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Mission Atlantis aliens, more on Shark Guy, and facts on Hydromedusan jellyfish!

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe! 😀

Mission Atlantis = Aliens?

Here’s a thought – Poptropica really likes making aliens the central element of island stories (e.g. Nabooti Island, Lunar Colony, and Astro-Knights Island). What are the odds that the rumored city of Atlantis that you will be discovering in Mission Atlantis are ruins of alien life? Sounds pretty intriguing, but not only is it possible – it’s very likely — and we have proof.

I was playing through Lunar Colony recently (I work in mysterious ways 😛 ) and was nearing the end of the island in the alien base. Inside are alien markings that probably don’t amount to anything – but I thought that they looked familiar. Sure enough, a recent Daily Pop had some of those same markings!


But still, this could be a new alien island, or a follow up for Lunar Colony. Well, it could be, but under the markings are little fishies (insert nomnom here), and where there are fishies, there is ocean. And where there’s ocean…  you get the idea. 😛


Upcoming Island Updates

First of all, Mission Atlantis Episode 2 will be named “Fortress of the Deep“, according to the files — and there will be many a pipe as it seems.

I also finished my walkthrough for Mission Atlantis Episode 1, and you can check it out here. 😀


Second, the theme for Survival: Episode 3 is finally here! Still quite spooky, still quite awesome! 😀

Thirdly, remember that book that I talked about a while ago named Future Island? Well, it’s back on the Amazon store! There still is no cover, but we know that the writer of the book (Caroline Laidlaw) has also written many other books, most being for the “Penguin Kids” series. It’s scheduled for January 8, 2015 — might I say a long way out! Could this be a book for an upcoming island? Other island books have been written by multiple people, so it is possible. If so, that could mean that Future island is coming out this year! 😀

Here’s another thought — Future Island is actually the Dream Island Contest winner! I know, the winner’s island is called Arabian Nights Island, but perhaps they just put Future there because they hadn’t decided yet, and haven’t managed to change it yet. Besides, the Penguin Group are the ones who sponsored the contest…


Facts about the Hydromedusa

Fun fact: hydromedusae are just jellyfish. There are all types of hydromedusae, all translucent and dangerous — but, there is one thing that Poptropica falsifies about them in Mission Atlantis. In the island, a group of hydromedusan jellyfish shock your sub and make it loose it’s power.

However, jellyfish do not have a real electric shock ability, it only feels like a shock when you become in contact with them. Electric eels, on the other hand, do have an electric shock ability. Thanks to Poptrickia for pointing this out first!


The jellyfish on Mission Atlantis that does in fact “shock” (teehee) your sub is called a Hydromedusa (hydromedusae is the plural). (Compare the real-life image to the Poptropica version above!) Hydromedusae eat larvaes, plankton, and multiple soft bodied creatures. They belong to a class called hydrozoa, which includes types like the Aequorea victoria and Craspedacusta sowerbii. And even though they can’t electrify you, they can sure sting!

Plus, the name of the ship on Mission Atlantis is called “Medusa” – a scientific term for jellyfish. Check out the PHB’s Mission Atlantis Island page for more trivia! 🙂

More on Shark Guy

If you’ve read Slanted Fish’s latest post, then you know about the sudden maturing of Shark Boy — now known as Shark Guy. But I have some more things to mention about him. First of all, if you friend him, his name in the Friends list is just Poptropican.

Special names are not impossible in the Friends list (e.g Captain Crawfish), but Creators are the only ones to know how to make them. For example, Codien, a legendary PHB author, has a special name. However, if you friend him (theCodien), he shows up as Poptropican. So why wouldn’t Shark Guy have a special name in the Friends list? I mean come on — he is the first Creator alias!


Second of all, the picture above was taken from my secondary account. I had the original Shark Boy username friended — but, when I logged in, it showed the new Shark Guy! I had never friended the new username (SharkGuyCreator) before, so perhaps the Creators replaced the original with the new one in an attempt to fix a breach of security.

What I’m saying is, this whole thing may just be a cover up for a kid who got into the original Shark Boy account, or a glitch that gave him the username. The Creators have not been on top of things lately, and the Poptropican thing might just be an error. Either way, I miss Shark Boy, and Shark Guy will never be the same.


Yes, I am back. Did you miss me? 😛 Be ready for Poptropican Portraits Round 9 soon! 😀



17 thoughts on “Mission Atlantis aliens, more on Shark Guy, and facts on Hydromedusan jellyfish!”

  1. I did some “research” into the topic of making custom Poptropicans last year (OK, no reasonable person would call that research 😉 ). When you make a Poptropican you can hack it to give it any name you want, as theCodien did. But in Poptropica Friends there’s a whitelist of possible Poptropican names (like Adjectives Nouns). Creators add themselves to the whitelist, but nobody else can access the database. So if you use a non-whitelisted name others will just see you as “Poptropican”.

    Conclusion: Shark Guy is guilty until proven innocent. (That is, I’m assuming he’s a fake until he whitelists himself).

      1. Hey HP, I have a feeling that the new Poptropican Portraits Round 9 will be posted the same day when the Poptropican’s 911 Issue #15 is posted, because everyone keeps on asking for it.

  2. This is another one of my raffle comments and I’ll be sure to watch that video just wanted to say thank you for posting this.

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