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Crisis Caverns, Deep Dive, & Membership Makeover

Heyo everyone! SD here with another update. So let’s get to it!

First up, credit to idk for an entire album of Crisis Cavern themed Daily Pop sneak peeks! Too many to list in fact, but they’re there, so I suggest you check them out! 😛

crisis caverns sneak peek

Second up, credit also goes to idk for finding two cool test scenes for Deep Dive Island, now known as Mission Atlantis of course.  In both, you can explore and interact with a few things, but it was just a test so there isn’t much else to it.

deep dive test

While on the topic of Deep Dive Island, or Mission Atlantis, an unused diving suit was also found! As you can see below, it was all black instead of the yellow one that ended up being used. Pretty neat, huh?

deep dive suit

Lastly, credit goes to WimpyKidFan for noticing that the Membership page for Poptropica has a new design! While it does look new, improved, and sleek, is this really what we want the Creators’ to be focusing on? Don’t get me wrong, it looks pretty cool! But it does seem like a small step towards “New Poptropica.” And don’t get me started on new islands.

membership redo

Anyway, that’s it for now guys! If you’re already on summer break, I hope you’re having a blast! Or at least relaxing. If you’re almost there, I believe in you! Hang in there! If you don’t have a summer break… then, uh… *shrug*


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Rats, the map is on app!

Hey Poptropicans!

So… Which one of you gave Dr. Hare a map to the entire Poptropica universe?? Look at that smug bucktoothed grin on that evil pink bunny-suited hooligan’s face. Look at how his green goggles emanate a childlike excitement over that X which marks the spot. Dominion over Poptropica will soon be his…

Nah, that’s not it. All this was just to say: The new map is now available on the Poptropica app! For more about the new map, check out this PHB post. It covers island difficulty, your progress, and amount of times you’ve finished an island. And it’s Dr. Hare-approved.


Oh, you wanted to see another cute Poptropica critter? Well… rats. This is the only Daily Pop that showed up during the month of MayUPDATE: A week later, the rat appears to have been animated in a second Daily Pop for the month of May! (slow clap)

Yeahhh… that excuse is old news. But hey, what is up with this rat’s design? Is… is this going to be the art style of New Poptropica? It certainly doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before in current Poptropica. Or was it just a preliminary sketch that a Creator found and uploaded to give us something to look at? Share your speculations in the comments!

By the way, if you’re looking for a way to jump into the Poptropica community, check in on the PHC, the PHB’s chat hangout! With lots of channel topics, friendly faces, and Poptropica parties, it’s a great place to meet other Poptropicans (and even PHB staff!). See you there!

Stay popping,


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Castle Crasher, FunBrain Flasher, and ASG Request-er!

Hey Poptropicans! What’s new? Well…

BREAKING NEWS: There is finally a Daily Pop in sight. Yes indeed, let the masses know, a Daily Pop has popped up. It is the first one this month, preceded by last month’s abysmally low count of two total Daily Pops. And now, let us ponder this momentous image:

Castle Crasher: A palace fit for a queen.
Castle Crasher: A palace fit for a queen.

The PHB reached out to hear what Poptropicans had to say on the picture…

“Astro-Twice? Please let it be Astro-Twice Island,” commented Cobalt Spinner, an avid Popspiracist.

“The party don’t start ’til I walk in!” declared DJ Saturday Nite, best known for ditching the party after the zombie apocalypse took over her turf. She was last seen enthusiastically greeting players into the Arcade on Home Island, a locale known for looking nothing like what its exterior suggests. “In my defense, I’m just here to get the groove on. You checking out this castle too? Hit me up!”

“There! We finally gave you guys a sneak peek! Now leave us alone, we’re busy!” an anonymous disgruntled Poptropica developer snapped before quickly rushing off to avoid press cameras. Okay, so that last quote didn’t actually happen… but hey, we want more Daily Pops!

What do you think this scene is about?

In other pictorial news… Poptropica’s sister site FunBrain got a makeover! A lot of Poptropicans in the community have expressed in their My Place in Poptropica stories that this was where it all started for them. Well, some of us are probably not quite the elementary-aged target audience of FunBrain anymore either, but Poptropica felt it was right to give them a shoutout for their redesigned, mobile-friendly site with new games and a new look – and so, from the PHB as well, here’s to FunBrain.

