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Popspiracy: The Fate of Dr. Hare in Space 🐰

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Serious Heart. Enjoy!

Hi, guys. It’s Serious Heart. Some of you may recognize me from Dizzy Feather’s Poptropica Blog, and I’m here with a Popspiracy: What happened to Dr. Hare after he was ejected to space?

To start off, why don’t I tell you a little about myself? I first saw advertisements for Poptropica in 2016, but started playing the game in the late summer or early fall of 2020. Anyway, here is the Popspiracy!

(Warning: Contains spoilers for 24 Carrot and Super Villain Island)

Dr. Hare sent to space in 24 Carrot Island

We first saw the game’s mascot, Dr. Hare, in 2008 (14 years ago, WOW) with 24 Carrot Island, and we sent him off to outer space. We know his Rabbot crashed in the desert of Jade Scarab Island, but what happened to the grown, adult man in a bunny suit? Well, we know at some point, he was sent to Erewhon Prison in Super Villain Island. Keep that in mind.

Dr. Hare’s dream in Super Villain Island

Now, I know I’m not the first to think this, but let’s also keep in mind ANOTHER villain that got stranded in space: MORDRED/BINARY BARD. Anyway, what if they crashed into each other in space? And what if they both agreed to rule Poptropica together and that they’d help each other out — but they were planning to betray each other in the end?

But then, Zeus… um, I mean DR. JUPITER, found them and sent them to Erewhon. Whichhhhhh leads up to Super Villain Island. I won’t spoil any more (though I already did with 24 Carrot, shush), so you do the math.

Right or wrong, 24 Carrot must be a decent island to be one of the islands still playable on the map. Goodbye everyone!

अच्छे समय के लिए चीयर्स,
Serious Heart

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Serious Heart. If you did, you might also enjoy other Popspiracy posts we’ve shared on the blog, including a broader dive into “What happens to Poptropica villains after ‘the end’?”

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8 thoughts on “Popspiracy: The Fate of Dr. Hare in Space 🐰”

  1. Yeah, if Dr. Hare and Mordred crashed into each other, imagine their conversation! :
    Dr. Hare: Oh, hey.
    Mordred: Did you try to become all powerful too?
    Dr. Hare. Oh, yeah, totally.
    Mordred: I feel your pain, man.

    1. It was his Rabbot, that was an easter egg in Jade Scarab Island when you’re with Horus.

  2. I still harbor the idea that Erewhon found him stranded in the middle of the desert in the then-undiscovered Jade Scarab

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