Survival Island Guide


Miles from civilization, it’s just you against nature. Can you survive in the wilderness and find your way back home?

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Released: March 20, 2014 (for members)
or April 17, 2014 (for all)
Common Room: N/A
Preceded by: Monster Carnival Island
Succeeded by: Mission Atlantis Island

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Island Extras

Episodic Synopses

[Episode 1: Crash Landing] Night has fallen and the temperature is dropping. Alone in the forests of the Yukon, you must find a way to build a fire — but time is running out.

[Episode 2: Hook, Line and Sinker] With no help in sight, your hunger threatens to overtake you. Can you catch your next meal under the ice — or will you become fish food?

[Episode 3: Distress Signal] A broken radio. A chance for rescue. Send a distress call if you can, but beware of who might be listening!

[Episode 4: Cabin Fever] Your rescuer offers a hot meal and a comfy bed, but you’re not his guest – you’re a prisoner. Can you escape the wilderness lodge before his next hunt begins?!

[Episode 5: Escape!] The hunt is on! In the darkness before dawn, can you turn the tables on your pursuer and escape the woods once and for all?

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written and pictures taken by Samwow5 & HPuterpop
Special thanks to: Pixel, Slanted Fish, & Brave Tomato

Table of Contents

  1. Episode 1: Crash Landing
  2. Episode 2: Hook, Line, and Sinker
  3. Episode 3: Distress Signal
  4. Episode 4: Cabin Fever
  5. Episode 5: Escape!

Episode 1: Crash Landing

It’s a dark and stormy night… you’re riding in your blimp, and a thunderstorm is raging all around you. Disaster strikes, and the next thing you know, you’re stuck in a tree. You’ve got to get out immediately and start a fire to warm yourself up. Click on your parachute, and you’ll descend onto the snow.


Tip: If you don’t move for a long period of time, your temperature will drop. To keep your temperature up, run around so you don’t get too cold.


Throughout the island, you can pick up multiple handbook pages that will give you hints for starting your campfire. Even though there is no need to find all the pages because this guide will explain everything you need to do, here are pictures of all the handbook pages for record:

Anyway, once you’re on the snow, move left and pick up the Survival Handbook.

Next, hop up and scare the woodpecker away. Follow the woodpecker’s pecking sound (or use the picture below to trace his path). Jump onto the weak-looking branch attached to the dead tree. It will break, and you can pick up the fallen Logs. Keep following the woodpecker until it reaches the branch where a squirrel is sitting. Click on the squirrel to make him go inside the tree. When it hears the terribly loud sound that the woodpecker is making, the squirrel will jump off, and you can pick up the Nest.

woodspecker copy

Go right to the next area, run to the right, and pick up the Wet Kindling.


After you take the Wet Kindling, go to the next area. Run across the fallen tree and hop into the hole. Go left and pick up the Mittens. These will keep your body temperature warmer, so put them on!


Now go left to the area left of Main Street (where the woodpecker was). When you get there, put on your Mittens (if you haven’t already) and run to the left. Click on the axe sticking out of the stump. Your mittens will give you a grip on the Axe Handle and you’ll be able to pull it out.


Next, climb the trees until you find a green parachute backpack hanging on a branch that’s slightly out of reach. Jump up and pull the backpack handle down. Now you’ll be able to climb up to the the branch and continue to the right.


You will find a backpack hanging on a limb. Click on the backpack and an object will fall out onto the snowy ground. Climb down and click on the hole in the snow. Dig through the snow with your mittens to obtain the Striker.


After you find the Striker, run back to the far right area (where you found the mittens).


Now equip the Axe Handle and click on the boulder on the far right. It will roll down the hill and reveal a secret cave. Next to the cave entrance is a sparkling piece of Flint for you to take.


Enter the cave. A bear is sleeping inside! This part is tricky — the bear is hidden in the darkness, but there are two hidden platforms above the bear that you need to hop onto so that you won’t disturb its slumber. Watch where the dripping water lands; that’s where the hidden platforms are located. Here’s a picture for reference (the eyes indicate where the bear is):

scaryplatforms copy

Once you’ve made it safely across, continue onwards to the far right and pick up the Dry Kindling.


Jump over the bear a second time and exit the cave. With the Axe Handle equipped, push the boulder further down the hill.


Go behind the boulder and click on the fire symbol on the bottom left of the screen. Use your mittens to clear the snow off the ground. Put the nest down and strike it (with the Striker). Next, click on “blow on the fire”, then put the Dry Kindling down (far left). Lastly, place the Logs on top.

stepstocomplete copy

A fire will successfully start up, and at this point, you’ll be awarded the Island Medallion for Survival: Episode 1! Congrats!

You’ve survived the night, but what happens next? After you click on “to be continued”, binoculars zoom in on you, revealing that you’re not alone – but who’s behind the binoculars?

Episode 2: Hook, Line, and Sinker

After you complete episode 1 of Survival, you will watch a cutscene of you climbing down the cliff (in the first episode, you could fall off of it). Throughout the island, you will find multiple handbook pages that will help you on your quest, but they are optional. If you would like an extra reference, the pages are archived below.

In the first area (the place where you arrive), there will be 3 Handbook Pages, a Fishing Suit, Pillbugs, and the Worms (be sure to get the worms, as they are essential in completing the quest)! The graphic below will show you where to get all this stuff. Click to enlarge the image.


It seems like the Fishing Suit is optional, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.


Anyway, after collecting all these items, go to this log on the left side of the first area (see picture below). Go ahead and click on it, and it will roll over! Once it rolls over, hop down into it and go to the next area to the left.


When you get to the next area, you’ll see a beaver’s nest with a hook inside! You won’t be able to reach it because of the level of the freezing water. To lower the water level, jump on the dam to shake up the soil and open the holes to release the water.

The beavers will try to plug the holes back, so jump on the wood floating above the beavers to knock them on their head, and make them go away. They will continue to come back after some time, so keep them away from the holes until the dam is drained. Remember not to freeze in the cold water!


Once the water has drained, take the Hook from the nest. Next, go left and until you see this rock (see image below). Roll it over and take the Grubs you find!


Continue to the next area and grab the Fishing Pole from the top branch of the first tree you see.


Jump across the frozen river using the two springy branches above it, and then push the flat rock over to right until it fits into this nearby hole.


Find the broken branch to the left of the area and push it down making a bridge.


Run across and push the boulder down the hill, breaking the ice that had been covering the frozen river. Now you can continue left.


When you get there, push over all the weakened tree trunks from the first up to the last. The last one will fall into the water below and make a raft. Jump onto it to float out into the middle of the river. When you reach the tree with the shoe stuck in it, jump up and obtain the Shoelace!


