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It’s Time to Master the Remastered 24 Carrot!

Update: Our 24 Carrot Island Guide for Worlds is here!

Hey Poptropicans, look what’s popped up on the map…

map 24c

Bubble Witch 3 Saga!

Wait, uh… no one cares about that. But there is something else that’s new on Poptropica Worlds: 24 Carrot Island! đŸ„•

As we’ve rumored, it’s not a copy-and-paste version of the 24 Carrot from Poptropica Original, but rather a remastered version of the classic island. Those on the PHC who’ve already played the island have remarked that the differences include: an extended plot, improved scenery, and a new carrot museum. Considering the visitors’ center on Crisis Caverns, it looks like a museum will be a regular feature to new islands on Worlds!

We’ll be adding We’ve also just added a guide page for the new 24 Carrot, complete with a written walkthrough and other tidbits, as soon as possible here on the PHB. (You are welcome to help us out!) You can also find it on our Island Help page.

On Home Island, you’ll meet a new character named Scarlet who’s a fellow adventurer like you – what does this mean for the Poptropica universe?

In other news, you can now buy swords for your house for 1 coin! That’s quite the bargain, even beating out the previous “cheap favorite,” the potted cactus (4-5 coins depending on whether you’re a member). It can be placed repeatedly with no limit, but will not save once you leave your house.

Update: This item seems to be gone now.


Finally, the clothes shop is currently promising 8 new summer outfits, but upon scrolling all the way to the end, I (and others) have yet to see any such new outfits. A glitch, perhaps?

8 summer outfits

Anyway, it’s great to finally get some updates on Worlds – a retake on an old favorite, no less! What did you think of the New New 24 Carrot Island? (24 Carrot first came out in 2008, then re-released as a SUI in 2013, and is back again, remastered, in 2017!)

Share your thoughts in the comments – the Creators tend to read them! 😉

Beware the hare.


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New Island for the New Player (Soon)

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and today, the Creators have decided to reveal Poptropica’s next island! Well, at least some info about it… check out this pic:


This is very cool looking! The sign tells us this is “Crusoes Castaway Retreat”, and based on the environment shown, this could be related to the jungle/aviation sneak peeks we’ve been seeing on the Daily Pop. The jungle-esque background is very nice, and is that a giant stone monkey head I see back there? The only problem is that the fruit on this large contraption/fruit stand structure is starting to make me hungry…

So, here’s what the Creators mentioned in their latest post (we’ve taken the liberty to emphasize the important parts in bold):

Well, we’re trying something a little bit different this time. We’ve got over 40 full Islands on the site already. That’s great for most players, but some of those Islands — okay, most of them — are very complex and challenging!

That’s why we’re putting our efforts toward a new Island especially for first-time players. It’s shorter than most, with simpler objectives. The idea is to let new players understand how to approach the challenges of Poptropica and give them the tools they need to crack some of the tougher Islands, like Escape From Pelican Rock.

If you’re already a Poptropica expert, fear not! We think you’ll like this Island too. It’s got some fantastic art, great gameplay, and hilarious characters. In other words, everything you love about Poptropica!

This sounds great – and as you may already know, sounds similar to a request Slanted Fish made in her open letter to Poptropica. (Plus, have you read the response?)

In other news, the Poptropica Creators’ Twitter (and other social media accounts) have recently been updated in a much more personal way with a new identity. The Twitter bio now reads:

The one and only official Poptropica Twitter account, moderated by Poptropica’s community liaison, Jessica (also known as Skinny Moon!)

The account’s avatar has changed as well. Gone is Zeus’ evil mugshot, and in its place is a shot of Skinny Moon, aka Jessica, the Creator who’s been running the Poptropica social media accounts lately. (Remember when we joined her Multiverse party?)


So are you all excited about the new island? Do you like the changes made to the Creators’ Twitter?

Until next time…

— Giant Hawk

Escape from Pelican Rock Island

Escape from Pelican Rock in Early Access!


Hi guys! Slip here with an important announcement!

