Skullduggery Island Guide


Set sail for adventure! Outwit cunning pirates and battle fierce sea monsters in the biggest Poptropica quest yet. Build your ship. Assemble your crew. Rule the sea!

For walkthroughs on Skullduggery Island, scroll down.

Released: May 20, 2010 (for members)
or June 17, 2010 (for all)
Common Room: The Broken Barrel
Preceded by: Mythology Island
Succeeded by: Steamworks Island

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Island Extras: Map | Official Tour | Video Playlist | Book Info | Buy the Book: Skullduggery Island

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Zey-shomi
Special thanks to: Slanted Fish, Super Thunder, Vicyorus, Nameless, PopBuddies, Pixel, & Invisible Ring

When you arrive on Skullduggery Island, you’ll see that the fort is all destroyed. Let’s go see what’s up!

Fort Ridley

Go right till you arrive at this small hill, then click to go right. Talk to the girl and she’ll say she wants someone to fetch her coin. Go under the hill and click go left. When you get there, pick up the Doubloon (a type of coin that pirates use).

sk dubloon

Go to the shop and press “Use” on the doubloon to get a Bag of Feed for chickens. Then head right until you see this shelf with a Broken Mirror on top. Click on it and she’ll say you can have it for free.

skullduggery mirror

Exit, then go left until you see this guy with chickens. Press “Use” on the Feed and he’ll reward you with a Chicken.

Then go right and up the hill and go even more right till you see a guy with bugs destroying his crops. Click “Use” on the Chicken and he’ll reward you with a Blue Candle.

Head further right till you see a bunch of rocks. Jump on the rocks till you reach the top and go right to find the mansion. Go inside the mansion and head right to talk to the governor. He’ll give you a message that has some part that will only be able to be read under the blue candle.

Click “Use” on the blue candle and he’ll show you the rest of the message.

Now, exit and go back to the first part of Fort Ridley. You’ll see a building with a soldier holding a musket. Climb up the building to find the telescope.

Press “Use” on the broken mirror and you’ll have to keep looking through the telescope until you see a small raft.  (Hint – Scroll the telescope all the way left.)

Press the mirror icon in the bottom left corner when you see the raft and you’ll shine a signal. Then he’ll respond back and a message will say he’s approaching. He comes back and he gives you his raft.

There are only two other guys on it for now, but don’t worry, you can expand your crew later. Right now, though, let’s find the map pieces!

Bouffant Bay

To find the Map piece here, you talk to this one guy who says it’s on 312 Hanging Fern Way. Go right till you find hanging ferns. Remember… 3-1-2 is the order you need to hit.

  1. 3rd fern
  2. 1st fern
  3. 2nd fern
sk ferns

When you hit them in this order, a map piece will fall. Grab it. You will need to assemble the rest of your Skullduggery Archipelago Map by finding all the map pieces on various islands in this archipelago.

Parrot Port

To find this Map piece, you need to talk to the parrot. He’ll tell you to jump in the sea and then come find him.

sk parrot

Jump in the ocean and then go on top of the second building (not including the tower). He will be on this window. Then he’ll tell you to clog the vent and see where he went. Go to the building to the right with the vent. Stand on it to clog it, and then go right and jump in the last palm tree where the bird is in.


Then he’ll tell you to go to the tower, and you’ll find a friend. There will be a pirate and he’ll award you the map piece if you bring back the parrot. To find the parrot, you need a Cracker, which is in the top left corner of the pub (location indicated by the red outlined square in this picture):

sk cracker

When you’re outside, press “Use” on the cracker and the parrot will fly to you. Then click on the pirate and he’ll give you the Map piece.

Golden Harbor

To get this Map piece, you need to light the lamps in a specific order: the first, second, and fourth.

Count the lamps and then do this. Light the fourth lamp first, which is right next to the gate. Then light up second lamp, which is on the first building. Next, light the first lamp, which is the first lamp you saw when you came.


If you light them up in this order, the map piece will come out of the gate next to the fourth lamp.

Pirate Outpost

To get this one, you need to go to the very top of the place. Jump on the post and pick up the Cannon Starter Kit at the top near the cannonry, just under the Jolly Roger flag.

sk cannon kit

You will also need to find an explosive barrel somewhere in the middle of the place. Push the explosive all the way down under the golden tooth of the skull. Click on the cannon a little left of the big skull.

