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Multiplayer on mobile and Zomberry soon rising on Roblox 🧟

Pop on in — we’ve got updates on the Pop app and Roblox game!

At long last, multiplayer functions are now available on the Poptropica mobile app with the latest update. But recall that earlier this year, a bunch of old islands were deleted from the Pop app. So if you do decide to update, be warned of what you’ll be missing. ⚠️

Anyway, if you do proceed with this app update, you’ll get all the multiplayer features from the desktop version of the game, including the arcade and island common rooms with Quippy stores, 1v1 arcade games, and private parties in player clubhouses. Plus, when the Baron visits, mobile players will get the same experience as desktop users! 📲

In other news, we have a launch date for the teased Zomberry Island-inspired Roblox game, and it’s this Friday, April 1! 🧟 The date might be sus but this is no April Fools’ joke, according to the Pop Creators’ Blog.

As you can see above, there’s a new sneak peek of an infected 3D Poptropican bitten by Zomberry blues looking as horrified as all of us when we learned of Poptropica’s first Roblox game, Unicorn Frenzy.

Anyway, let’s hope this one turns out better — according to previous peeks, it’s going to be survival-based, humans versus zombies. Now, what about other questions of survival: Poptropica vs Roblox? Desktop vs mobile? Share your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: Poptropica announced on their Instagram story that they’ll be hosting a launch party for the Roblox game, with more details to come. In the meantime, here are the latest fan art features from their stories:


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Before you update your Pop app…

A word of warning for would-be Poptropica app users. Tune in for upcoming island releases, fan art, and more! Let’s pop right in.

This week, the Pop Creators have been pushing for players to update their Poptropica mobile app, which recently got a major overhaul so that it now matches the computer version. That’s all well and good for the addition of newer features and islands, but what they won’t tell you is that they also deleted a bunch of old islands off the app.

The official blog included only a brief line about the cons of the changes: “Although the mobile app’s update included some unpopular changes, we can now focus on bringing you a new and improved experience!” That doesn’t sound too promising about whether we’ll see those old islands (and complete sets for episodes) return anytime soon — so before you update (if you do), just be sure you know what you’ll be missing.

However, the blog also brings some good news about other islands in the works. As hinted by recent store items, PoptropiCon Island, Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert will be returning later this month, for both desktop and mobile! (Catch the rereleased trailer, too.) Also, the final Dream Island winner, Secret of the Jade Scarab, is on its way for all players!

Here are this week’s fan art features from Poptropica’s Instagram stories, plus a Pop poll on “How do you play Poptropica?” According to voters, 84% prefer desktop while just 16% choose mobile. Hmm, so much for that mobile app upgrade/downgrade?

Also on the Creators’ Blog is a guest post from Young Rider, who shares their excitement in exploring the Grapple-Gift side quest and an adventure from the bygone era, Great Pumpkin Island featuring the Peanuts comic characters. This one’s a classic — and not just on Pop!

That wraps up this update! Be sure to catch up on more below, including our recap of the recently released Blitz on the Fritz Side Quest, for which Poptropica just shared their own playthrough video and guide.

Pop on, Poptropicans!



Islands disappear from Pop app

Poptropicans, brace yourselves for a rocky start to the new year — we just lost a bunch of islands from the Poptropica mobile app. 😔

The Pop app now resembles the computer version of the game, meaning new islands and loss of old ones. Here’s what you’ll find now:

On the plus side, the new update shows an intention to sync the mobile and computer experience, which had been a goal when the app first launched but had been inconsistent in recent times while Haxe was being developed. Now the app seems to have caught up, adding new islands like Fairytale, Goofball, the latest Home Island with its shop, the current character customizer, and daily credits without the spin wheel.

