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Cosplay at Poptropi-Con, the next frontier!

Hey everyone! Remember my last post about how the next island will probably have a city theme (possibly based on San Francisco due to the bridge and palm trees)? Well, there’s more…

Thanks to some clever connections by PHB authors and readers, we may have even more information about this new island, which appears to involve some sort of Poptropica convention where Poptropicans have taken up cosplay (costume play)! Check out these recent Daily Pops showing off some pretty good (and pretty bad) Poptropica cosplays of characters from various islands!


This may be inspired by the yearly San Diego Comic Con, which takes place in, you guessed it, San Diego. It is a giant convention for everything comics, featuring comic books, toys, movie announcements, and some legendary cosplay.

For those unaware, cosplay (short for costume play) is when a fan dresses up as their favorite character. Of course, this could be really good, or really, really bad…


So we have cosplay and a city setting probably in southern California — what could this mean? As predicted by others, I am going to say this will concern some sort of (San Francisco?) Poptropica Convention. But that doesn’t have a good ring to it! How about the Poptropi-Con? Much better!

And here we have a Daily Pop sneak peek of the actual convention center which is sporting some nice “con” signs. This image serves as final confirmation that the new island is indeed some sort of Poptropica Convention (Poptropi-Con?).


So what do you think? Are you excited for a new Comic-Con based island? What do you think the plot could be about? Do you think Poptropi-Con has a good ring to it? Share your ideas in the comments below!


23 thoughts on “Cosplay at Poptropi-Con, the next frontier!”

    1. Why would a mayor beat you up 😕 ? Sorry, but that seems just unrealistic, no offense. Just think of it as Back Lot Island (in terms of physical appearance) 😀 .

      Also… you can play Poptropica, but you don’t have to play and complete the island if you don’t want you.

  1. That’s great! Can’t wait to see what happens.

    Now, I’d like to say, have a great Poptropica filled summer at Comic Con, with whatever other fandoms you have. Cheers. 🙂

  2. Poptropi-Con does have a nice ring to it. 😀 And the costume designs on the various cosplay outfits are pretty cool – even the Dragotank from Astro-Knights manages to look cute!

  3. Poptropi-Con is a great name! It sounds exciting! Do you think it will be an island or more of a common room?

  4. I would LOVE a real Poptropi-con. Meeting you guys would be really cool, along with the awesome merch I would collect. 🙂 Plus, I would create a killer cos-play outfit. XD

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