When it hits the explosive, the gold tooth will fall out and then there will be a map piece sticking out.

Dragon Cove

In the water, step on the first dragon head. You will get the Mallet.


Bang the gong with the mallet. Then move the man with the fishing pole to where the fish jump. When he catches a fish, he will give you a map piece.



You can also upgrade your ship by visiting the merchant at “Ship Shape” in Dragon Cove. It’s recommended that you upgrade to the next best ship as soon as you have enough doubloons, because it will hold more cargo and move faster.

You will also receive a discount from the sticker price of the next ship depending on how strong your previous ship was. Once you buy a new ship, your previous one will be gone.

 Image Ship Name Price Cargo
sk raft Raft (default) — 20
sk jimmy rigger Jimmy Rigger 3,000 60
sk carabelle Carabelle 9,000 200
sk sea sultan Sea Sultan 30,000 600
sk the koi The Koi 90,000 1,800
sk steaming fury Steaming Fury 300,000 5,000
sk phoenix warbird Phoenix Warbird 1,000,000 6,000

Although people have reported being able to defeat Captain Crawfish without the Phoenix Warbird, it is still recommended that you get it because it will make your final battle with him much easier than if you were using a weaker ship.

Skullduggery Island

You will need to gather doubloons (1 million or a little less) to buy the Phoenix Warbird at Dragon Cove. Again, it’s recommended that you upgrade to the next best ship as soon as you have enough doubloons, because it will hold more cargo and move faster. Note that you will need patience, as it will take quite a while to gather all those doubloons.

You will also need doubloons to assemble your crew. It’s best to buy all four crew mates (you can find people asking prices to be hired on every island except Golden Harbor) to beat the many enemies that will come. Here’s the list of all the crew mates:

  • Cabin Boy (default)
  • Cook (default)
  • Cargo Master (found at Bouffant Bay) – gives extra cargo space depending on your current ship model; costs 15,000 doubloons
  • Navigator (found at Parrot Port) – increases ship speed; costs 12,000 doubloons
  • Cannoneer (found at Pirate Outpost) – loads cannons quicker; costs 20,000 doubloons
  • Shipwright (found at Dragon Cove) – repairs ship without docking; costs 20,000 doubloons

The Cargo Master will be of use early on, but for the other crew members, it’s up to you whether you want to get them now or at the end.

Tips for Making Lots of Doubloons Easily

The best way to gain a lot of doubloons is to go from island to island in a clockwise direction, buying as much of the cheapest item as you can, then selling it all on the next island where it becomes most expensive and buying max of the cheapest again. Also, remember to collect salvages from the waters. If some other ship begins shooting at you, it’s best to run away rather than get beat.

Buying & Selling: What & Where

  • Parrot Port – Buy: Grain, Sell: Medicine
  • Pirate Outpost – Buy: Spice, Sell: Grain
  • Dragon Cove – Buy: Silk, Sell: Spice
  • Bouffant Bay – Buy: Medicine, Sell: Silk

Other Doubloon Tips

  • Sell your salvages at the next island you dock at to clear more space for the suggested item you need to buy. Buy the max amount you can because you will profit at your next stop.
  • Don’t stop to buy/sell anything at Golden Harbor; it’s not as profitable.
  • When you go to the Pirate Outpost to sell the grain, steer your ship carefully and near Fort Ridley, in case you have to dock, because that area is filled with pirates. Try to avoid Skullduggery Island as well, since there are more dangers in that area, and only go there when it’s time.
  • If you don’t mind risking your ship’s health, you can attack the sea monsters and other ships to earn extra doubloons and cargo when you defeat them. Otherwise, avoid them.
  • You can get a loan at the Golden Harbor bank if you’re in a hurry for some doubloons, but keep in mind that you can’t take out any more loans until you’ve paid it back. Also, you won’t be allowed to buy a new ship if you don’t pay your loans, so be wise if you decide to take any out.

Battling the Boss

After you have assembled your crew and purchased the Phoenix Warbird from Dragon Cove, go to Skullduggery Island, which will show up when you have gotten all five map pieces.

Captain Crawfish’s ship will appear near Skullduggery Island. Keep trying to hit it with your cannons and don’t let him get out of your sight because he will keep healing.

If he only has a little health left and you have a lot, run your ship into his. It drains health from you and him very quickly, so only do this when he has a tiny bit of health and you have a lot. He will die quickly.

