Lost Cubs, Sneak Peeks

Bears to stare at while we bear the wait 🐻

Hey Poptropicans! Bear with us for just a little longer and we’ll soon get to enjoy a new mini quest this Thursday.

In the meantime, the Creators’ Blog shared some cool behind-the-scenes pics of the upcoming bear-based event, so let’s take a look!

The bears from the earlier teaser were confirmed to be from Survival Island, and they also inspired the new designs of a mama bear and her cubs! We’re definitely here fur it.

A bear bones edition of a comic strip also alludes to the storyline: mama bear wakes up to find her cubs gone, and as an earlier leak revealed, it’s up to us to find them!

The Pop Creators hinted that “Bearhaps there will be a Part 2 to the Sneak Peek tomorrow?” Let’s see if that holds true

Regardless, we reckon it’s time to go out of hibernation when this mini quest drops, promising with it an easy way to accumulate more credits (for more shopping). Stay tuned for the PHB’s guide when it’s here!

We’ll see at least one of these beasts in the new mini quest.



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