Jade Scarab Island Guide


A curse has befallen those looking for the Jade Scarab, can you get to the bottom of it?

Released: April 26, 2022
Preceded by: Goofball Island

Resources on this page: Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Playthrough | Written Walkthrough | Museum | Trivia

Island Extras: PHB Review | Inside Look with Dream Island Designer

Video Playthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough by Slanted Fish
Special thanks to LJ & Linksgames28

Welcome to Jade Scarab Island! Head right and you’ll soon meet the frazzled museum curator, who’ll tell you to catch up inside the museum. This finicky new friend has no time to waste!

Inside the museum, the curator will ask (nay, demand) you to find out what happened to the archaeologist who was meant to bring in the Jade Scarab for the big exhibit. Browse around the museum, and you’ll find all sorts of visitors, including one camel fanatic spitting dubious facts.

Back outside, the curator’s brother Bes will be ready for you with his ride. Hop in, and drive your way through the desert and right to the next scene.

You’ll arrive at the village. Ask around and you’ll hear rumors of a curse, activated by the excavation of the tomb containing the Jade Scarab. As for the camel owner, he’s just hoping someone will spend big bucks for a camel tour so he can feed them. We know just the guy! Take Bes’ car back to the museum and dazzle the camel fan with the opportunity of a lifetime. He’ll be running before you know it.

Drive back to the village and you’ll find him waiting by the camels. Talk to the owner, who’ll release the camels. Off they go! Watch in awe as the camels guzzle up the lake water, drying up the mud and allowing the digsite’s stuck truck to move again. Sadly for them, the machinery breaks down — leaving the tomb entrance now open for you.

Enter the tomb, walk right, and pick up the Hawk Blinder on the ground. It’s about to come in handy! You can’t go further into the tomb because of the rocks in the way, so make your exit.

Back outside, go left and you’ll find a big bird pecking away at some locusts. Use your newfound hawk blinder on the bird, and it’ll fly up and over to its owner. As thanks for bringing his falcon back, the owner will let you use his flying friend, Horus, to help you locate the missing digsite equipment in the desert!

Now playing as Horus the falcon, you can fly around the desert to explore what’s out there. However, what you’re really looking for is just southeast of the village. At this middle-of-nowhere location, you’ll find a Stack of Receipts inside the truck. Once you’ve got it, you’ll head back.

Returning to the village, this time you’ve brought back a working excavator machine, which means the rocks in the tomb can now be cleared. As the foreman chips away at the pile, you can jump into the next part of the tomb and pick up the Charcoal on the ground.

Now use the charcoal with the receipts, and you’ll have to rub the charcoal across all the paper to create a Charcoal Rubbing. If you look closely, you’ll find that the hieroglyphics on the paper matches the art you’re looking at in the tomb! But what does it all mean? The elderly lady in the village will explain: it’s an old story about the Jade Scarab.

Knowing the story, you’ll be able to figure out the order in which to press the pictorial panels. With panel labeling starting from the left, the order is: 1) third panel (famine, pharaoh); 2) fourth panel (gods, scarab); 3) first panel (overnight, life); and 4) second panel (crops, fish).

This will unlock a new area within the tomb, one involving the night sky. However, a piece is missing. Head back outside to the elderly lady, and she’ll tell you her grandson has run off with the object you need to try to catch a cat. Find the kid (and kitty) among the upper market stalls, and once you catch him, he’ll give you the Merkhet (no cat this time, though).

To get past this merkhet puzzle, rotate the sky so the blue star rests at the half-edge of the horizontal line (—), moving the closest merkhet string to touch the blue star. Move the other merkhet string to the other end of the sky. Then rotate the sky so the star travels from one end to the other. Or watch the video above to see how it’s done. Once you’ve got it, the walls will open.

Enter the newly opened area and you’ll find—the Jade Scarab?! Just as you stumble upon it, though, who should appear but the digsite foreman—and it’s not good news. He’ll snatch the scarab, intending to sell it for his personal gain, and lock you inside. 