Once you defeat him, go back to the Governor in Fort Ridley and talk to him. He’ll give you a Map to the Treasure and a Bone Shovel.

Taking the Treasure

When you return to Skullduggery Island, walk six paces east (right) of the flag you see. Use your bone shovel to dig up the treasure, and Captain Crawfish will appear once again…

…but his ship falls apart because of your crew. When you leave, you’ll be awarded the Island Medallion plus credits to spend in the Poptropica Store. Congrats! You’re a true hero! You’ve rid Skullduggery Island of all forms of… er… skullduggery. 🏴‍☠️

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🏝

Album Photos

These pictures appeared in a former feature known as the photo album.


  • Skullduggery Island is Poptropica’s 13th island. It was released on May 20, 2010 for members and June 17, 2010 for non-members.
  • Despite the name Skullduggery Island, it is really made up of several islands – Fort Ridley, Dragon Cove, Bouffant Bay, Parrot Port, Golden Harbor, Pirate Outpost, and then the actual Skullduggery Island at the end.
  • The word “skullduggery” (sometimes spelled skulduggery) means “trickery” and may have been chosen because of the iconic skull-and-crossbones of a pirate ship’s Jolly Roger flag.
  • Common room: The Broken Barrel
  • There are many white clouds over the Skullduggery seas, and some of them have interesting shapes, such as a heart, skull-and-crossbones, smiley, fish, whale, bone, etc.
  • Former PHB author Coderkid discovered from Poptropica’s code that this island would haveoriginally been called Pirate Trade Island. A framework file in Poptropica that shows the islands’ code names does refer to Skullduggery as “Trade.”
  • The ship’s names are, in order: raft, Jimmy Rigger, Carabelle, Sea Sultan, The Koi, Steaming Fury, Phoenix Warbird.
  • Some people have reported being able to defeat Captain Crawfish without the Phoenix Warbird (although the Warbird is recommended). However, in the cutscene, your ship will display as the Warbird.
  • Before the island was released, starting May 3, 2010, members received two exclusive items: The Skullduggery Teaser Trailer and a Skullduggery Pirate costume.
  • An official book for Skullduggery Island was released on November 8, 2012. The first two chapters can be read for free on Funbrain. At the end of the preview, you’d get a promo code for the Skull Pirate costume (the code is SkullBook). The code no longer works.

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833 thoughts on “Skullduggery Island Guide”

    1. I think I’m a bit too late now, but for me, the most efficient way to kill enemy ships (though not Captain Crawfish) and sea monsters without using ANY cannons is to lead it to one of those russet-colored rocks, hide behind it and anchor. The enemy will keep ramming into the rock. If the enemy finally figures it out and comes after you, just move to the other side of the rock and repeat 🙂
      It’s easier with sea monsters because they don’t fire cannons so they can’t attack you once the rock is protecting you ;3

  1. hey! everyone here is saying how quickly they beat the island, so i think im doing something wrong ahah. i started this island maybe 2 years ago? i did a lot at a time and then i guss i forgot about it. so now im back at it, ive been sort o avoiding skulldugger since t always seemed so daunting. so i have the pheonix ship, and ive leit been trying to defeat crawford all afternoon (its about 10 pm right now oops 🙂 ) AND I STILL CAT DEFEAT HIM WHAT AM I DOING WRONG OMG is there a strategy to beat him?

    1. i went to youtube and captain thinknoodles tells us to ram him, and do repeated cannon shots to his ship, i did it, it worked. I suggest u try that, and also, u may not get it in the first try,but eventually, u’ll get it. btw, don’t thank me, thank thinknoodles

      1. Scratch that. I’ve been chased by three or four pirates AND an octopus and I’m still going strong. Woo-hoo!

  2. I am also Serious Bird why would I lie about that? Anyways can someone help me? what should I do about not being able to get the dubloon, just give up on the island? I think it’s some kind of glitch

    Slanted Fish: You might want to restart the island (click on the map in the corner and press restart).

