So long (Fuzzy-B)

Hey guys. Due to the huge amount of work I have from AP classes, band, and other activities, I haven’t had time to post here. Since I don’t have time to post, I might as well let someone else have the chance. I’ve loved posting, chatting, and hanging out with you guys, but my time here has ended. So long. 😦




72 thoughts on “So long (Fuzzy-B)

    • ツ♫вσηу¢aтƒιѕн♫ツ says:

      Like, can you not take an advantage on a sad event? The fact that Fuzzy is leaving doesn’t mean that you’re going to be an author. And besides, now you’re probably NOT going to be an author. Stop being selfish and only care about yourself and start actually caring about others. Seriously, the world isn’t about you.

    • вяαʋᴇ ᴅᴏʟᴘнıɴ says:

      Really? I can’t believe the hatred and greed you’re displaying right now. As BC previously said, the fact that Fuzzy-B is leaving doesn’t automatically mean you are going to be author. Perhaps you should take the time to think of how Fuzzy-B might have felt (or is going to feel if he hasn’t checked the comments) when he read that. Your selfishness doesn’t automatically grant you the chance to be an author. Please be considerate for other’s feelings, and although you may want to be author, maybe you should AT THE VERY LEAST bid Fuzzy-B well, as he was a great author. As BC said, “…the world isn’t about you.”. You’d except a farewell post would have kind comments, and when I see this, it makes me pretty sad. I didn’t even BELIEVE someone would actually have the guts and selfishness to do that. I am shocked at what people say and do nowadays.
      ~Brave Dolphin (Best of luck in school, Fuzzy-B!)

  1. Muddy Kid the Smartest Retro says:

    *hugs Fuzzy, crying* FUZZY!!! DON’T LEAVE US PLEASE!!!!!!! WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries more* 😥

    • Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

      Bye Fuzzy… I liked your Blast From The Pasts Posts, so WIP (Write In Peace) (Not meaning to steal Sam’s farewell, it just popped in my head when I saw it ;p)

  2. SScatboxTheCat says:

    You’ve been a GREAT PHB people (ROFL) I’m not so close to you so not that much sadness, but bye!!!

    (PHB people ROFL what ever IS that???)
    Kogama user: sscatbox
    ROBLOX users: XxSScatboxTheCatxX (AND) SScatboxTheCat
    (I lost SScatboxTheCat FYI so don’t add that account to find out i’ll never play on that account again (If you play ROBLOX))

  3. kurtbushg says:

    here it is go to a sui and customize the atlantis captain then go to the select a character screen then you customize anything on anyone

  4. ♫★Scary Plug★♫ 卌 says:

    Guys, stop asking to be an author. It’s disrespectful to Fuzzy. He’s leaving and all you guys care is a spot on here. Also, let Fishy decides whether to hire a new author or not. It’s her blog anyway.

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