Blast from the Past

Blast to the Past, Episode 2: Creators’ Favorite Islands

Hello PHB community, and welcome back to my Blast to the Past series! This episode we look at what the Creators’ favorite Islands are! Some of you may remember this as a week long series on the PCB two years ago from that lasted from July 20th to July 27th 2012. For those who don’t remember this, some of these picks are actually really surprising!

Can you match the Creator with their favorite Island? Remember, these can get pretty surprising.

1D  2C  3B  4E  5A

Ready for the answers? Scroll down to see how many you got correct!

A lot of them are not what you would expect! If you didn’t want to play the matching game, or just want to see the Creators’ picks without having to go check out the answers, here is a list of their picks:

  1. Master Mime – (D) Wild West Island
  2. Dr. Hare – (C) Skullduggery Island
  3. Comic Kid – (B) Vampire’s Curse and Wild West Island
  4. Director D – (E) Cryptids Island
  5. Captain Crawfish – (A) Red Dragon Island

Can you believe that Dr. Hare likes Skullduggery more than Captain Crawfish? Who would have guessed that Director D. was such a fan of urban legends? I also talked to some of the other PHB authors recently and found out what some of their favorite Islands are at the moment:

HPuterpopMocktropica Island – Mostly because the references and the style of the island. It really feels like an original island. Also, the boss battle. And the music. And breaking the fourth wall. And the humor and animation and NARFS.

Samwow5 – I like a lot of them, but my favorite is probably Survival Island. I love the episode idea and I love camping, so this island is for me!

Fuzzy-B – As much as I love the look, feel, and story of Counterfeit Island and Skullduggery Island, my favorite has to be Astro-Knights Island because I feel that the game-play and story is the best out of all 39 Islands so far!

How many Creators’ picks were you able to get right? What do you think of their picks, and some of the PHB authors’ picks? What’s your favorite Island? Sound off below with what you think!

25 thoughts on “Blast to the Past, Episode 2: Creators’ Favorite Islands”

  1. My favorite is Counterfeit Island too. I like the Black Widow and they gave me the medallion twice without me even completing it once! I had no idea how it happened, but I’m still going to check out Counterfeit to earn the pictures and items.

  2. My favorite islands are Survival, Monster Carnival, (Too bad I didn’t finish them) and many others!

  3. Well, picking my favorite island is one of the toughest Poptropica-related decision I do. I still can’t come up with one. I have three.
    It’s either Mocktropica, Red Dragon Island or Survival.
    Mocktropica- awesome story, crazy things, humor and epic twists.
    Red Dragon-great setting, an awesome quest and cool dragon battle
    Survival- unique story, they unexpected turn in the story, unpredictable events.
    Those three stood out of the 39 islands. I can’t wait to see more.

  4. My favorite island Mystery Train, because I really like the plot. I also love Mythology and Survival!

  5. Favorite island…. Ugh, this was harder to choose than it was years ago, but I’m sticking with Mythology as my fave. Of course I have other favorites too, but Mythology was the island that sucked me in to the game. The topic intrigued me, the story was epic, and it’s home to what I believe to be the best boss battle in Poptropica.

      1. After Mocktropica, Mystery Train and Ghost Story tie for me. Both of the stories are excellent and the animation in both are just as awesome. 😀

  6. My favorite island is a tie between Cryptids and Mystery Train. 😛
    Cryptids – this got me into urban legends… especially the Jersey Devil. 😛
    Mystery Train – we get to meet famous people, and most of all, get to solve a quite puzzling mystery! 😀

  7. Hey, i dont know if you already saw the poptropica blog, but they have launched a sticker book, like the one you have posted in a few months ago! You guys, are too fast for poptropica!

  8. Steamworks 😀 I love the reference of Wallace and Gromit with the tecno pants and all the island itselft 😛

  9. My all-time favorites are Shark Tooth for its classic island look and simplicity, and Counterfeit for its European scenery, art history references, the travel to another island in the middle of the quest, the change to nighttime (although Monster Carnival has this too) and of course, the first of many appearances of Balloon Boy. 😀

  10. My favorites are Counterfeit: Great story. I loved the art history references and it was great to solve puzzles!
    Mystery Train: I loved being a detective here and a reference to Chicago World Fair and references to famous people.
    Cryptids: I like cryptids!
    Lunar Colony: I just loved going to the Moon and It was a great alien mission. I hope a sequel of Lunar Colony comes.

  11. I have a lot of favourites but these are my top favorites:
    Backlot , counterfit, skullduggery, mocktropia, and night watch! I completed all of them thanks to poptropica help!

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