  3. (Thanks for all your help!!!) I don’t know why but it won’t let me get the cannoneer lady. I have enough doubloons, but it ain’t workin’! Maybe I have the wrong person? #TroubleWithSkullDuggery

    1. Also, you have to have bought a ship in order to fire them. Wish you could fire them on the raft though….

    1. *cough* Just like Prison… *cough* Or OP Prison… *cough* on Minecraft… *cough achoo* No offense to those who like it, though…

    1. For me, I just stay at the bottom right of the map near golden harbor and there is a lot of treasure on the water and not a lot of enemies (ships or monsters), so I just lived on the treasure the entire time without buying a single thing 😛
      I recently beat the map too lol

  4. Please help me, I really need help.

    Whenever I go to get the doubloon, the new Poptropica settings or whatever prevent me from going under the hill. It teleports me on the opposite side of the mountain!

    Is there anyway to avoid or fix this? I was really looking forward to doing this island after seeing everyone else chatter about this excitedly.

    slantedfish: Sounds like a glitch – try playing on a different web browser or computer, or restart the island.

  5. press the mirror icon in the bottom left corner when you see the raft and you’ll shine a signal. Then he’ll respond back and a message will say he’s approaching. He comes back and he gives you his raft. i did not understand this part i am only 9 i am still stuck on this part how to do this i saw the raft and down it was written that hey there s a raft out there then what to do i am still stuck

    1. if you have the mirror, then when you click on the telescope, the mirror should be in the bottom left corner. when you see the raft, click on the mirror and it will signal the raft.

  6. The review was helpful on the last part and I give this a 5***** stars!A tip is that have the highest in one cargo spot and trade at the next port the cargo so you can get more of what you have!

    1. No, you won’t. The crew transfers instantly to the next ship you buy, so don’t worry! 😀

      1. whenever I try to go over the bridge after I have gotten the doubloon it keeps taking me back under the bridge instead of main street. please help.

      2. to m.p2003, if it’s not working then you could try restarting the island. the button to restart is on the map.

  7. I found it easy to make money here by traveling back and forth between Parrot Port and Bouffand Bay. (Sell silk and buy medicine at bouffand bay and vice versa.) I make about 1,000 doubloons each trade by buying and selling 60 units each.

    1. I found it easy to do this:
      Parrot Port – Sell: Medicine
      Golden Harbor – Buy: Grain
      Pirate Outpost – Buy: Spice, Sell: Grain
      Dragon Cove – Buy: Silk, Sell: Spice
      Bouffant Bay – Buy: Medicine, Sell: Silk
      There’s also a lot of salvage around Golden Harbor as well.

    2. Sam, you said you make about 1,000 dbs (doubloons) each trade? Going from Parrot Port to Bouffant Bay, I sold all my silk and bought all the medicine I could carry (my max was 60, too) and according to my calculations, you can make 1,140 dbs. So you’re close to the exact amount…

      1. Going from Bouffant Bay to Parrot port only gives you 480 dbs, so I personally think it’s not the best idea… although when adding them together, you can make 1,620 dbs, so I might be wrong…

  8. I’ve actually never ever bought stuff from the trading post. I either salvage stuff or kill stuff for the loot and doubloons. I never take loans either. I know I’m probably shooting myself in the mast, but I beat the island in two and a half hours, so it works.

  9. I have no idea how people can finish this in just a day. I visited this island again yesterday and honestly, this guide has been extremely helpful.

    It says I have a loan and it’s due in 9 days. I have a lot of doubloons already, I’m ready to pay the loan. Although, my only problem is that I don’t know where to pay or how to do it. Who do I owe? What is life? Why do I crave pizza?

    1. Okay, I bought a new ship. I thought the debt will be gone by buying a new ship. Aaaand, of course, I’m wroooong. HALP. The fricking debt is getting higher. I’m dying. How do you even?

    2. Nevermind, I never knew it was supposed to be paid on the Golden Harbor. Sorry for these pointless comments. :/

  10. To defeat sea monsters, you can hide behind any island where you can attack them but they cannot attack you.

  11. You should get grain from golden harbor, it’s cheaper.

    slantedfish: However, it’s not as efficient for selling in a clockwise direction. 😉

  12. do you need the Phoenix Warbird to defeat captain Crawfish? Or is the whole crew plus the Carrabelle enough?

  13. Really I suggest when you have the Sea Sultan if better killing sea monsters for usually 20,000+ DBS!! I have the Koi, going to get Phoenix Next. Also, be careful with loans, each time the limit of money WILL GO DOWN quickly, instead, rely on getting ur own DBS!