Go to the very left of the area, and jump onto the highest branch of the tree that has a shoe stuck inside it.


Position yourself right next to the opening of the tree, then go to your inventory and click “Use” on the shoelace to add it to the fishing pole. Next, click “Use” on the hook to add that as well.

Now equip the fishing pole and press the space bar to drop it down where the shoe is stuck in the tree. Once you pull it up, you’ll have another Shoelace!


Now, return to the river with fish in it, and click “Use” on the second shoelace, combining it with the fishing pole. Now click “Use” on the worms from earlier, and press the space bar next to the river.


The fish will gather around the hook, and after one of the fish bites down on it, press the space bar again to pull it back up. Success! You’ve found food for yourself and have completed Episode 2! Enjoy your Island Medallion!


Next, you’ll be shown a cutscene of a surveillance camera zooming out, hidden in the trees. Another scene will be shown, with multiple camera views being shown on a big screen. Who is behind these mysterious activities?

Episode 3: Distress Signal

The third episode will start with a cutscene showing an abandoned radio tower. Once it’s over, you’ll be told the premise: You’ve found an old radio antenna. Now find a way to call for help!


You’ll find a Hard Hat stuck inside a hollow tree trunk — to get it out, climb into the top of the tree, sliding down and obtaining the hat.


After getting the Hard Hat, run to the right side of the area, and pick up the Wires! Once you’ve got them, continue right to the next area.


Now, climb the trees and venture inside the wrecked plane to obtain the clipboard of papers called the Manifest. Continue left inside the plane and click on the radio. The plane will shake and fall down a level on the trees, and you will fall out the plane. The plane is at an angle so you can’t get back inside (not until later, anyway). After falling out, continue right.


Jump on the unattached wing on the right side and fling it into the river as a bridge.

Now, here’s the tricky part. Stand on the left side of the wing and watch it tilt, and when it finishes tilting up, run full speed to the right and jump, trying to make it onto the land on the right side. This may take a couple of tries. Once you make it, continue right to the next area.


Next, run right and climb the tree with the box of lemons attached, then go inside the storage unit of the plane that’s lodged between some tree branches. Inside, click on the box to obtain a Galvanized Nail.


Jump down and land on a nearby branch. Pick up the Pocket Knife stuck in the branch.


Go back to the tree with the box of lemons and climb up to the branch with the rope attached. Use the cutting blade from the pocket knife to detach the limb. Now jump on the limb and push it all the way down to the ground.

You can then use the pocket knife’s cutting blade again to cut the rope attached to the limb, which will smash the box of lemons to the ground. Pick up a Lemon. (If you find that you can’t click on the lemon no matter what, try going to another scene, such as the nearby ad street, and then coming back. It will have reset, and now you should be able to pick up the lemon.)


Run left and make your way back to the river. Stand beside the tree with the weakened trunk and use the cutting blade on it, making it fall into the river.


Click on the bag attached to the tree and sort through the coins inside until you find a Copper Penny from 1981. (They stopped making pennies out of copper in 1982.) Once you’ve got it, head left.


Return to the tree branch where the top part of the plane is stuck (the branch that’s just underneath the part that says ‘Mews Airlines’) and use the cutting blade. The plane will fall once more, and now you can go inside and get the Radio. As soon as you do, the plane will fall further down, taking you with it. Climb up the chairs to get out. The plane will crash into the ravine below.


At this point, you have all the materials to assemble your radio. Go into your inventory and “Assemble” the Radio. First, drag the penny and the nail into the lemon. Next, put the red wire on the penny, and finally, the black wire on the nail. Flip the switch on – and now the radio works!

(Sometimes, the wires that are necessary to fix it don’t show up. If this happens, try logging out and back in, then trying to assemble it on a different scene. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to restart the episode and assemble the radio in a different area than the radio tower.)


Head left and return to the radio tower. Take the Note attached to the center battery (located next to where you got the wires earlier), and then click on the lever to lower the steps to the radio tower.


Climb up the steps, then detach the loose cap on the platform you’re standing on. Use the Screwdriver head from your Pocket Knife to unscrew the cap on the left side and push it off.


You can then stand on the left side of the platform to make it lean upwards. Using the slope, quickly jump onto the pulley above, and then quickly jump to the next platform. If you wait too long while on the pulley, it will pull all the way down, and you won’t be able to reach the platform.


Half of the next platform’s ladder falls off, so you’ll need to unscrew those caps as well.


After this, just a bit more climbing will do. Continue up the ladder, then the satellite dishes, then another platform, then a rope and ladder, until you reach the top. When you reach the top, you’ll have all five bars on the connection signal in the lower-left corner. Now, go to your inventory and click “Use” on your now-functioning radio…

A cutscene will follow, where a mysterious “Myron van Buren” receives your call for help and sends a helicopter over.


You’ll receive the Island Medallion for Episode 3 of Survival. Congrats! Then you climb on the helicopter… sent by Myron Van Buren… MVB?


Episode 4: Cabin Fever

The episode starts with you and Myron Van Buren jumping off the plane that picked you up in episode 3. He then leads you inside his home.


Once inside, he will explain that he is the biggest game hunter in the world. He tells you that he’s going to go on a hunt tomorrow, and that you’re going with him. When you try to back out, he insists that you come. He then tells you to meet him in the Trophy Room, which is the door on the bottom right.


You’ll find him waiting for you in the room, so click on him to get started on the tour. After passing by a couple of animals, you’ll see an old man sitting on a pedestal, not moving! When he makes it to the man, the man jumps off the pedestal and it’s revealed to be a joke. The old man is Van Buren’s assistant, Winston.


Next, click Van Buren once more and he’ll show you his bust, fashioned to his liking, complete with a small button that, when pressed, plays on audio clip of Van Buren saying the family rallying cry “Tally-Ho”. While talking, the alligator head hanging on the wall with fall off slightly. Van Buren blames his taxidermist, and then asks Winston to tell the chef to prepare a meal. You can then leave the Trophy Room.


Once back in the Main Hall, continue to the Banquet Room on the bottom left of the page. You’ll then start eating your steak. It doesn’t taste quite right, and soon you pass out in your chair. You will wake up in a bedroom just as Winston locks the door. He then walks out of the room.


First, you’ll need to click the sparkling Bear Claw on the bear’s right hand. After that, you will need to click the red lamp below the poster on the wall, shining a red light on the poster and revealing a secret message: “You are not alone”.

