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Items gone? Is it a myth?

Hey everyone! Remember my post about the two new Mythology Island costumes (Icarus and Cyclops) in the Store and updated Tour page? Well, now they only have the Cyclops (for girls and boys) listed on the Tour page!


The Creators even changed the text underneath to “Members get an additional Mythology Cyclops Costume”, whereas before it said “Members get two additional Mythology Costumes”… which leads me to believe that perhaps the Icarus costume is for Episode 2!

The Icarus costume for Mythology Island is still in the Store though! I have a hunch it will go away very soon after this post – so members, go get it quick before it disappears for a while!



18 thoughts on “Items gone? Is it a myth?”

  1. They already set up the music for Zeus’s boss battle… So I still am denying that it’ll be divided like this. There’s no music for episode 5 of survival discovered yet, but they already have it set up for the climax of Mythology?

    About the Icarus thing, you know other times we had accidental early releases, the costumes were unable to be customized, yet you still can customize the Icarus costume… I wonder if the Creators just forgot.

    However if it’s gonna be divided into episodes, I swear I’m gonna be annoyed. I don’t mind the SUIs but I personally despise the Episode idea. I am a personal believer of quality over quantity, and I’d rather wait for a full length good island over months rather than mediocre island parts once a month.

    1. Episode 5 of Survival? I thought there were only 3 parts. Also, I’m wondering how Poptropica is going to do the player map for Mythology. Since they are updating the island, people have already won as “top ten” finishers… are they going to start over, as episodes?

      I agree with you. Why make it harder and separate it into 5 episodes? I can understand for Survival and new islands, but why old ones?

  2. Sorry, this is off topic for this post, but do any of you know if the ipad item for your poptropican is still available, and if it is, could you tell me where to find it? I know it is supposed to be on any Main Street, but the only ad I see, is for Lunchables. Thanks!

    1. I also have another question. Does the PHB have a page for all the photos you can unlock on the islands? I have some friends that have unlocked photos for Monster Carnival, and I completed that island, but did not get the photos. (I’m guessing they hadn’t released them yet?) I know I probably have to play it again to unlock them, but it would be helpful if I knew how many to look for, and how many islands have them. Thanks again 🙂

      1. The PHB’s trivia pages for each island have the album photos for that particular island on them, so you can find the ones you’re looking for on the Monster Carnival Island page. (There should be 4, but one of them doesn’t load, so there’s no picture for it.)

        The photos for some of the SUIs (sound-updated islands) weren’t released until some time after the islands themselves came out, so if you completed one before then, you’d have to do it again to get the photos. 😛

    2. I believe the ad to obtain the iPad handheld has been taken down. 😦 Sorry for the inconvenience. :c

      1. It’s no problem. 🙂 I had it but lost it because my Poptropican randomized itself by accident. 😦

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