The only thing is… let’s hope they keep placing ads for Poptropica. That’s how many of us came to know this place, and for the next generation, we hope they’ll find Poptropica too!

And finally… here’s a little message from PHB glitcher WimpyKidFan regarding ASGs:

Hey guys! It’s me! Your all-time favorite person in the world, WimpyKidFan! I’m the new author here on the PHB! Awesome right?! Jk. This is just a guest post so don’t you worry. The real reason why I’m here is to discuss something new I’m taking on: the Poptropica Island ASG Request-er!

asg graphic

This Request-er is a form where you guys can request for Poptropica characters from islands to be made into ASGs. Using it will be a more efficient way of requesting ASGs than merely posting comments on the PHB or PHC and hoping for someone to create your ASG.


Anyway, it’s a very simple procedure. To get started, just visit the Request-er site here [] and fill out the form! You don’t need to be signed into a google account to fill out the form). Other important information about the request-er and its rules can be found on the website.

Because the majority of requests for ASGs come from characters from islands (villains, heroes, regular NPCs), and because it’d be pretty hard to do more than that, for now we’ll be taking island ASG requests only. But you never know what might happen in the future. We’ll try to do every request we can!

Before I leave I would like to thank Slanted Fish and the PHB. I would also like to thank my ASG team: Red Lizard, Grand, and Magic Panda. Thank you everyone, and request on!  😀 WimpyKidFan

Stay tuned for more updates on the PHB… and as always, stay popping, Poptropicans!


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More Monkeys, Bad Bunnies, Boardwalk Boy, & Loot Loaded

Hey guys! Spotted Dragon here with a few quick updates.

First off, Monkey Wrench Island is now available for iOS!


If you get stuck, be sure to check out our Monkey Wrench Island Guide.

Second up, Poptropica tweeted a gif of a character from Wimpy Boardwalk Island!

Obviously he’s from Wimpy Boardwalk, but do you know exactly who the character is? 😉

Third, they’ve also shared some early conceptual work from Shrink Ray Island. Apparently, air vents were going to be populated by evil dust bunnies!


Okay, this may just be me, but that actually looks really fun and cute. 😛

Lastly, after our discussion post about the Daily Pop not being “daily” anymore, one more sneak peek has graced our presence! This character is loaded with loot, and we’re not sure yet what this could be. What do you think?

Backpacker: Time to hit the dusty trail.

That’s all for now! Keep checking back for more updates! 😉


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Daily Pops: Why aren’t they daily anymore?

Hey folks, Cobalt here!

Today, I’m going to be making a discussion post for you Poptropicanos to converse about. I’ve been noticing the community is more art-bent than anything lately (not like that’s a bad thing! 😛 ). I love all the artists and musicians here, but I feel as if we should talk about the actual game features and the problem I’ve been noticing with them as well. 😀


More specifically, the so-called Daily Pop.

If you’re like me, it’s your favorite feature. If you like theorizing over the sneak peeks, it definitely is. Though, are they really keeping up with their name?

The Daily Pop isn’t daily anymore. To me, it feels as if they just upload a sneak peek when they have a sneak peek to upload. That isn’t daily at all! Also, the Celebrity Clips haven’t been updated in years, along with the side games they have to offer. What’s up with that?

The infamous Poptropica comic was from Monday to Friday weekly, and I give it that. Though, it did come to its temporary end in November while Kory Merrit is working on the novels. Hate to be harsh, but not daily. :/

And yes, while I understand they’re busy and whatnot, and they do have our best interests at heart with other things like rad items and groovy islands, (yes, I just said groovy), I do feel as if the Daily Pop should either step up its game, or reinvent itself and give it a different name. 😛

What they have to offer to us is truly great, but maybe they shouldn’t be called the Daily Pop anymore. What do you think? Discuss in the comments! 🙂

This is your favorite chemical element, armor in Terraria, or shade of blue signing off!

-Cobalt Spinner

Update: Skinny Moon from Poptropica has commented on this PHB post with the following:

Hey everyone! A little update of sorts for you: Things are SUPER busy at Poptropica HQ. We are working, working, working on so many things. Updating the Daily Pop isn’t always possible when we’re working on a lot of stuff we can’t quite talk about. I would love to say more, but I can’t — I will as soon as I’m able! 😀

Let’s keep the discussion going in the comments!