Next, click the red lamp again to turn it off, and click the blue lamp to reveal even more: “Meet me in the woods. Security code:”. Lastly, click the yellow lamp in the center to turn it off and click the red lamp once more to turn it on and reveal the Security Code: “0451”, along with the mysterious initials M.M. (perhaps it’s Max McGullicutty, from the Manifest in episode 3?)


Now, use the bear claw and click on the locked door to pick it open. There are security cameras outside the door, so click the plants to hide behind them while the cameras aren’t looking. After the first camera, jump onto the walrus and wait for the next camera to move out of spotting sight. Then jump behind the second plant.


Once it’s passed, jump out and click the “On” button turning the security off. Then, continue back into the Main Hall.


Upon arriving, make your way down the stairs and jump onto the mantel of the fireplace. You can then jump onto the moose’s head, making it budge. Two more jumps and it will fall off! It will reveal a secret compartment with a key inside. Collect the Trophy Room Key.


Now, jump off the mantel and head towards the Trophy Room door. Next, use the Trophy Room Key to go inside. First, pick up the Spear that’s next to the rhinoceros. Next, jump onto the rhino, and then the animal heads. The hyena head will break off. Now, jump onto Van Buren’s bust and then onto the bouncy elephant’s trunk.

Land on the alligator head, which will fall and bust the bust (hehe). The remains will be a pedestal and an audio box containing a Voice Recording. Pick it up, then return to the Main Hall.


Now, go inside the Banquet Room once more. This time, you’ll need to stay clear of the sleeping chef on the left side of the room. If you walk too close, she’ll catch you and send you back to your room.

Before anything else, take the Empty Pitcher off of the center of the table (don’t worry, it’s not close enough for the chef to wake up) and then turn on the sink faucet by clicking it.

The chef will wake up and slowly walk towards you, so quickly go into your inventory and use the pitcher, filling it up so you get a Full Pitcher. Then, jump into the plant next to the sink and wait for the chef to pass.


As soon as she passes, jump out of the plant and go to the left side of the room. Pick up the Tainted Meat from on top of the cutting board, then quickly jump into the nearest plant on the table and wait for her to pass once more. When she returns to sleeping, you can get out and exit the room.


Return to the fireplace and use the full pitcher to put out the fire. Then, click the candle on the right side of the fireplace to pull it down and reveal a secret passage behind the walls. You’ll need to get to the door of Van Buren’s room behind the walls so that Winston, who is guarding the door, won’t notice. But, before you do so, you’ll need to distract him.

Walk over to the horn next to the goat and click it, making a sound and distracting Winston. Quickly run back over to the fireplace and click on the passageway to go inside. Climb the stairs and click the Van Buren picture to open the exit of the passageway. You can then enter Van Buren’s room.


Once inside his room, open the door leading to his sleeping area. You can’t step on the bare floor or anything without padding, so jump on the animal heads to make your way through. Once you land on the tiger rug, use the spear to snatch the Armory Key from the hook on the bed.


Now, exit the way you came. Once you make it to the Main Hall, Winston is nowhere to be found. Return to the Trophy Room. You will then need to use the Armory Key that you got from MVB’s bedroom on the glass case near the right side of the room. After opening it, you can snatch the Night Vision Goggles from inside and optionally Costumize the cool outfit if you want to. Now, return to the Main Hall.


On the left side of the room, you’ll find the security door. First, use the Voice Recording to authorize the voice check (“tally ho!”). Then use the code you discovered beforehand, “0451”, to authorize the security code. The door will then open, and you can go outside.


When you get outside, put on your night vision goggles so you can see. You’ll need to stay clear of the center on the scene, because a guard dog is waiting there. Instead, climb the tree next to you and stand on the branch that’s right over the dog house. Use the tainted meat to throw it down next to the dog house. The dog will eat it and fall asleep. You can then get past.


When you reach the exit, go left. Congratulations! You will win the episode 4 medallion!

But wait – right before you escape, Van Buren and his butler appear and walk toward you. They will then explain that the quarry for the hunt is going to be you! The episode ends with you running away from Van Buren and Winston.


Episode 5: Escape!

Starting where the previous episode left off, the episode begins with a chase between you and Van Buren. Your goal: survive!


Click in the upper half of your screen to jump over things like puddles & bushes, and click anywhere in the lower half to crouch under tree limbs. You can view your distance to Van Buren at the bottom of the screen. Once you get to the end of the path, you’ll fall into an unexpected hole masked by leaves. By the time Van Buren and his team catch up, you’re nowhere to be seen. They leave to set up camp.


You’ll land in an underground room, unconscious. Someone says they finally have you, then steps into the screen. Instead of Van Buren, however, a new rough-looking character will appear. He tells you that his name is Max McGullicutty, and you realize that he was the one who had left hints throughout your journey! He tells you that he wants to take Buren down once and for all. In order to do that, you’ll need to collect 3 things: a rope, a gear, and a whistle.


Before you head back outside to collect these items, climb down into the room under the room you’re in, and pick up the Fishing Pole that’s leaning on some crates. Now, head outside.


When you get outside, you’ll notice that Van Buren is patrolling the left side, and one of his watch dogs is patrolling on the right. You don’t need to mess with them now, so go on to the next scene to the right. Once there, go right again. In this area, climb out of the tunnel and jump over the trap onto the log. Jump into the water and swim across to the bouncy branches.


Jump up the bouncy branches, then veer left over the second trap. Once on solid ground, wait until the second watch dog is walking towards you. Then, jump into the sling shot contraption next to you to spring yourself over the dog. Continue right before the dog realizes that you got past, and jump over the third trap.


Next, jump down the waterfall. At the bottom, you’ll find a beaver (from episode 2 – remember?) who is trapped in a cage. Click the gear on the top to open the door and free the beaver. You’ll obtain the Gear.


Return to the top of the waterfall. At this point, you can go ahead and allow the dog to notice you. You’ll get caught, but starting over will return you to the start of the scene while still letting you keep the gear. (Van Buren has a creepy smile.)


Now, return to the base camp. You’ll need to keep track of Van Buren, and whenever he’s facing away from your exit, climb out and follow him, jumping over the pile of sticks to avoid being heard. When he stops, jump onto the limb above you, taking care not to disturb the woodpecker.

Continue up, and make your way to the other side (remember to not disturb any woodpeckers!). Once you reach the farthest branch, scooch to the very edge and equip your fishing pole. Then press spacebar to let it down and snatch the gleaming Whistle hanging by the tent entrance. You can then jump off and get caught by the dog. Once again, it will return you to the opening of the hideout with the whistle still in your inventory.


Now, go back to the scene next to the base. You won’t be able to reach the hole in the tunnel to get outside, so click the rock next to the opening to flip it over. Once you have it leaning against the original rock, you can go ahead and climb out – but only onto the left side, as a watch dog is on the other.


