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Pirates, Trading, and HOGS?!! :O Oh no!

Sup Homie-Gs.

Check out the latest post from the Creators’ Blog.

Don’t be an Energy Hog!

Next week we will celebrate Earth Day. Be watching the store soon for a new FREE experience that will help you save the planet.

So what exactly is an ENERGY HOG? Don’t worry. You’ll find out soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Well, at least we know the Creators have been listening.ย  A FREE quest? This is GREAT news.

Looking at the second image, we see

  • An RTV TV
  • The computer game from Counterfeit Island.
  • The chair from the CI cafe..?
  • And Master Mime.

What could all this mean? :O Ansa in der commentz!

Annieway, the new island coming up will be called…


Ooooooooooooh yeah. Lets say it again, with “island” on the end.


Wow. It sounds even better when you say it twice. Third time’s a charm…:D


OK, I’m bored. ๐Ÿ˜ It’s not a crime.

This island sounds to me like we’ll be…trading…pirates. :O BRAIN-BLAST!!! We’ll be trading pirates! I’m such a genius. I always told my mom I wasn’t an idiot… =D The Creators showed us a sneak peek of this island, via their Facebook update:

Well, that concludes this post. Always remember:


65 thoughts on “Pirates, Trading, and HOGS?!! :O Oh no!”

  1. Yes! Another island us members getv early! *lightning strikes behind me* O.k, that was okward. moving on, new PCB post, non-facebook…

    Back the the pirites, teh first row are the pirite peeps(no, I don’t meen the candy chikes) and in the second row are the peoples who try and stop them. I’m thinking that the pirite is Black Beard or something like him.

  2. Hi motion! Long time no post. Weird grammar. Anyway, If it’s really going to be called Pirate Trade, it better be true to it’s name. What’s with the uniform guys though?

  3. Yay.But what about that robo island sketches?They can’t be working on both, can they?

    Hijuyo: Time will tell. (And yes, they CAN work on more than one island – they’ve done that before.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Wikipedia isn’t a very reliable source for information, and it even says on the wikipedia site that it’s not confirmed. I also doubt an entire island would be dedicated to warfare and the military, but I could be wrong.

      1. I totally agree. One time somebody decided that Poptropica was going to have a “Military” island and a “Candy” island. Candy might have been a good idea, but it certainly wasn’t correct!

    2. Wiki sucks and always will suck until they add the PHB onto the list of ‘additional resorces’ or however I spell that on the Poptropica page…

  4. I don’t think Pirate Trade means trading pirates, I think “Trade” just means occupation. For example, carpentry is a trade and blacksmithing is a trade.

  5. Yar Yar Fliped De
    Being a pirate is alright with me
    Do what you want cause a pirate is free
    *Girl Voice*
    Yar Yar Fiiped De
    If you like to sail the sea

    I don’t think this is going to be a new quest. I think these are going to be Poptropica Houses!

  6. Maybe we will all get our own apartments! And when we click on objects, it will have a little bar that says “Move to Apartment” and then we can have awesome houses! With anything we wanted! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! And it would be like multiplayer! But no Codes! If you open your room, then people can look at a room list on poptropica that says “Open Rooms” . THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

  7. for the energy hog part i’d say i remember a month ago they had a poll on the creators blog mentioning houses in poptropica and alot of people requesting that in coderkids collossal contest maybe that is it

    1. Nope it’s in the store now for earth day.You have to shut down all the applinces, and look out for the energy hogs.

  8. to be honest… and this is the first time i have ever said something like this about poptropica…. but… this island sounds lame! and they already did shark tooth island and that kinda falls into the same genre. im disappointed. plus, why is it called pirate “TRADE”?

    1. I think it sounds fun, but “Pirate Trade Island”? Couldn’t the Creators have come up with something a little more…creative, maybe? The name sounds kinda lame, in my opinion. But still, I can’t wait for another new island!

      The Creators are gonna HAVE TO either make another map for the islands…or else make the island icons smaller. ๐Ÿ˜†

    2. I bet it’s called that because you might get to go into the pirate (or engilsh soldier) trade, (pirate job)not trade pirates. Silly Coderkid. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. What would be cool,if the Pirates kidnap you,you have obey them. Then you have to find a way to get out. Oh I don’t know =P

  10. I understand this island totally! You get to be on a pirate trading ship, traveling across the seas. The uniformed guys are people you will probably meet wile traveling.

  11. the lights are on even it’s day, the tv and the computer is open at the same time. wasting energy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. OwO yeahhh… NOT COOL, MASTER MIME, NOT COOL! TURN OFF THE THINGS U DONT USE! >:C I mean it… I’ll find you if you don’t >:D

    1. Militia means “a military force that is raised from civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.”
      There’s another meaning.
      “a military force the engages in rebel or terrorist activities, typically in opposition to a regular army.”
      “all able-bodied civilians eligible by law military service.”

      ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Latin, literally ‘military service,’ from miles, milt- ‘soldier.’

  12. iv e noticed master mime ha a lot of ELECTRONICS so he is hogging energy therefore energy hog. not hard to figure out.

  13. Maybe the soldiers are using the pirates to defeat their oppenent and we have to end the war so they could settle down other than battle.So,according to the picture on the Creators blog,the new island is officially called Skullduggery Island.

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