  14. Hi! – Popular Glove here, one Question:-
    What does the loan person mean on skullduggery island…. “If you dont pay your loan, then you will be Black Listed”. And I was like Whaaat?!
    What in the jellybeans does ” Black Listed ” mean? If you answer i would truly appreciate it! Thanks! 😀

    1. If you don’t pay your loan, you will be blocked from purchasing another ship, so you will want to make sure you pay your loan back! The term “blacklisted” in general means to be blocked/boycotted.

      1. Hahaha, I tried once to take out a loan even I don’t need to, then I also saw the guy said the blacklisted thing and I was like, “oh, never mind, I take back the loan.

  15. I wish I was brave enough to battle Captain Crawfish at the very end but I’m too chicken! The medal is so close, yet so far…

    1. Same here… However, I CAN’T EVEN LEAVE THE ISLAND WITH THE GOLD TOOTHED SKULL!! The pirates keep killing me, oh poor me… 😦

  16. No need to go to the banks or should we go to the banks in Golden harbour????

    slantedfish: You don’t need to take out any loans at the bank. If you do, be prepared to pay them back. 😉


    1. If you still haven’t completed the island…
      Find money by going to the bottom right corner of the map, near golden harbor. There is a lot of salvage on the water and I lived off of that without buying a single thing 🙂
      Oh, I completed the island by doing that 😉

    1. Sorry I mean’t ”…because I don’t have enough money”. And sorry for writing my comment twice.

  18. instead of skipping golden harbor buy nothing at parrot port and buy grain at golden harbor and collect salvage between soooooooo much salvage around the rocks

  19. I went to the pub but all the pirate said was “This cracker be hard as rock! How am I supposed to eat it with no teeth?”

    Is this island for members only or something?

    slanted: No, it’s not members only. Read the part of the guide titled “Parrot Port” for how to complete this part. 😉

  20. My tips for going through Skullduggery Island:
    1. Another commenter named Sam said he got about 1000 dbs (doubloons) per trade by buying medicine and selling silk 60 units each at Bouffant Bay, and I found it makes a whopping 1,140 dbs. so I find it best to go between Parrot Port to buy silk and Bouffant Bay to sell silk.
    2. DO. NOT. SINK. If you do sink, you can lose doubloons, so when saving up, avoid all fights, whirlpools, and stormclouds.
    3. Try not to shoot forward when going forward, it can end up hitting the front of your ship. (Port, if I’m correct…)
    4. If there is any more trouble you have, I find it best to restart the island, and if it’s something that you think might just be you, and the guide still doesn’t help, look at other commenters.
    5. Try not to go near Pirate Outpost, because there tends to be a lot of people wanting to fight around there.
    6. Pick up any salvages, even if you have full cargo. Free doubloons for days!

    1. More tips:
      7. Get the cannoneer and the shipwright. Fire cannons at Crawfish faster and heal more. Cargo master is best for trading, and the navigator is up to you.
      8. Buy the next ship BEFORE you trade. That way, you save money. Spending tips OP.

    2. 9. When you finally get 1,000,000 dbs, don’t buy anything. Unless you still need to buy crew members, though.

      slantedfish: You mean buy the ship when you get to 1 million, right? 😉

    3. 10. Before fighting Captain Crawfish, dock at Skullduggery Island on the map. It keeps you from having to go back a long distance when you die.
      11. I managed to defeat Captain Crawfish by staying anchored at the dock of Skullduggery Island with the Warbird, and he would run into me, but with the cannoneer, I spammed the mouse and shot every 5 cannonballs, and they would take, like, two seconds to cooldown.

  21. Of the few problems I’ve had with this island, mostly doing with not enough doubloons, which I’ve gotten around, I can’t seem to get the 5th map piece. I’ve got the one with Ft. Ridley, part of Parrot Port and part of Golden Harbor, another one with the rest of Golden Harbor, another one with Bouffant Bay and the rest of Parrot Port, and another one with Dragon Cove, but I can’t find the one with the Pirate Outpost. I’ve gotten the map pieces on all except Parrot Port, but whenever I come out of Petey’s Pirate Pub after finding the parrot the other times, I try to use the cracker, and all I see is my character, Trusty Bear, saying, “The parrot would probably like this, but there’s no point in giving it away.” Any help?