Once there, climb up the rock platform with the waterfall pouring on it. Don’t climb too far though, as a trapped and angry bear awaits you at the end. Once you’re up a couple of levels, use the whistle. The dog will run over and stand for a while, puzzled. You need to quickly jump off onto the right side of the scene and push the rock that you’ll find to the right (just push it once).

Then, jump back down into your hole. Repeat this until the rock is leaning on another rock. (Don’t worry if you get caught – the rock does not return to its original position when you start over.)


Climb to the next platform, and then the next. You’ll then need to the push the next rock over a couple of times so you can get to the next platform. Once there, click the weakened tree trunk to push it over, creating a bridge to a spot over the trapped bear.

You can walk out onto a tree limb, letting you reach the end of the rope that is trapping the bear. Click the rope to untie it, letting the bear go back inside his home. Jump down in front of the cave entrance to pick up the Rope. You can now return to the base.


Go left past the base into the next scene: the sawmill. Once there, you’ll find yourself at the end of the tunnel. Wait for Van Buren to turn his back on the tunnel, then jump out and head inside the sawmill.


The first thing you need to do is use the gear, attaching it to the big red gear. Next, use the big water tread to get up to the second floor. Run down the stairs and push the crate down to the first floor. Finally, use the rope to attach it to the gear and set the trap.


Blow your whistle to get Van Buren’s attention – you look over to where he usually stands guard, but he’s nowhere to be seen. When you look back, Van Buren is behind you! He traps you inside the crate that was intended for you, then explains why he likes to hunt humans – for the fun of it! He pulls back his arrow and gets ready to fire…


Until Max McGullicutty rides into the scene on the back of the bear that you freed earlier! The bear breaks the crate and you’re free – but Van Buren thinks that his shot is good enough! You’re not going to wait for that to happen – so you jump and push him onto the water tread. Two beavers decide to deliver some revenge too – every time he goes underwater, he get slapped in the face twice!


At this point, you’ll win the island medallion! Congratulations, you’ve completed Survival Island! You’ll fly off in the sunset with your new friend Max, while Van Buren is left out in the wilderness – talk about a taste of his own medicine!


The Survival series now comes to a close. If you’re looking for a video walkthrough or more info about the island, check out the PHB’s Survival Island trivia page. 😀

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section.


  • Survival Island is Poptropica’s 38th island. It is the first island to be released episodically, meaning that new chapters (episodes) will be released over time so that we won’t have to wait so long for a new Poptropica adventure. The first episode (Crash Landing) was released to members on March 20, 2014 and April 17, 2014 for everyone.
  • Survival Island is the first island to have no common room.
  • According to the official description, the island takes place in the Yukon, which is in Canada.
  • This island appears to focus on the conflict of man versus nature.
  • One of the handbook pages is titled “Can’t start a fire without a spark” – a line in the Bruce Springsteen song “Dancing in the Dark”.
  • The Wet Kindling you can pick up in Episode 1 is actually not needed and can’t be used, since what you need for your fire is the Dry Kindling in the bear cave.
  • There’s a cutscene at the beginning of the island where your blimp crashes in the thunderstorm, which is the first time the blimp has played a role other than transporting you from island to island.
  • At the start of Ep 2, you climb down the cliff you could jump off of in Ep 1. The chunk of wood you can throw off the edge of the far left cliff in Episode 1 awaits you on the ground in the first area of Episode 2.
  • The crashed plane in Episode 3 is labeled “Mews Airlines”, a reference to the Mews Foundation, first seen on Cryptids Island.
  • In Episode 3, when you search through the bag of coins, there’s a coin worth “10 Twitcoins”, a spoof of Bitcoin currency. This coin is dated 2014, the year Survival was released. The motto on the coin is “vires in absurdum” (Latin for ‘strength in the absurd’), also a spoof for the motto on Bitcoins, “vires in numeris” (‘strength in numbers’).
  • American pennies stopped being made out of copper in 1982. This is reflected in Episode 3, when you need a copper penny made in 1981 to help you assemble a radio.
  • The Pocket Knife you find on a tree branch in episode 3 is a Victorinox Swiss army knife. However, the logo has a “P” in it for Poptropica.
  • In Episode 3, the detached plane wing by the river says “MLP4VR”, which may mean “My Little Pony forever”.
  • Starting from Episode 4, the plot is loosely based on the 1924 short story The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell (click here to read it). In it, the big-game hunter General Zaroff intends to hunt humans who end up on his island, much like Myron Van Buren of Survival Island. The story is referenced in a newspaper clipping found on the wall of Van Buren’s trophy room, which says: “Myron Van Buren, the last descendent of the legendary Van Buren hunting family, continues his family’s quest to seek out ever more dangerous game.”
  • The passcode in the cabin is 0451, which may be a reference to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, a classic novel about burning books.
  • “Cabin Fever” is the name of the 6th Diary of a Wimpy Kid book (by Poptropica Creator Jeff Kinney) as well as the title of the 4th episode of Survival Island.
  • The pitcher from Episode 4 says “Jon” on it, a reference to Poptropica Creator Jonathan Pitcher.
  • Myron Van Buren bears a striking resemblance to the hunter in the classic film Jumanji. As if the similarity in appearance weren’t enough, the angry Jumanji hunter’s name is Van Pelt!
  • The Van Buren family crest displayed in the cabin says “virtus tentamin gaudet,” Latin for “strength rejoices in the challenge.”
  • The sawmill in Episode 5 has a sign that reads “Bunyan Mill”, likely a reference to Paul Bunyan, a giant lumberjack of American folklore.
  • Members get an additional Survival gear pack. Wind Power, Ghillie Suit, and Rhino Costume are available now.

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    Hey, can I use some of you guys’ pics? They’re very helpful, especially the one where you can’t wake up the hibernating bear. I’ll give you guys credit.
    P/S: I’m finisher #427. What about you guys? c:

  5. doctor geek says:

    you get hungry in the next part, and then you go deep sea fishing. ( poptropica crew say-With no help in sight, your hunger threatens to overtake you. Can you catch your next meal under the ice — or will you become fish food?

      • Silver Noodle says:

        For the entirety of episode four, all i heard was the music, birds tweeting, and a weird noise like a machine. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Also all the sound was delayed. I hate these bugs…Plus the new format doesn’t fit on my screen. Annoying much?

  6. Calm Sinker says:

    End = Soo creepy! Also the island is like buggy> your right popgirl112! But otherwise great island! Hope I don’t glitch out on this island like Monster carnival! Great Guide> Helpful!

