CYDI runner-up #10: Symphony Island

Hey everyone! The Creators just announced the 10th runner-up of CYDI (Create Your Own Dream Island) contest, which was Symphony Island, submitted by Erika M. of Nebraska!


A MUSIC ISLAND! YAY! I love this island idea already! This is so cool; I want to know the plot right now! Here’s why the Creators liked the idea:

The pitch: Karl Notune hates music — and has an evil plan! It’s up to you to save the music before it’s too late!

Why we liked it: Now that we have music and sound effects on Poptropica, it’s a great idea to make a whole Island about music. Erika suggested that players would be able to play many different instruments — including piano, saxophone, and drums — and gave us a funny villain in “Karl Notune.” This entry rocked!

Wow! I would really love to play this island – great island idea, Erika! Anyway, here’s a snippet of the interview with Erika (Fast Fire) – you can read the rest on the Creators’ Blog.

Poptropica Creators: How did you come up with the idea for your Island?

Erika: I was brainstorming ideas for the island, and then I realized that I wanted to listen to music. Then it hit me, what about a musical Island?! Plus I always loved instrumental music.

Wow, Erika, you must really love music! I would like to personally applaud you for this entry! If you’re reading this, Erika, the PHB would love to hear more about your island idea, so feel free to comment below.

Anyway, this means that all ten CYDI runner-ups have been announced! Stay tuned to the PHB for my personal review/recap of each of the runner-ups’ and the winner’s island ideas. 🙂


8 thoughts on “CYDI runner-up #10: Symphony Island”

  1. O.M.Jeepers!!! I love this island! How come it didn’t win? Why did the The Arabian Nights Island win? No offense, my personal opinion. I like Symphony Island better. It would have been great to play! I’m surprised The Arabian Nights Island didn’t get a runner up spot for copy right. There’s a book called The Arabian Nights.

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