While you’re still reeling from shock, the cat from earlier shows up for a second, disappearing into the sarcophagus in front of you. Stand on either side of the sarcophagus and push it, revealing a hole into which you can make your escape.

You’ll find yourself in a dark maze lined with hieroglyphs, but you’re not alone. The cat will appear again briefly, guiding the way forward. Follow her steps and keep going until you reach an altar filled with cat idols and… another Jade Scarab! Pick it up and you’ll see that it’s The Genuine Article. Then, head right and hop up the rocks until you find the way out.

A cutscene will play, with the foreman gruffly asking Howard Diggory to pay up for the stolen Jade Scarab. Suddenly, your character will emerge from the ground. But before you can say anything, another shock arrives. The cat, who was there the whole time, suddenly transforms into her true form: the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet! 

She zaps the two corrupt diggers into beetles, saying that the Scarab must be protected. Bastet will commend you for not being as greedy as the other guys, then turn back into a cat, and be lured away by the merchant’s grandson. You’ll skip ahead to the grand opening of the museum’s big exhibit—now with the true Jade Scarab and Bastet’s blessing.

Thanks to you, the museum can now open its display for the genuine Jade Scarab. The curator will award you with your Jade Scarab Medallion. Congrats, you’ve completed Jade Scarab Island!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help Guides! 🏝


  • Jade Scarab Island was designed by Girl Power. It was announced as a winner of Poptropica’s Design Your Dream Island Contest on February 19, 2021. Its original name pre-release was “Secret of the Jade Scarab Island.”
  • The island was released on April 26, 2022 for all players.
  • You can read more about the behind-the-scenes of this island in this exclusive PHB interview with the island’s designer.
  • The plaque for the Jade Scarab in the museum names “Professor L. Girlpower” as the discoverer of the tomb, honoring the island designer, Girl Power, whose real name is Lyndsey.
  • The Museum of Really Old Things is modeled after the the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt, complete with the Egyptian flag on top.
  • The stone panel art of the eye and pyramid on the museum’s exterior bears some resemblance to the Eye of Providence symbol, but in Poptropica’s version, the eye is above and outside of the pyramid.
  • Your character offers a pun at the sarcophagus display in the museum: “Wonder if he knows a good Cairo-practor?” — a play on Cairo, Egypt’s capital, and chiropractor, a spinal healthcare professional.
  • Your character’s reaction to the camel owner’s charge — “Over 9000? That’s crazy!” — may be a reference to the “over 9000” meme from 2006.
  • The “Falafel International” shop opening soon on Main Street is a branch of the falafel shop on Virus Hunter Island.
  • Howard Diggory is named after Howard Carter, who discovered King Tut’s tomb, and Diggory because he’s an archeologist and spends a lot of time digging, according to Girl Power.
  • Horus the falcon shares a name with the falcon-headed Egyptian god.
  • While flying with Horus the falcon, you can see the Pyramid of Khafre, the nearby Queens’ Pyramids, 24 Carrot’s Rabbot crashed and mostly buried, and a mirage of Fairytale Island’s Rumpelstiltskin on a ring float in a pond.
  • You can flirt with the busy businessman on Main Street. He won’t be impressed, though.
  • The kitty resembles Bastet, Egyptian cat goddess, whose icons are seen in the elderly lady’s market stall.
  • There is no common room and Quippy store on this island.


These are the displays from the Museum of Really Old Things. Click to enlarge.

🪲 secret’s out 🪲


66 thoughts on “Jade Scarab Island Guide”

  1. Is it okay if I help write or send in pictures for this walkthrough once the island comes out? It’s okay if not.

    1. The island is not out yet, but was announced as a winner of the 2020 Dream Island Contest, which promised islands designed by fans would be made into the game. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest news on Jade Scarab!

    1. From the guide: To get past this merkhet puzzle, rotate the sky so the blue star rests at the half-edge of the horizontal line (—), moving the closest merkhet string to touch the blue star. Move the other merkhet string to the other end of the sky. Then rotate the sky so the star travels from one end to the other. Or watch the video above to see how it’s done!