Escape from Pelican Rock Island is now released to members for Early Access! You heard it right, it’s now open! Non-members should not worry, though. Poptropica has an island demo in store for you – and don’t worry, the full island will probably be out to the public in a few weeks!

efpr playnow

Poptropica has updated the homepage with some prisoners running along the screen, and Escapee Dr. Hare is even behind the pack! Also, the Dr. Hare hula-hooping animation loading screen has appeared in other places outside of Realms, including EFPR!


What are you waiting for? Play Poptropica’s newest island!

Update: If you’re stuck, check out Captain Crawfish’s official video walkthrough here:

Afterwards, check your position on the World Champions map and share your prison stories in the comments below!

bye (2)

Stay tuned to the PHB – we’ll have a walkthrough up as soon as possible! In the meantime, feel free to ask questions in the comments.

-Slip 🙂

New Islands

Brand New Tutorial Island!

Update: For our official walkthrough page for this island, see our Hub Island Guide!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here with the details of a new island!

If you checked out today’s Timmy Failure code post, you may have read about a mysterious blank medallion entitled “Hub Island” spotted by our very own Slanted Fish. A little while after the post released, I decided to go check the medallion list again and saw an updated medallion!

HubIslandTutorialI immediately went to the map and spotted this new island…


As it turns out, it’s almost exactly like the Tutorial Island on the Poptropica mobile app, and now it’s here on the online version! I dropped into the island to find myself with this explorer:


I soon went exploring around the island to find multiple different buildings. The first building shown here is the Shop. If you decided to enter in, it brings you to the Poptropica Store.

The second building shown here is the Arcade. Entering it brings you to the Pathfinders tribe common room, no matter which tribe you’re in.

The final building shown is the New You building. Inside, you can alter your appearance!

You can pull the lever (shown in the picture on the right) and the curtain on the top will drop down to allow you to customize with endless costumes. If you click the curtain (shown in the picture on the left) you can use a Colorizer, which allows you to change your skin and hair colors.

If you exit the New You building and go to the left, you visit the tutorial portion of the island. You will first see the platform below:


With a little exploring you will come upon this woman missing her lucky wrench.


Simply look up on a nearby tree to find the Wrench and give it to her.


She then offers to show you how to customize (because it is a tutorial island). If you continue left into a new room, and then all the way to the left of that room, you’ll see the explorer once again. He’ll mention that he wants to give you something but he can’t seem to find it.

This, of course, is the medallion. You can then go around the two areas in search for each of the parts. There are eight in total and they’re pretty easy to spot – they’re the glowing yellow chunks lying around.

Once you find all of these pieces, return back to the original location of the explorer, and he’ll award you with the Tutorial Island Medallion (and 150 credits!).

So, that’s an overview of the new Tutorial Island! Since you get 150 credits for completing this island, be sure to complete the island for a little more change to spend in the Poptropica Store. Plus, I feel like if I was a new player, this island would be quite helpful. 😀

So, what do you think about this tutorial island? Comment below!

‱ Ultimate iPad Expert ‱

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Timmy Failure Island is coming this September!

Hey guys, BT here to try and bring in some good news after the downer of the 7 sponsored members-only islands news.

Timmy Failure Island is officially announced, in, I shall say, in a unique way. Instead of the standard YouTube trailer, we’re given a short gif revealing an approximate release month for the island: September 2015.

There is an emphasis on the fact that this island is going to be in full color, similar to how Wimpy Boardwalk was advertised to be (as opposed to Wimpy Wonderland). Captain Crawfish also notes to keep an eye out for more “news, giveaways, and other great stuff” on the Creators’ Blog. I’m particularly curious about the giveaway part.

Although I have never personally read the series, I’m still semi-curious. HPuterpop told me it was about a kid who solves mysteries. I can see that working in a Poptropican environment. Can’t judge a book by its cover, so I’m willing to give this island a chance.

While we wait till September, please enjoy what I assume to be the product a bored Creator who must’ve been playing Silent Hill lately. And then decided to show a Poptropican version of a gore-free Pyramid Head off on the Daily Pop because why not.

pyramid head poptropican

BT out!