  7. Serious Panda says:

    HP, for the guide on the bear part, look at where the water is dripping and you can see it dropping on 2 places in the air, that’s where the platforms are. The end creeped me out too!

  8. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    I was wondering if I could use the Hummingbird Chase Picture in my guide? I’ll credit, I would just like to have a picture like that d:

  9. Aurora Glaze says:

    I hope they release this to everyone soon. Then the people who either can’t afford, won’t buy, or have parents who either can’t afford or won’t buy it will be able to play it.

  10. Fearless Hawk says:

    How is the Yukon scary compared to the top of Everest? Just asking i mean you can survive Arctic waters in S.O.S. island.

  11. Clean shell - that is sure creepy! says:

    the ending creeped me out @__@ i muted the music so that i wont here the scary sound

  12. SP says:

    Kewl walkthrough.:DThankfully,it’s coming out for non-members soon.. Does anyone know when Mission Atlantis is coming out? :p These episode islands seem to be longer than I thought…I thought maybe each episode would be like a mini-quest length but apparently not.And the ending seems pretty creepy to me…and based on the music the mystery binocular person might have been stalking us since we arrived on the island. ‘-‘

  13. Oumar says:

    I thought about episode 2. This Episode Is Called – Survivors Of War: You were resting, but the next thing you’ll know is this – You’ve been put into a warm place, thanks to a 20-year-old lady named Ashley Armstrong. She will tell you about the Destroyers (people who brainwash the gods). As you go out, Ashley follows you. She takes you to a safe place where The Armstrong Family are. Oh, People of The Armstrong Family – Hayden Armstrong, Peter Armstrong, Zack Armstrong, Henry Armstrong, Ace Armstrong, Donna Armstrong, and Arianna Armstrong (The rest are coming later). But Bad News is, The Destroyers already took over 99% of Poptropica. The battle has already begun.

    – To Be Continue

  14. emily says:

    when i start this island, there is no parachute and i cant get down from the tree. I know it’s a glitch, but how do i fix this?

  15. BabySixxlet says:

    Initially thought the binoculars were snipers but that would only have one thing right RIGHT?!?! P.S. find me on there BabySixxlet

  16. Scary Plug says:

    Finished the 2nd episode! 😀 My rank is #359. ^-^ I experienced a totally weird glitch while playing the island; a fish in the river flew up into the sky! o.O Too bad I didn’t take a screenshot. 😦

  17. CartoonSage says:

    Thinknoodles has a walkthrough with a REALLY funny glitch: put your rod on the ice and it will go up to the TOP of the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL time to go fishing for BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Victoria says:

    When I finish episode one, I click to be continued, then the binoculars thing happens. Then, for some reason, it takes me back to the map. I tried doing the fire part of episode one again, and the same thing happened. It will not let me do episode two. Please help!

    • scarhead11 says:

      Hey Victoria! At the moment only members have early access to Episode 2 of Survival.
      I guess you are not a member so that is why, you go back to the map. I think Episode 2 will be released to everyone soon. 🙂 Hope I helped :3


  19. Perfect Dragon says:

    Ok so I’m at the part where I am supposed to be catching a fish……but every time I cast a line, the fish don’t bite and my character says I must be using the wrong bait, even though I’m using the worms. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  20. Perfect Dragon says:

    lol nevermind I was using the wrong bug after all…..XD
    I love the part where you click the bug and it carves your name into a tree lol

  21. ★ Brave Tomato ★ says:

    I just came back from playing Episode 3….. Oh gosh, I’m scared! O.o how will MVB be villainous??!! What’ll he do?! Eeeeeekk…..

    Well, I think episode 3 is my favorite so far… But I have a feeling 4 or 5 could overshadow it…

  22. Jenna says:

    Nice island. A bit easy though. I’ve been playing Poptropica for, wow, like 4-5 years now and a little disappointed in the easiness of the islands coming out recently. What happened to islands like Counterfeit, Shrink Ray, Red Dragon, or Steamworks? Those were so complicated, but they really took thinking from the players. But for me, Mocktropica and Monster Carnival were major let downs, and Survival and Atlantis are way too easy. I don’t know, something about Mocktropica… just the way it was layed out… it made me quite aggravated at the creators. And it was so buggy. In my opinion, it was their worst island by far. Anyone else missing the old islands?

  23. Squeezy Paw says:

    My poptropica name is Squeezy Paw,my membership just expired,so i have to wait for some days to play Distress Signal

  24. Invisible Raptor says:

    On the radio tower, you can already tell which part of the ladder is gonna fall off… It is the rusted part…

  25. Shiny Crush says:

    Ok, I’m searching all over the internet to find this one question… on survival island part 3, what happens if you can’t plug in the wires to your lemon with a nail and penny on it to the radio? Even though it says I have it, it doesn’t show it! I tried restarting and can’t find it still. All the guides I look at have those wires. And there is no Use button on it. Is this a glitch?
    Thanks 4 all of ur help!
    P.S. awesome site :)!

  26. Confused Gamer says:

    I’m in the right area but it keeps being to windy when I make the fire! But im doing everything in the walkthroughs, the wikis, everything! I have even tried re logging!

    • krazyaussie says:

      You have to go left of the boulder. Between the large tree trunk that you can go inside of and the boulder. You will know if it will work because the flag won’t be up in that spot also when you are making the fire there will be some grass surrounding it and if the grass isn’t moving from the wind then you are in the correct spot. Hope this helps! 🙂

  27. striped eagle says:

    I think this is like hunger games cause like in the trailer there was the thing that made the lightning and snow and then there were cameras and people watching them and the cameras were in the trees and you have to try to survive. Anyone agree?

    • HPuterpop says:

      This is a recurring problem with the wires, and it happens with everyone. To avoid it, “assemble” the radio on a different scene than the radio tower. 😉

  28. QuietLion says:

    The binoculars…. it’s like we’re being watched by some perverted guy who was stranded on that island for years and have never seen a female poptropican. He smiles as he watches you sleep, your soft breath slightly making him… well…. that nasty perv.

    • 15wongnh1 says:

      Myron van Buren-50% of the time, he hunts. The other 50%, he’s a pervert.

      Hopefully he didn’t watch you change…*shudder*

      I’m a guy and I still find him creepy. At least he isn’t like the villain he was inspired by, who has a trophy room full of the heads of the people he hunted.

  29. betatowerofyikk says:

    So Im here stranded in the cold and forbidding wilderness facing harsh challenges to survive… and these guys are just standing here.

    • Magic Snowball says:

      BTW- Fishy, you don’t actually need the wet kindling!! It’s a item to trick you! You only need the dry kindling.