  2. does anyone know how to get past the part that you have to use the merkhet to track the blue star? i am stuck. இ௰இ

      1. You have to put each string at each end and when the star comes around it should touch both strings

    1. I did it! You have to let the blue start spin into the two strings then click. But there’s a glitch afterwards. It won’t let you pass after the cutscene. It’s a weird glitch

      1. Don’t ask, just don’t, I have PLENTY of virusis on poptropica, HA! Jk, Timmy Failture, this game, Mr. Gross Rumble skin’s game (Completed ethier way), Fairy Tale island, AND THAT’S IT! #WhichTeam AreUon?MyTeamOrTHEIRteam?

    2. So, in order to pass the merkhet, all you have to do is line up the two tools apart to follow where the blue star would rotate!

  3. I already started playing this island. Being in India and time zone and stuff I get early access !!😁😀

    1. Ah, dear friend, I regret to inform you that a lot of people from North America have already played the island, as it has been released for the entire day for us. I cannot speak for people living on the other continents, however. My point is that you have not got early access, however, perhaps by saying this, I am ruining your moment.

    2. The island is released at the same moment around the world. Depending on where you live, you might have an advantage in finding time to play it sooner. That generally applies to North America because Poptropica releases updates in their waking hours.

  4. I completed Jade Scarab Island without any help and I figured it out all by myself. Has anyone else figured it out without any help?

  5. The simplest way of explaining how to get past the merkhet level is to move the star at the half-edge of the line with the merkhet on the right side. (line it up), The same on the left side put the merkhet (even the star) and line it up and the walls will open. (Make sure the merkhet is lining up with the star and I promise the wall will open).

    1. I have super easy but my favorite island so far! I’m so exided for new islands but my brother isn’t because he misses the islands deleated with Microsoft.

      1. Again, thank you for the support, I usually don’t get noticed a whole lot, and I also was surprised when my username was shown on the walkthrough page (Jade Scarab Island Guide). Mostly my grammar and my text would usually won’t make sense unless I use Grammarly. But then again I just thought that I needed to show a huge thanks for the thanks you are giving me, I have never been so glad and proud of myself for being a special thanks. Have a good day and keep doing what you are doing for the Poptropica blog.

  6. I noticed on the map that the progress bar isn’t full. There is still a tiny bit left even though I have the medalion

    1. Yeah I’ve noticed that too hopefully they fix that, but at least the medalion is shown when you chick on the island

      1. If you do do it the right way, your player will just shrug and say ‘Lucky guess…’. But then my game gets stuck so I have to restart so I think it’s better to go to the old lady.

  7. o.0 You guys included my playthrough video on the guide!! I’m so flattered thank you! Apologies for the bad voice acting lol

  8. Wow! This Island Is Great! But… I have noticed, that the progress bar still isn’t full, even though I have completed the island and got the medallion. Could there be a side quest?

  9. Lol when I was first playing the island I searched up the help blog (that we are on right now) and It didn’t load properly on my computer so it only showed the images with no words so I completed the jade scarab following the blog images without any words!!!🤣😂 that’s why I was going to ask slanted fish why they “posted a blog that has no words and only images” and going to say that “ I don’t like the new version of the blog” (sorry that’s not true) anyway that’s why it took me a while to finish the island hahaha

    1. Your computer loaded it fine — we originally just had the pictures before the text was ready! We figured getting part of it up first was better than nothing, and it’s great that you were able to figure it out with just the pics. 😄 Anyway, the full guide is up now!

      1. OMG OMG, SLANTED FISH, PLS, OH PLS! I AM YOUR 1# FAN WHEN IT COMES TO THIS TYPE OF STUFF ! YOU. ARE. OUR. MASTER. PLS! 🫡 did I just say that in public? OK. basicly I’ll follow your orders just…PLEASE!!!

  10. Is anyone else getting a thing where the island progress bar isn’t showing as full once you get the medallion?

      1. Same. My sister entered a comment of the same glitch on the fairytale island walkthrough but I honestly think it’s because the fairytale island story is never ending… (especially with the Red Queen and Rumpelstiltskin)

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