Mission Atlantis Island, Survival Island

Mission Atlantis (Ep. 1) for members & Survival (Ep. 1) out for all!

Psst… the PHB’s Mission Atlantis Island Guide is up! Go check it out!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to quickly inform you that Mission Atlantis Island is out for members! Plus, the PHB’s walkthrough is now up! No demo for non-members though. 😦


But there is some good news for non-members! Survival Island Part 1: Crash Landing is out for all! If you need help on the island, feel free to use the PHB’s guide! Hope it helps! 😀


So, non-members, how is your fire going? And members, what have you found under the sea? Take the poll below, and tell us what you think of these islands in the comments or on the PHC! 🙂

By the way, check out the resemblances between the construction workers on Super Villain Island and the ship crew on Mission Atlantis! (Thanks for the pic, Brave Tomato!)


EDIT: Believe it or not, the infamous Dr. Hare finished 1st in the race completing for Mission Atlantis: Episode 1! I don’t know if it’s a hoax or not, but I’m pretty impressed either way!

46 thoughts on “Mission Atlantis (Ep. 1) for members & Survival (Ep. 1) out for all!”

      1. I’m working on PAw’s guide now, check out the page (It’s in the menu). I added my own (LAME) humor to the beginning d:

  1. I just finished the island it came out like half an hour ago and I dont mind helping anyone who needs it. I finished at number 6 only because safari crashed on me when I finished the first time 😦

      1. 1. how do i get those 5 or 6 fish to be eaten i always get them but when i try to make the movie/video/film/whatever it doesnt work

        2. how to get that angelfish or whatever

      2. Ok when you first get into the sub, go down a bit and you’ll encounter the sea dragon and to take a picture just click on it and don’t move. After it captures the picture go down(lower depth) and go down a little and you’ll see this purple coral, turn left there then down and left again and youll see the purple cuttle fish. To get a picture you have to move it to the red coral which is above. To get it up you have to shoo the red cuttle fish to the purple coral and then move the purple cuttle fish until you get it up and then take a picture. After that go down and youll see the stone fish. You have to hide in the yellow coral on the left and then it will come out then take a picture. After that go up and then go left till you see the barreleye fish. To get it to come out you have to block the holes which correspond with the ones that are next to the fish to push it out and then take a picture. Then left and go to the next area. This is the cave of the angelfish. To get a picture you have to go around the cave and collect 4-5 red fish. But be carful of the purple spike fish thing, the fish are will go away if you touch it. When you collect them go to the angel fish and click on it to video tape it as it eats the fish. You have collected all the pictures so go back to the main screen where you get most of the pictures. You will then spot a fish/ upside down jellyfish. Follow it to the right area. Then go and take a picture of it but you get ganged up and shocked so you sink. When the ship stops sinking go right and thats it! Hope this helps

      3. thank you guys =)
        both of yall helped, the guide and ur explanation giant paw =)

        and i guess it wasnt as bad as it seemed at first but still its not my favorite

      1. i still think dr. hare deserves it. he is my idol as ive said bfore lol

  2. Well I played it… it was interesting… do you realize that the three persons besides Cam Janson-I mean Jameson- on the Medusa look like the trio on SVI’s oil rig. Maybe I’m just making too geeky of an observation.

  3. OMG!!! SAM!!! By pure coincidence, I have figured out that you live in the same state I’m in? Creepy, huh?

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