  30. Boa1852 says:

    Hi guys. I’m on the iPad and even though I cut the branch, the box of lemons doesn’t break! My poptropican just says “It’s sealed tight” . I even tried using the pocket knife. Anyone experiencing the same thing? Please help!

    Keep on popping,
    Hungry monster

    • Magic Snowball says:

      Leave the area (Go to another area) come back and you should be able to obtain your lemon!!!! Hope I helped 🙂

  31. Jessica D says:

    mine worked on the iphone,it’s hard using iphones and ipo, I want episode 4 to come out cause I am wondering what happens to my poptropican when they got save by mvb when on the note it said ‘do not trust mvb!’

  32. friendly plug says:

    where is the plane wing for a bridge?

    Slanted Fish: If you’re referring to Episode 2, it’s to the right of the area with the rest of the plane’s body.

  33. Hyper Coyote says:

    i got the wires it wont let me get 2 it

    Slanted Fish: Try assembling the radio in a different area.

  34. Jasmine says:

    HELP! When I cut the tree for the lemons the box didn’t break. What do I do??

    Slanted Fish: Cut the rope after you’ve cut the tree limb. See the guide for more details. 🙂

  35. beans frog says:

    i loved how you explained everything well not everything when you told how to build the fire i didn’t get it so i had to go on an all new site to figure it out but otherwise i thought it was very interesting and informational. so thank you.

    Slanted Fish: The fire-making instructions are quite thoroughly explained in the guide, but if you have questions, you can ask here. 😛

  36. NitrogenLemons says:

    Oh my god so much lag and buggyness for me I cant even beat epi. one but that girl was Adorable it looked like she may have been a victim of MVB like, where all victims and hes some creepy kidnapper of teenage women and men that strands them in islands, then saves them to keep them in nitrogen tanks forever like in steamworks O-o

  37. poptropicanlol says:

    i used the walkthrough the whole time for this island except for most of the first episode lol it is like 2 am where i live right now so i should go to bed

  38. Annie says:

    Okay so every time i go to catch the fish I catch 2 and then it just loads for like 20 minutes I’ve tried playing on 3 different computers like 6 times but it just won’t work! Help!!!

      • Friendly Foot says:

        The ending for me was actually pretty satisfactory, but what was creepy was that when the guy helping you came into the screen on the bear, he came but then went backwards! Then I reloaded the page and I apparently got the medal, but MVB wasn’t in the wheel! AHHHH!

  39. ★ Brave Tomato ★ says:

    *after playing Cabin Fever*

    It IS “The Most Dangerous Game”!
    Ohnonononono….this is terrifying…

  40. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    I ranked #958, highest I’ve ever been. Maybe next time I can get a higher rank, but I’ll have to attempt it on my own. One day I hope to get 1st, but the island would have to be super easy because I can’t find out much on my own. 😛

  41. Muddy Kid the Power Retro says:

    If I was a member on Pop and completed Survival Episode 4, the end would be scary! I don’t think anyone would hunt a person. It frights me.

  42. ♫★Scary Plug★♫ says:

    The 4th episode is the best episode by far (in my opinion). If I had that cabin all to myself I would’ve just stayed there tbh. 😛 Also, the lion plush MVB was holding while sleeping is so tiny and cute! :3

    My rank for Cabin Fever is #1401. Poptropica was glitching for me so I had to continue playing on Friday.

    • Brave Dolphin says:

      The part with the cook creeps me out since she’s carry a knife and walks creepily… Also, MVB has a knife under his pillow… I totally agree with BT on this one, this island is definitely creepier than we all thought…

  43. obeyriri says:

    i keep trying to get the grubs but they keep going down in the ground when I get close to them and I keep trying but I cant catch the grubs

  44. Beta says:

    Ack Ack Ack I wonder what he wants! Maybe he’s a thriller killer or, or or ,A old man who wants a young wife/ hubby (IF hes gay ) Or he’ll make us trophys, OR OR OR He’s secretly our dad who needs to protect us from the binocular dude. OR The binocular dude is dead.

  45. Katie says:

    This is just like the story ‘The Most Dangerous Game.’
    MVB was watching your character through the cameras and such to see if you were worthy to be hunted, because he’s tired of hunting animals.

  46. 15wongnh1 says:

    MvB is arguably the darkest villain in Poptropica so far.

    Also, Mews Airlines…wait…Harold Mews? Poor Harold Mews…hopefully he wasn’t on the plane as well.

    You know, what I’d like is that, on the box of lemons, your character examines the crate and notes it’s from Aperture Labs, and it’s a “Combustible Lemon.”

    • Copy Cat says:

      I really hope Mews didn’t die. By the way does it confuse anyone else that on Super Power the villains are in jail there but then on Super Villain they’re in jail there too?

      :0 Make up your mind, folks! Hee hee.

      • ★ Brave Tomato ★ says:

        Tainted meat is spoiled meat.. I mean waaaaay past the due date. It looks like a beef ribeye steak, it just might have some extra e-coli in it…

  47. betatowerofyikk says:

    Ive been on Poptropica since close to the beginning (when 24 Carrot was the newest) and I must say this is the darkest island yet. This guy wants you as a trophy. Hes a (let me spell it out for you) m-u-r-d-e-r-e-r. And the creators dont even try and hide it. He just plain says you are his next hunt. Gee cool. You know. For kids.

    • summer says:

      oh cool I’ve been playing since i was five lol :3 but i made a new account in 2010 and I’ve completed all the islands. i remember playing shark tooth island and i remember them advertising time tangled island. holy throwback XD

  48. 15wongnh1 says:

    Well, Part 4 was fun.

    Also, Van Buren has a crossbow. I have a crossbow as well.

    This is a good thing-we can both spam infinite amounts of bolts at each other! Also, since I’m not carrying my Pea Shooter, it’s fair.

  49. Cool spider says:

    Omg the sound is creepy the heads are creepy the man is creepy the pics are creepy the cook is down right scary oh and baron is down fight scary 2 I mean the cook fell asleep with a big nife in hand nd said time to go to sleep or somthing like that and was smiling creepily the hole way too u ( shivers) im to young to get hunted that terrified me I seem to rember so body cominting ” I mean its poptropica right a kids game, it’s not like u can die” that COMINT was a lie

  50. Magic Pear says:

    I think that the person who crashed in the plane went through the same things we did, and left us that message. What I wanna know is how I never saw him (or her) in the woods previously and why they didn’t come to help.

    • betatowerofyikk says:

      If you were in the woods with a psycho headhunter would you want to stay or would you get the heck away from there and go back to civilization as fast as you can and never look back?

