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Popspiracy: What happens to Poptropica villains after “the end”? ðŸ¦¹â€â™‚️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by White Fox. Enjoy!

Hi! I am White Fox, and this is my first time writing on the Poptropica Help Blog. I want to write about the Poptropica villains—more specifically, what happens to them after you defeat them at the end of an island adventure?

Whatever happened to the Binary Bard, for example, after he had to give up the princess? Did he just float around in space? Enjoy my theories, and do share yours in the comments!

Dr. Hare meets space aliens?

You destroy his Rabbot, and he flies off to space. Then what? Well, he happens to land on Pewter Moon.

He runs into the aliens, thinking they know him because he is such a popular villain (blah, blah, blah)… but they don’t recognize him. One alien tells Hare to talk to their boss. The alien boss freaks out, and accuses the mighty Dr. Hare of being the Binary Bard in disguise. The who-what now?

Hare steals a spaceship (because that is his specialty) and takes off to another galaxy. The door to the next universe closes behind him, and he is stuck on the roof of an obsidian castle.

Binary Bard in a Hare-y situation

You defeat him, take the princess, take the medallion, ya go home. Right? Well, you never actually got rid of the Binary Bard…

When you had to defeat him, he was in a robot suit. After you destroyed his robot suit, he became weak. That ball on his robot was his power force. Too bad he didn’t have someone to help him repair it…

Turns out, being a genius, Dr. Hare could help! Can you believe the guy was watching you solve the problem on the door and fight the Bard? He went inside and saw another weak, evil villain (ahem, that is, a weak villain… Dr. Hare wasn’t weak. *cough* as if *cough*). The Bard told him he could have half of the universe if he helped him.

So, after the robot suit was repaired, and they were just about to split their kingship, poof! They ended up at Erewhon Prison for Super Villains. No one quite knows how they got captured and sent there, but most are glad it happened.

El Mustachio Grande’s gang’s got his back

This Wild West villain was a handful, but eventually you got him back in prison. Thing is, as soon as you take the medallion and ride on outta this island, the trouble begins…

You got him in the iron pen, but what about his gang, y’all? They broke in here once. Y’all were warned, right? The gangster said, and I quote: “Nothing can stop the Grande Gang!” 

Well, the guard was on his lunch break, the Marshal was outta town, and Mustachio had his smoke bombs (and real ones, because that is how he is). So he dropped the smoke signal for: “Get your tushes on your horses and get down here!” The gang broke him out of prison and headed straight for the train, ready to ambush it again. 

Lucky for the regular people, your trusty sidekick Annie Oakley was ridin’ on the train, right down to Dos Cactos. (Oh, I’m sorry, Oakley… I mean the superior friend Annie Oakley. Please put down your spud gun!) Anyway, she managed to shoot them down, but they rode away before she could call the Marshal (you) on ’em.

Heading for the casino in Dos Cactos, the gang happened to run into some lost cattle. Since the gang is not as nice as you are, they didn’t really try to herd them back to the ranch. Once they got to the casino, they were challenged to a shooting contest. They shot down all the targets against everyone. Then they had to face off against Annie Oakley—and no one’s a match for Oakley!

They did not bother her again. She turned them in, but the Pop Police decided they’d better be sent to Erewhon Prison.

Black Widow’s revenge

The Black Widow was a relentless, ruthless villain whose specialty was stealing art and selling it for money.

You were trying to stop her at the same time when a friend-who-you-thought-was-a-traitor-who-turned-out-to-be-a-friend will beg you to stop her before she destroys a million dollars worth of art. Oof. Tough crowd. Well, when you team up, everyone assumes she is done for. You knocked her out. The end. But do you really ever stop her?

Apparently, she hasn’t had her revenge quite yet. Since you have left the island, she plans to get back at the curator for ruining her plans. Her disguise won’t work anymore. But if she could just learn the secrets of where all the art is…

She managed to customize from the assistant curator. Now she looked just like him! In her disguise, she talked to the curator to find out where the art was. But being a smart old lady, the curator noticed something suspicious. She told the Black Widow that she had forgotten what a painting was called and pointed to “The Starry Night,” by Vincent van Gogh. The Black Widow didn’t know the names of art! She just knew how much she could sell it for! She was caught and sent to Erewhon.

That’s all for this post! Share in the comments your theories, plus what villains you would like to hear about next.

White Fox

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by White Fox. If you did, you might also enjoy another Popspiracy guest post that looks at the reverse side: Speculations on Villain Backstories.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you! 📰✨

27 thoughts on “Popspiracy: What happens to Poptropica villains after “the end”? ðŸ¦¹â€â™‚️”

  1. Oh it’s really good for a first time! Interesting idea…you shared the future while I shared the backstory! 😜🙂❤️👍😉

  2. This is a good guest post, saying that it is your first guest post here. I like your theories on what happened next after the Poptropican defeats the villain. Perhaps you can talk about what ever happened to Captain Crawfish after you sunk his ship. I am still wondering about how Dr. Hare went to prison in Super Villain Island if he was somewhere in space.

    1. Captain Crawfish is a good one! Dr Hare’s story was a little confusing, but at least he got to Erewhon!

      1. I have an idea! After he got in space he saw a rocket and then kicked out the astronaut and took the spaceship to earth but he got caught landing and was arrested. Is that nice?

  3. How many ways are there to earn pop coins in pop worlds? I am always so low on them, so could someone tell me how to get more????

      1. Sorry, I don’t know any more ways to earn them…
        Usually I just take an island I know how to win really easily, and win it over and over again, getting pop coins over and over. I am not the Poptropica Worlds master, and i don’t know how to get a lot of coins…
        Hey we have the same logo next to our name!

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