Design Your Dream Island contest is back! 🏝

Hey Poptropicans—contest alert! 🚨 From now until December 18 at 11:59 p.m. PST, you can submit your own original Poptropica island idea for a chance to have it made into game reality!

The next Poptropica island could be from your imagination.

Some of you might remember that Poptropica hosted this contest back in 2013. The winning idea added to the game? Arabian Nights Island. 🐫

Fans have been hoping for another chance at the contest ever since the massive success of the first one. More recently, the question was put forth in the PHB’s Q&A with Poptropica’s CEO, who answered, “How about after this interview gets posted we start the contest?” And true to their word, here it comes now!

📝 The Pop Creators have put together a brand new submission form ( which allows anyone to share their island ideas — as well as fan art and letters outside of the contest’s purposes! The form is simple: you enter your username, write a message, add an optional attachment (which can be a jpg, png, gif, or pdf file), click a checkbox captcha, and with the press of the submit button, your submission is sent to Poptropica.

Share your island idea on Poptropica’s new submission form.

Fortunately, there are no geographical or age restrictions like the previous Dream Island contest, but children under 13 do need a parent or guardian’s permission to enter. Your island idea should only be entered once.

As the Creators shared on the official blog, they’re looking for the following in a successful island idea: an original and exciting story, key characters, and setting (don’t copy from other brands or people!). Not only will the winning idea become a real Poptropica island, its inventor will also win a one-year Poptropica membership!

⛅️ For some inspiration to get your creative wheels spinning, you can take a look back at some of the most successful entries from the 2013 Dream Island contest. In addition to the winning Arabian Nights Island, the Pop Creators named these as their top ten runners-up last time: Bikers vs Boards Island, Fashion Crisis Island, Golden Mustache Island, House of Cards Island (with in-depth look from its inventor), Pharoah’s Fantasies Island, Prehistoric Island, Shakespeare Island, Space Bar Island, Stormchaser Island, and Symphony Island. (Plus, check out one former PHB staffer’s personal opinion reviews for each of those ideas!)

What ideas do you have for a Poptropica island? Start dreaming, maybe bounce some ideas with our PHC Discord community, and remember to submit your idea before the December 18 deadline!

And stay tuned — the winner will be announced December 28. Whatever it is, we’re excited to see, and eventually play, another fan-invented island! 😄🏝

— the PHB —


18 thoughts on “Design Your Dream Island contest is back! 🏝”

  1. I’m super excited!! We’ve been waiting for about four years—if I’m not mistaken—for a new island, and finally we’ll get one. 😄

  2. I know I should be excited for a new island but for the way this game has been for the past half a decade, I know I shouldn’t have my hopes up.

  3. one of the old islands would be great. if only they would bring them back, the new poptropicans scare me the way they bob their heads

    1. They’ve already said multiple times they cant add anything ad like. Please read their rules its literally at the top of their list of rules.

      “Please don’t submit anything that includes another brand (like your favorite toys, cartoons, characters)”

    1. I feel like, as long as it isn’t considered infringement under any copyright law, it should be okay, so if you want the voting committee to take your island idea into consideration it’s best to do your research and make sure whatever urban legend character or characters you’re using is safe to be used in your story without infringement.

      For example the last dream island contest that created Arabian Knights, had influences and inspirations from many old folklore Arabic stories, but it isn’t considered infringement because none of the characters or the story timelines were stolen from any other stories. I guess my best advice is to make sure your characters and storyline leans more towards the influenced/inspired side than the stolen/copied side.

  4. i really want there to be a kirby themed island,and for it to be episodic and the storyline involing kirby needing to travel to the other islands to create an omega orb to destroy a world eating glitch

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