  51. Friendly Sinker ( he's my best on the app for me) says:

    Hi everyone friend me! Patrick10559 or Tedonmyhead. Those two are the only ones I can ever remember. Survival 4 is creepy! They don’t like you sneaking around! Maybe they have something to hide?!

  52. A says:

    This is totally copied off of the story, “the most dangerous game”, except instead of General Zaroff its MVB. Look it up.

    Slanted Fish: I’d say “inspired by” is more like it; they’re similar, but not identical. 😉

  53. Golden Comet says:

    Is it me or parts of every island has been linked into survival and Mission Atlantis. for example in Survival Episode 4 the wall pictures/statues in the trophy room come from Vampires Curse and Mission Atlantis is similarly related to Twisted Thicket but with a marine styled version

  54. Ivy says:

    Woah! I read The Most Dangerous Game for Honors English in school literally 2 days before I played this island. Freaky coincidence, huh? XD

  55. Seagreen_512 says:

    This game was really cool but kinda creepy. Thanks for the help. You guys are awesome! Keep up the awesome work… 🙂

  56. ★ Brave Tomato ★ says:

    Ever since I made the prediction on Myron Van Buren’s role back in May, I had been wondering what the heck kind of villain he was going to be. I didn’t expect him to actually follow General Zaroff’s “hunt humans for the thrillz” philosophy and I was anxiously waiting for Escape ever since the end of Cabin Fever.

    Yeah, I’ll admit that the first ten minutes of gameplay, I kinda chickened out of the game for a bit when I realized how I had to get the items for the trap. However, one song later, I went into it. I really loved the climax, and Van Buren’s smug pose when he is revealed to be behind you. And… When he iterates over and over that you’ll be his next trophy, I was pretty terrified, even knowing it’s just a game and I was gonna be saved by a ridiculously funny Deus ex Machina moment with Max and the bear.
    Overall, I pretty much liked Survival, especially the last two episodes. It was thrilling and it was satisfyingly bold for a kid’s game. ^_^

  57. HI says:

    can someone help me? i have the grubs on the fishing line but the fish wont take it and it says im using the wrong bait. where do i get the right bait then?

  58. Shiro says:

    I guess this was an okay island. Kinda long for my taste, but then again, this was a 5 episode island. It wasn’t exactly the most “age appropriate” for kids (is this even still a kids game?) but I guess it beats all the violent and disturbing and mindless games kids play nowadays .-.
    Oh and is anyone else wondering where Winston went? Cuz I haven’t seen him since the hunt started o.o I hope he doesn’t somehow haunt us in later islands…

    • 15wongnh1 says:

      It’s not WHAT games they play, it’s their attitude. Some kids are calm and compliment others…the rest just…swear and scream and annoy everyone.

      He’s probably taken the mansion for himself, most likely. “Master Buren must be dead, so…ALL MINE HAHAHAAHAHA.”

  59. Happy camper! says:

    Oh I LOVED this island its one of my faves! I’m sad that its over. Though the cook had a knife while she sleep.

  60. random person says:

    By the way, wen you whistle for the dog, you should go underground (the tunnel) then whistle once you’re past the huge rock. The dog will keep pushing and fail 😛

  61. MEOWMEOWCAT says:

    excuse me, the 2nd episode is really glitchy and all the logs that i have to turn over are turning themselves and like, rolling and they’re also flashing and i can’t pick up anything.
    I restarted the game but it just keeps being like the way it was earlier and the next area is really slow on loading.
    PLZ help

  62. thatguyoverthere says:

    Am I the only one who finds the “Tally ho!” cry weird? Just the combination of the stereo esque sound and the obvious joy in “I’m going to kill you! Yay!” voice creeps me out.
    Then again jumping on the animals heads… *shivers*

  63. Thunderbird says:

    I found out that if you use the whistle at the entrance of the tunnel(Where the big rock is over the tunnel), the dog will continually try to get there by pushing the rock and staying there, so you won’t get caught by pushing the boulder/slab.

  64. midnightariana says:

    someone please help me!! i’m stuck on ep 2, when you push the boulder down to shatter the ice. when i push the boulder, it rolls down the log, but when it reaches the stone it changes direction and rolls into the log!! what am i doing wrong?

    • Anon says:

      There’s a flat stone on the path down that you have to push multiple times to bridge the gap, if that makes sense.
      Additionally, I feel everyone should know if you don’t push the log over before hitting the boulder, the game crashes.

  65. Clary says:

    At the beginning of the school year, we read “The Most Dangerous Game” and the last two episodes of this really reminded me of it. Actually, only the names, ending and how they ended up on the island were different. What happened on the island was basically the same as in the story.

  66. Lizzy says:

    Before I could start my fire, I walked out from in front of the boulder, and now it doesn’t let me walk back where I was. I really don’t want to restart, solutions?

  67. Esprite11 says:

    Can someone help me?
    i cant get the fish to eat the grubs. I added all the things together and then my poptropican kept saying “I must be not using the right bait”. I tried everything even reading the help. PLEASE HELP

  68. Super Drummer the Crazy says:

    I was in the beaver part of Episode 2, and I jumped on a log and my character disappeared! HELP!

  69. fantagefairy4ever says:

    Ok, don’t blow the whistle while you are in the cage!! I randomly did and then the scene kept going but it was repeating the things in the last scene and I never actually pushed him in and there were 2 bears and Mikes, but I got the medallion anyway?

  70. Fearless Bean says:

    Hey in episode four if you personalize your avatar from the stuff Van Buren is wearing while he’s asleep you can get a super cute lion t shirt, you just need to click the button that gives you a list of the clothes you can copy.

  71. Perfect Sword says:

    I have problem because when there is the beaver mission,when I jump on the last wood,the game always crashes and I can’t complete it! Help!

  72. Lucky Claw says:

    something weird has happened is this supposed to happen? whenever I get the food for the fish it always just disappears why is that what shall I do

    • aroundthekitchenin80days says:

      Yes, it’s supposed to happen, this happened to me too. You have to also click on the fishing pole and other supplies, and then your pole will be all ready.

  73. Happy Cloud says:

    This is based off of the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” if I am not mistaken. I knew what was going to happen before it did! Awesome island! 🙂

  74. Koibito says:

    Reminds me of supernatural with that one episode in season one.
    And thanks for the walk through, its nice to be able to read it. Or watch it!

  75. partyplanner. says:

    I use a tablet, I tapped on the striker it doesn’t drop anything. After 20 times of tapping on the stinkin backpack I just gave up.

  76. ShrunkTheAxolotl says:

    When i push over the log to make a raft to get the other shoelace, the log doesn’t move once it’s in the water. That means i can’t get the shoelace to catch the fish! The camera also seems to freeze on the log after i push it over. The only way to fix it is to cast the line.
    Can someone help me?!