    1. The help is not needed anymore. Turns out I wasn’t reading close enough. Gotta read the fine print, am I right?

  22. im definitely not getting the phoenix. 1 MILLION COINS??????????? That’ll take me a billion years, im getting something cheaper :S

    slantedfish: It’s very hard to defeat Captain Crawfish with anything other than the Phoenix Warbird, though.

  23. i’m so stressed out! was crawfish supposed to quickly refill his life halfway when you destroy his whole life???????? that kept happening to me. if this doesn’t hapen to anyone then this is the WORST glitch ever. so annoying ) 😦

    1. Can I get back to you on that? I’ve been using a computer that doesn’t glitch at all. (Except for my character passes through the ground on Poptropica Realms.) I can tell when something’s a glitch and when it’s not.

    2. It is NOT a glitch. He does that at 1/4 health, and refills to halfway. Just stay anchored, spam cannonballs, and try and stay in a place where Crawfish can’t run his ship into you as much.

  24. Everytime I click to go left to get the doubloon it just puts me back in the blimp. What do I do? Does anyone else have this problem?

  25. Everyone’s like “I beat this island in 12 days!” “I beat it in 9 days!” And I’m just here like: “I beat this island in 273 days.” .-.

  26. Hey Poptropicans! I’ve got a tip for you! Like the guide says, sell medicine at Parrot Port. But here’s the deal; DON’T buy grain there. Prices there change so that it may not be the cheapest all the time. Instead, go to Golden Harbor to buy grain. There, you are guaranteed for grain at a very inexpensive price. For me it’s usually 12 doubloons! Good luck, I hope this helps!

  27. I did the opposite. I fought monsters and ships so i didn’t have buy any thing and sold all my goods. Faster money and no cost to me.

  28. Here are MY tips for Skullduggery Island-
    Don’t go to the main town in the middle because lots of pirates like to be violent around there.

    Go and sail around golden harbor sometimes because (I guess lots of ships sunk on the rocks) there will be lots of salvage there. But be careful to avoid the rocks.

    First get the navigator from Parrot Port, then by a ship, so if a ship wants to attack you you can go a bit faster. Then I suggest buying the rest of the crew, because it makes your ship better, and it dosen’t cost as much as much as the real boats.

    It will take quite a while to earn all those doubloons, so I suggest the easy way- go to the three islands in the top right corner, including parrot port.

    Here is an easy way to get tons of doubloons. If you go to, say, Parrot Port and is trying to sell what you have at the best price they can give, and you don’t think its enough, then just go back to your ship and then, click Parrot Port right after you see your ship on the water again- and maybe (maybe not) there will be a higher price. If not, (or less) just try the method again. (Note: There is a limit to how high the price can be, so if you see that the price is staying the same, and not going higher, then just sell it at that price.

    These tips may have not worked well for you, (I’m sorry) But I’m happy for the people that did. Thanks! -Poptropical

  29. Okay, It might have been just a glitch but, i had 34,000 doubloons and was at the ship shop to buy the sea sultan, i noticed the jimmy rigger was -450 doubloons, so i clicked it AND IT GAVE ME 450 DOUBLOONS! thinking i was lucky i went back to my ship, and realized it had taken my ships AND doubloons!

    1. That’s not a glitch – you replaced your current ship with the Jimmy Rigger when you “bought” it (by being given doubloons, since you’d already had it before). An unfortunate mistake – not much you can do, but you can try contacting Poptropica to see if they’ll reimburse you!

  30. trick: pick up salvages around Golden Harbour and don’t buy ANYTHING
    you’ll save your moola and you’ll get more money from selling that stuff
    I just got 11,438 from selling medicine I picked up at GH and i didn’t buy any of it
    it also helps to do all of your selling at Parrot Port

  31. Instead of buying grain at Parrot Port I went to Golden Harbor and bought it, it’s much more profitable. Plus it’s on your way to Pirate Outpost, so it’s not like it takes up too much more time.

  32. This guide is great, but just one suggestion. Is there a trading guide so people can make the most off of their cargo? Maybe there is, and I’m just missing it, but it would really help!

