So long (Fuzzy-B)

Hey guys. Due to the huge amount of work I have from AP classes, band, and other activities, I haven’t had time to post here. Since I don’t have time to post, I might as well let someone else have the chance. I’ve loved posting, chatting, and hanging out with you guys, but my time here has ended. So long. 😦



Blast from the Past

Blast to the Past, Episode 2: Creators’ Favorite Islands

Hello PHB community, and welcome back to my Blast to the Past series! This episode we look at what the Creators’ favorite Islands are! Some of you may remember this as a week long series on the PCB two years ago from that lasted from July 20th to July 27th 2012. For those who don’t remember this, some of these picks are actually really surprising!

Can you match the Creator with their favorite Island? Remember, these can get pretty surprising.

1D  2C  3B  4E  5A

Ready for the answers? Scroll down to see how many you got correct!

A lot of them are not what you would expect! If you didn’t want to play the matching game, or just want to see the Creators’ picks without having to go check out the answers, here is a list of their picks:

  1. Master Mime – (D) Wild West Island
  2. Dr. Hare – (C) Skullduggery Island
  3. Comic Kid – (B) Vampire’s Curse and Wild West Island
  4. Director D – (E) Cryptids Island
  5. Captain Crawfish – (A) Red Dragon Island

Can you believe that Dr. Hare likes Skullduggery more than Captain Crawfish? Who would have guessed that Director D. was such a fan of urban legends? I also talked to some of the other PHB authors recently and found out what some of their favorite Islands are at the moment:

HPuterpopMocktropica Island – Mostly because the references and the style of the island. It really feels like an original island. Also, the boss battle. And the music. And breaking the fourth wall. And the humor and animation and NARFS.

Samwow5 – I like a lot of them, but my favorite is probably Survival Island. I love the episode idea and I love camping, so this island is for me!

Fuzzy-B – As much as I love the look, feel, and story of Counterfeit Island and Skullduggery Island, my favorite has to be Astro-Knights Island because I feel that the game-play and story is the best out of all 39 Islands so far!

How many Creators’ picks were you able to get right? What do you think of their picks, and some of the PHB authors’ picks? What’s your favorite Island? Sound off below with what you think!

Blast from the Past, Snapshot Series

Blast from the Past, Episode 1: Superstars

Hey PHB readers! I’m starting a new series here on the PHB called “Blast from the Past” where I showcase interesting things from Poptropica’s history.

For some of the more long term readers, this is going to be a walk down memory lane, inspiring some nostalgia. For some of the newer readers, this may be the first time they encounter some of the awesome things Poptropica has done!


The first episode of this new series is titled Superstars. As some of you may have guessed, this has to do with the five “Superstars” of Poptropica. Three years ago exactly to the date, the Poptropica Creators started a week-long series of posts showcasing some of, who they deemed, Poptropica’s greatest players. These players included Grumpy Icicle, Fierce Moon, Grey Icicle, Quiet Boot, and Sporty Boa, some of whom were avid PHB readers!

These players had achieved some pretty amazing feats such as being in the top ten island finishers for Shrink Ray Island, winning 93 games of Sky Dive, and being undefeated in the Prepare for Impact mini-game. The Creators even gave Fierce Moon’s blog, Poptropica Cheats and Secrets, a subtle shout out.

Back in the day, everyone wanted to be the next superstar. People posted their “superstar resumes” on their blogs, and even in the comments here on the PHB.

Do you remember the PCB’s Superstars, or is this all new to you? Let me know about that and what you think of this new series in the comments below.

Advertisements, Glitches

Glitch alert: how to fly on any SUI

Hey guys, Fuzzy-B here! I have found a new glitch that allows you to fly on any SUI (sound-updated island)! You should probably enjoy this as soon as you can, as it will most likely get fixed fairly soon. Now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s get into how to fly on any SUI!


WHAT YOU NEED: First, you need to get the Conner Bailey (boys) or Alex Bailey (girls) advertisement card and customize the sword (or wand, for girls). When I logged in it was given to me automatically, so it should be in your inventory automatically when you log in.


HOW TO FLY: The next part is fairly simple and it’s how you fly. Point your arrow in the direction you want to go, then jump and rapidly pump the space bar. You are now flying across the screen as if you are on Super Power Island!

What do you think of being able to fly on any SUI? Pretty awesome, right? Be sure to check out the PHB’s cheats page for more cool glitches, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Daily Pop, PoptropiCon Island

Cosplay at Poptropi-Con, the next frontier!

Hey everyone! Remember my last post about how the next island will probably have a city theme (possibly based on San Francisco due to the bridge and palm trees)? Well, there’s more…

Thanks to some clever connections by PHB authors and readers, we may have even more information about this new island, which appears to involve some sort of Poptropica convention where Poptropicans have taken up cosplay (costume play)! Check out these recent Daily Pops showing off some pretty good (and pretty bad) Poptropica cosplays of characters from various islands!


This may be inspired by the yearly San Diego Comic Con, which takes place in, you guessed it, San Diego. It is a giant convention for everything comics, featuring comic books, toys, movie announcements, and some legendary cosplay.

For those unaware, cosplay (short for costume play) is when a fan dresses up as their favorite character. Of course, this could be really good, or really, really bad…


So we have cosplay and a city setting probably in southern California — what could this mean? As predicted by others, I am going to say this will concern some sort of (San Francisco?) Poptropica Convention. But that doesn’t have a good ring to it! How about the Poptropi-Con? Much better!

And here we have a Daily Pop sneak peek of the actual convention center which is sporting some nice “con” signs. This image serves as final confirmation that the new island is indeed some sort of Poptropica Convention (Poptropi-Con?).


So what do you think? Are you excited for a new Comic-Con based island? What do you think the plot could be about? Do you think Poptropi-Con has a good ring to it? Share your ideas in the comments below!