The downside of this matching, though, is the loss of many classic islands which had previously been playable on the app even after the end of Flash. Those now-missing islands are the complete sets of episodes for Survival, Mission Atlantis, PoptropiCon, and Arabian Nights, as well as standalone islands Reality TV: Wild Safari, Mystery of the Map, Shrink Ray, Galactic Hot Dogs, and the original Mythology Island. (Thanks to Steel for the tip.)

RIP to episodic and newer islands once playable on the app.

Doubtless this update (or should we say downgrade?) is a blow to all Poptropicans, whose access to old islands had already been limited by the end of Flash in 2020. It’s not clear why the Pop Creators decided to remove so many islands, and this time the culprit isn’t Flash, since the app uses a different technology that showed these newer (AS3) islands could still stick around after Flash.

Our best guess is that since Mission Atlantis, Ep. 1 and Arabian Nights, Ep. 2 are members only on the computer, the Creators would have wanted to keep things consistent on the app (whereas before, anyone could play all the episodes on the app). That still doesn’t quite excuse the deletion of so many other islands, but we can only hope that they plan to bring them back to both computer and app eventually. However, they did mention that they’re planning to bring back more episodes, and promised more news of rereleases in the coming weeks.

In Too Deep: There’s deep undercover and there’s which way is up.

In the meantime, you can still play many more of the older (AS2) islands on Flashpoint, and newer islands gone from the app may still be accessible through a Chrome extension and alternative Flash Player.

It’s disappointing to see these disappearances, and the new additions to the app don’t quite make up for what was so suddenly lost without any good reason given. Still, earlier promises of more rereleases may yet pave the way for their eventual return on both computer and app.

Let’s hope the rest of this year delivers more than it deducts. We’ll say it again and again: bring the old islands back!


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Pop 5: Ways to Earn Credits on Poptropica 🤑

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous Dragon. Enjoy!

Hi Poptropicans! DD here with some poptastic suggestions on how to earn credits. A recent PHB post by Giant Dragon highlighted how the creators shouldn’t have removed credit rewards when you complete islands. But we want those credits, and there are ways to get them…

I mean, chill, Amelia! And the Baron too. Why are their costumes so costly? Now one thing I know is that we can’t change their prices, but we can earn more credits! In this post, I’ll give you tips to help you earn 1,000 credits in 15 minutes — and more.

1. Daily Login Rewards

Now this doesn’t get you many credits, but we’re here to cover all the bases, including this one. Just login to Poptropica (Haxe) to earn credits every day! You get more if you can keep up a streak of daily logins.

2. Spin Wheel on the Poptropica App

For those of you who have a tablet or smartphone, you’re in luck! Download the Poptropica mobile app and you can spin the wheel on Home Island every day to get credits. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky and land on the “Grand Prize,” you can even win costumes!

3. Playing Arcade Games

This method also only gives few credits, but it’s a start. Head to the arcade to play the mini-games like Poptastic for an inkling of credits per game. Also, check out the PHB’s Mini-Game Guides for tips on every single-player and head-to-head game. If you practice a lot, you can get the all-time high score too!

4. The Baron’s Plane Mini-Game

When the Baron’s airship is in town, play the “Clear the Skies” mini-game with the monkey aboard her plane. You can win 50 credits for each successful playthrough and keep replaying it to rack up more credits!

5. Movie Theater on the Poptropica App

This is the big one: it can give tons of credits! How? Head to the movie theater in the Poptropica mobile app. For me, the videos don’t load; only the red cross in the corner does. I click it and I receive one credit. You can spam-click and get many credits this way. Just a matter of patience.

The next time you open Poptropica (Haxe) on the computer, you’ll get all the credits transferred to the online version of the game.

That’s it for today! Perhaps there will be more ways to earn credits in the future (like with new side-quests), but in the meantime, try these tricks. Thanks for reading!

Keep Poppin,
DD 💜

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy his other posts, such as his Finest Piece of Pop Merch Review: Time Tangled Wall Clock.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you! 📰✨

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Airways and Animal Jam ✈️🦊

Hey Poptropicans! In a stunning turn of events, Poptropica has suddenly, somehow managed to do the unexpected: shared actual sneak peek images of something they’re working on, and post a controversial tweet.

