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Arabian Nights and YouTube Spotlights 🧞‍♂️

Heyo, Poptropicans! Big news: the Creators recently announced that Arabian Nights will be coming to Haxe in less than a week! And, unlike many islands before it, it’ll be available to all players—non-members included—right from the release! Pretty awesome, huh?

Arabian Nights was one of the most popular islands.

It’s not clear yet whether the Creators plan to remaster Arabian Nights (like they did with Mythology Island) or if they’re keeping it relatively the same as the Flash version. Most players, myself included, weren’t very happy with the lack of challenge in Haxe’s Mythology; but who knows what’ll happen with Arabian Nights? A new island port is progress in itself, and the most we can do is hope that the new version turns out as awesome as the original Arabian Nights!

Speaking of Arabian Nights, this fun island trilogy was the winner of the 2013/14 Create Your Dream Island Contest! It’s not a coincidence that the Creators decided to release Arabian Nights at this time, to commemorate the current Dream Island contest happening right now. (There’s still plenty of time left to submit your island entries!)

Arabian Nights (as seen on the mobile app)

In other news, a second Creators’ Blog post appeared not long after the Arabian Nights announcement, this one sharing a Halloween Poptropica fan video by Invisible Ring (inspired by the Zomberry Hero special event)! Though the post is quite late for Halloween, it’s never too late to be zombified. 🧟‍♀️ Check out the spooktacular video below:

There’s something in the title of the Creators’ post that caught my eye: “Video of the Week.” Hmm… is this another weekly promise? The store rotations that were planned to change every week don’t always live up to the promise, but it would be pretty great for the Creators to recognize their (very creative) fans with weekly videos. Between their showcasing of fan art in place of ads, social media spotlights, and now fan video features, the Creators have definitely been giving the Poptropica fandom lots of recognition lately!

Welp, that’s all for this one! What are your hopes for the new Arabian Nights? Thoughts on the Creators’ fan interactions? Let us know in the comments!

~Purple Paw 💜


15 thoughts on “Arabian Nights and YouTube Spotlights 🧞‍♂️”

    1. Not all the Flash islands are on the app, in fact most of them aren’t, so that probably means they have to port each one to mobile. The mobile app version of the game probably uses its own coding. Poptropica hasn’t commented on how they plan on managing the app in relation to the Haxe (computer) version of the game.

    2. Considering “ The mobile app version of the game probably uses its own coding” then they likely just forgot about the app for now, because mobile players make a tiny portion of their players, and the developers already have a hard enough time listening to the majority of their players so I doubt that the developers will focus on the minority of their players. But regarding what we know for sure, they don’t ever give a straightforward answer about anything relating to mobile poptropica so I guess you just have to wait and see

      1. They haven’t shared any stats that I can recall about whether mobile or desktop has more players. It’s possible the mobile player population is also significant, since they’ve invested some effort into the app (though perhaps less recently).

      2. They have, I saw it a couple months ago when I was looking through the years of poptropica, it was a pie chart, it might’ve been really old if you don’t remember but they released a pie chart before. The pie chart displayed how much of their players played on Computers vs Mobile and one other platform (I forgot what it was) and mobile players were a really small minority, it possibly could’ve increased but I doubt it would top computer players so it would still be a minority

      3. I found the stats you’re referring to (actually a poll on the official blog, taken at the beginning of this year). As the PHB wrote then, “Out of 650+ votes, the majority (76%) say they play Poptropica on the computer, while almost a fifth (20%) say they play on both, and the remaining minority (6%) are on team phone. Taking the “both” vote into account, that’s 94% who play on the computer and 24% on mobile.”

        While researching this, I also recalled other infographics, like these cool stats about Poptropica from a Pop Creator, Kyle Fox (though not about mobile stats).

  1. I find it cool that a Reddit post predicted that Arabian Nights would be coming to Haxe a month before poptropica even announced it! Btw nicely done post Purple Paw! 💜

    1. It was predicted just a week ago, actually (time is strange in 2020, though, so it might not feel that way 😜 ). Some fans like to dig through Poptropica’s files to get glimpses of what they’re working on behind the scenes.

  2. Great news post, Purple Paw! 😄 Also, that Zomberry Hero event-inspired video was pretty creative, and those Zomberry heads looked cool. Nice work, Invisible Ring. 🧟‍♀️

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