    • aroundthekitchenin80days says:

      You have to jump forwards, but not so far that you fall off. The trick is to jump into the air, and while you’re there, move your mouse backwards, then forwards so that your momentum pushes the log farther.

  77. Alyssa says:

    So the other day, I finished episode 2. Well a minute ago, I decided to play episode 3. I have the medallion for the second episode, but I’m not in episode 3. I’m still in episode 2, but have nothing to do. How donI get to episode 3, where I’m supposed to be??

    Please help!!

    Cheerful Tomato

    • SlantedFish says:

      When you click on Survival Island on the map, make sure you select the episode you want to play (in your case, episode 3)! If you selected the wrong one, just go back to the map (by clicking on the menu and clicking the yellow blimp) and select again. 🙂

  78. Katherine says:

    Can somebody help? I can’t open the box of lemons! I went to other areas, but it won’t reset! Please help…. T-T

    • Tall Cactus says:

      It’s probably a glitch. I would try relogging into Poptropica, and if that doesn’t work you should try to restart the island.

  79. ViaFighter says:

    In Survival Island Episode 3, I cut the branch so the box of lemons should have crashed to the ground, but it didn’t. I went to a different scene but it still didn’t work.

  80. hilticlaus says:

    theres a glitch 4 when im on that unstable crashed plane in “distress signal” when i glitch through the floor & fall into the ravine. plz fix!

  81. wumby woo says:

    I’m having a bit of trouble… when I am in the wrecked plain on episode 3, and I am trying to get the radio to assemble, the plane always acts like it is not even there, the floor won’t hold me up. It will just drop me into the ravine. What do I do?

  82. Sweety McCandy says:

    On the third episode, when I cut the branch holding the lemons, the box fell but didn’t break or whatever. A lemon never even showed up to grab! I tried restarting the island, logging out and back in, and going to a different scene and coming back. Either I’m doing something wrong, Poptropica is messing up or my computer is messing up.

    • Friendly Foot says:

      I don’t have the Poptropica app, but I think you might have to double click, or search up online how to do it.

  83. Andrea says:

    Sounds like the story “The Most Dangerous Game”. Read it guys and it’s really familiar to Survival Island

  84. Marcus says:

    This story reminds me of anouther one I read in my highschool english class. A man is hiking in the woods and he finds a kind man who lets him eat with him, he tells him about all his great hunts he’s done, and then says there was only one animal he has yet to grab. Human. So he runs and the man gets eaten by his own hunting pigs. Also there is a slave man named Ivan that helps the hunter.

  85. Christian Skaflestad says:

    Can somone please help me!??!? I’m in Episode 2 of Survival and it won’t let me get the 2nd boot/shoe lace!!? I have the fishing rod, 1st shoe lace, and hook combined and I’m pressing space with it equipped but it won’t work!!

  86. Roxy says:

    I NEED HELP!! I reached the backpack and pulled out that rope with the handle, climbed up and was clicking the bag but nothing falls out and there is no hole in the snow! Help?

  87. Buzz says:

    Ahh I’m stuck– I finished episode 2 but episode 3 hasn’t started– maybe it because I closed the game after the cutscene? What do I do…uh…

  88. Bronzongey says:

    I got caught by the chef after getting the tainted meat and then i totally forgot about it up to the guard dog and had to go back and get it -.-

  89. Candice says:

    On chapter one after getting the axe handle, I click the parachute bag many times but all my character does is jump. Nothing falls out.I’m playing on a tablet. Had that got anything to do with it??

    • Poopsy says:

      you might be clicking the wrong bag, in one of the episodes (sorry i dont remember which one) there are two bag and only one has the stricker. Look around for another bag.

  90. Big Hero Life says:

    I have a question, so I am trying to jump up the water tread thing and it won’t let me. As in, I land and I fall back down. What should I do?

  91. Friendly Bean says:

    Not sure if anyone said this, but in episode 5, you can double tap the spacebar, and make the fishing line go upwards. And if you stand in the tunnel under the tree with the whistle and double tap the fishing line will go upwards and you can retrieve the whistle that way.

  92. fangirlrehab says:

    In the second episode, I’m trying to get the shoe out of the tree. I have the fishing pole over the hole and the hook shouldn’t be hitting anything,like it’s showing it go in but then stop. Help please!

  93. Poopsy says:

    Every time i try to remove the second bolt on the bridge in episode 3, it tells me that my pocket knife isnt the right tool. I have even restarted the game and it still says that 😦

    What do i do!?

  94. Bronze Gamer says:

    When I was trying to get the grubs in episode 2, I can’t get them because once I am stepping on them they are gone and they are not in my inventory. I tried everything but it just doesn’t work.

  95. Shaggy Tornado says:

    Dunno if anyone else noticed, but as I was replaying you can see your blimp that got destroyed in episode 5 in the scene where you get the rope 😛

  96. Hannah says:

    I HAD TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT JUST TO COMMENT ABOUT THIS. The Most Dangerous Game, which this island is very obviously based on, is a banned book, AND the passcode was 0451. As in Fahrenheit 451. Which is a futuristic story about BANNING BOOKS, IM SORRY BUT THIS IS JUST GENIUS. It’s the littlest thing but like, I have so much appreciation for whoever came up with that!!! Ok that’s all. One of my favorite islands ever. Good day.

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Good point — that may be a reference to Fahrenheit 451! I don’t know if the “banned book” concept plays into it, since it’s not been banned in many places (just some), but it’s possible. Thanks for commenting! Just so you know, you don’t need to make any accounts to comment on this site — you just need to enter a name and email, and both of those can be fake. 😉

  97. Quiet Eagle says:

    Hello? The chef caught me and took the tainted meat. I tried going in and out a couple of times but the tainted meat is no longer there. What do I do? I can’t sneak past the guard dog!

  98. Unisheep says:

    so i cant do episode 5 . it wont let me do anything and after a few seconds it freezes.
    i have restarted the episode several times anyone know what to do?? slanted fish?? pls halp

  99. Ibb says:

    In Episode 4 the dog is named Gmork. Gmork is a character from The Neverending Story, and the dog peers out of the black house just like Gmork who peers out of the black cave. You only see the eyes.

  100. Calm Shell says:

    Help!!! I am on Episode 2, and i can’t get the boot out of the tree what do i do? I have everything equipped but it wont go in the little opening!!!

  101. Fierce Fire says:

    HALP! Every time I try to put the fishing line through the tree to get the shoe, it gets caught! I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right, but it still gets stuck. I really don’t know what to do.

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