldn’t she keep the money for herself? Perhaps the bank was stealing money from the people and the Baron was returning it?

My final piece of evidence is in the Baron’s dialogue. After you complete the Baron’s Crusade, you can ask her three questions. When you ask if it’s just her and Ack, the Baron responds, “Mate, when you’ve been in the game as long as I have, you find trust is hard to come by.” I believe she is referring to Amelia breaking her trust at some point.

The Baron has been labeled the villain in the rivalry, but I believe that is wrong. As it once was said in Mocktropica: “There should be an enemy who’s been hiding in plain sight, but who could it be?” 

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dizzy Feather. If you did, you might also enjoy part one of her theory about how the Red Baron is Not the Queen of Fairytale Island.

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Guest Posts, Popspiracy Theories

Popspiracy: the Red Baron is Not the Queen of Fairytale Island 👸

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dizzy Feather. Enjoy!

Hello everyone, Dizzy Feather here with a theory on Amelia and the Red Baron. I’m going to split this into two parts. This is part one, where I’m going to be discussing the theory of the Queen mentioned at the end of Rumpel’s Challenge being the Baron. You might have heard that theory, but I’m not here to prove it right. I don’t blame you if you think it is — I thought so too, until I played Rumpel’s Challenge.

Let’s get into why I changed my mind, shall we? The picture that stirred it all up was this one from last Thanksgiving:

Some comments on that post suggested it was showing that the Baron was part of the royal family of Fairytale Island, and possibly was even the queen herself. Both the king and prince are crying, which makes sense considering they are afraid of the queen. Overall, this photo is a solid piece of evidence supporting the queen = Baron theory… or is it?

Let’s look at the photo closer, specifically the background. We see a silhouette of the queen and some cats with red glowing eyes. The queen seems to have long pointy eyelashes, but the Baron only has a few black lines for eyelashes like most female Poptropicans. Also, why would there be a silhouette of the queen with the Baron at the same time if they were the same character? Seems kinda pointless to me.

Let’s move on to our next piece of evidence: cats. A while back, the Pop Creators shared concept art of a character for Fairytale Island. Here it is:

The third picture of the character looks like the statue and the silhouette of the queen. But look at the first one: she’s holding a bunch of cats. In the background of the Thanksgiving photo, she is surrounded by cats. So the queen seems to like cats. As for the Baron? We have never seen her with a cat… in fact we’ve only seen her with one pet, Ack the monkey.

Still, need more proof? How about this golden statue of the Baron wearing a crown in the royal treasury of Fairytale Island?

Looks just like her, though she’s wearing a crown here. Meanwhile, the queen gets her own large statue in the middle of the treasury that looks totally different. Considering that most characters in Poptropica keep the same outfit, they are probably two distinct characters. Truthfully, I don’t see the Baron being an exception to this. So my thought is, the Baron is related to the queen, but she isn’t the queen herself.

The queen’s statue is right in the middle of the treasury with the sleeping dragon.

I came to that conclusion after considering what I shared above. You’re welcome to believe otherwise, but I have my mind made up.

Next time, I’ll be sharing my theory on how Amelia is a villain…

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dizzy Feather. If you did, you might also enjoy her Popular Poptropican interview.

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