Let’s fly into the first thing: sneak peeks! Over on the Creators’ Blog, they shared a post teasing “new stuff” they’re working on. As is the case with their communications these days, the writing is sparse, leaving much to the imagination. But whatever Poptropica Airways is, it’s about to make a landing.

Could planes be the new blimps? That might explain the recent disappearance of the beloved, Poppies-award-winning blimp decor in clubhouses, even while blimps continue to be our Poptropicans’ mode of inter-island travel. But if that’s the case—even conceding that planes might be a more modern form of travel—Poptropica would certainly be losing a very iconic part of its identity! Even the Creators’ Blog uses the blimp in their branding.

And what to make of the blimp photo on the clerk’s desk? Is it a tribute to a soon-to-be past, or will blimps be relegated to being the beat-up rafts to the Phoenix Warbirds of the air? (That’s a Skullduggery Island metaphor, btw.)

Or is this part of a new island adventure? The post does also say they’re working on converting islands, with Time Tangled and Mythology in progress right now—which seems to leave little room for the planning and developing of an entirely new island. But who knows?

Now onto the next juicy news: yes, for the second time in 2020, Poptropica managed to tweet something controversial. (In case you missed it, Poptropica briefly endorsed Joe Biden for US president on Twitter.)

It all started when the Poptropica app reached #1 somewhere in Apple’s App Store, knocking out Fortnite for the top spot. Of course, this called for a celebratory post (and story) on Instagram that started innocently enough, mentioning how they’d outlasted games like Club Penguin and Animal Jam.

But Poptropica’s tone was a little more over-the-top with the gloating on Twitter. In addition to a similar post sharing the same news, Poptropica also responded to a Twitter thread from Animal Jam co-founder Clark Stacey by saying, “First #clubpenguin and now #animaljam too? It’s lonely at the top. #poptropicaforever.” Poptropica’s tweet was pulled in less than a day, but we saved some pics, plus Mr. Stacey’s unamused response, which remains.

Mr. Stacey’s original Twitter commentary had been about the struggles of kids’ game developers being incentivised to create their games for a general audience rather than specifically for the kids category of game lists, as well as Apple’s ambiguity about why they were rejecting game updates to Animal Jam and other kids’ games. And instead of offering sympathy from a fellow kids’ game developer, Poptropica decided to gloat.

The Animal Jam co-founder swiftly called them out for being “childish” and “sloppyheaded,” adding that “the Poptropica I know was above this sort of thing.” Which brings us to the question, what’s up with Poptropica’s lackluster communications to players lately? Since Skinny Moon left in 2017, the years of general silence (with occasional vague updates) that followed were unimpressive enough, but this year’s (albeit deleted) Twitter blunders are bewildering. We sure do miss the days when Poptropica had a dedicated social media manager who took the time of day to respond to players’ questions!

By the way, Fortnite’s fall from the top spot is likely related to the game recently being pulled from both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store for trying to circumvent the stores’ 30% “tax” on in-app purchases by offering a direct-payment option away from the app stores.

In-app purchases give a cut of the cost to the app stores.

But Poptropica does the exact same thing: even though you can buy a Pop membership through an in-app purchase (which gives a cut of the costs to the app store), you can also buy a membership directly on Poptropica’s website, which would allow Pop to keep 100% of the earnings. No matter where you buy the membership, it gets applied to your account on the app (as well as on the computer). So perhaps some sympathy for the predicaments of games like Fortnite is in order. After all, Poptropica could very well be at the same risk.

You can buy a membership on the app and directly from Poptropica’s website.

That wraps up these peculiar updates! What do you think Poptropica Airways will be? Thoughts on Poptropica’s Twitter habits? Hoorays for the app’s achievement? Sound off in the comments below!

~Slanted Fish 🐠