    1. @DancingBeaver101 – Yes, check out the “Buying & Selling” section of this guide. The general rule is to trade in a clockwise direction, filling your stock with the cheapest item and selling it all at the next stop, where it becomes the most expensive item (yielding you a profit). 😉

      1. did you know that the dragon place were you get ships almost always has a giant crab

  33. Oh, it REALLY messed up this time. It REALLY did. 😡

    So, when I got on this morning, I was on Pirate Outpost and had around 13,000 doubloons, 75 grain, and 5 medicine. When I got off an hour later, I was on Golden Harbor, I had over 200,000 doubloons, and none of any kind of treasure since I had sold it all off. When I got BACK on just a few minutes ago, what did I have? Around 13,000 doubloons, plus 75 grain and 5 medicine. While on Pirate Outpost. And this isn’t even the first time it’s happened! Am I never going to finish it?! (Granted, it’s for the second time, but the first time was about five of my ten playing years ago, so…).

  34. Actually, you should go buy grain at Golden Harbor instead of Parrot Port; After selling medicine at Parrot Port, go to Golden Harbor to buy grain because it’s cheap there.

    1. That’s just the character of the person who took the screenshot – you won’t find her in the game. What you’re supposed to be looking for in that step is the doubloon coin, not a green-haired girl. 😛

  35. I’ve completed the island but the progress bar on the map still isn’t full!! D: Is it a glitch or is there something I forgot to do? 😮

  36. One tip is rather than not trading at Golden Harbour, stop at Parrot Port and sell your goods. Then travel empty to Golden Harbour, maybe picking up some salvage on the way, then sell that at Golden Harbour before buying grain, which is typically much cheaper there than at Parrot Port (usually 10-20ppu compared to 20-30ppu). Then continue on to Pirate Cove.

  37. just do the same stuff. it happened to me and that was all I did and it worked just the same when I redid it to try and get more credits. (p.s., it doesn’t work just FYI)

  38. if it doesn’t work, I don’t know what to do. But I tried it like 10 times just to make sure it wasn’t a glitch, and it wasn’t

  39. I have a glitch in my game where I can’t get the coin from the cliff, instead when I head right from under the bridge it takes me automatically back to the general store, help!

  40. Get this,I’VE GOT THE KOI AND I LOVE THE MONEY I’M GETTING! And I barely have any right now,but I’M GETTING MONEY REALLY FAST AND ITS CRAZY! I love you thinknoodles,you helped me!

  41. I found that this is a much better way to save doubloons 🙂
    Parrot: Sell- Med.
    Buy- NONE
    The rest is the same as the guide, still in a clockwise order. Golden harbor has grain for usually 15 doubloons. It might take a LITTLE more time, but definitely worth it.

  42. Where are all the old islands? I made a new account today and was planning on playing all my favourites (my most favourite being skullduggery island) and IT WASN’T THERE. Am I missing something or did they just remove a ton of islands???s

  43. I have many questions about the new game like how it has been updated to wheres its not even the same they got rid of skulduggery which i came on here to play and i was doing research but there was nothing about the game it reminded me of what happened to club penguin so if any one or developers have any answers to what happen that would be useful.

    1. i cant find skull duggery any where either, same with astro knights. I have all the skins i earned from them back in 2010 but i just dont see the islands anywhere. I was 9 when i played, im back 9 years later to take a trip down memory lane

    2. nvm i found out what had happened

      ” We love those islands too, but need to update the technology. They were made in Action Script 2 and were causing a lot of problems for players. We’re hoping to bring them back once the game is no longer in flash! ” – Tweet by Poptropica official Account

      Turns out the old islands were causing issues with outdated technology so they will be working on a fix for the future

  44. so i managed to get back into the old game to play this island yesterday and managed to beat it in 38 days, before i kept doing it in around 50-55, glad to have back some nostalgic experiences though, i think the challenging aspect of this island is why me, along with so many other people miss it ;-;

    1. Wow I almost forgot about this island. I remember when it came out it took me about a WEEK of grinding before I could afford the Phoenix (partly because I refused to upgrade from the Jimmy Rigger cause I thought it would be a waste lol, BIG BRAIN)… Good times. I’ll probably give it whirl later this week for good old times sake. I hope they bring it back!

      1. I guess it just depends on the player. Personally I am a fan of grinding cause I love the satisfaction of achieving something after hours and hours of hard work. I know that the island doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation among players, but they do have to rebuild it from the ground-up, so there are opportunities to add/change things to make it more interesting and less repetitive. They sort of changed 24 Carrot in Pop Worlds, so I’d say this isn’t out of the realm of possibility. I will admit though, it is a stretch to say that this will ever happen.

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