Blast from the Past, Snapshot Series

Blast from the Past, Episode 1: Superstars

Hey PHB readers! I’m starting a new series here on the PHB called “Blast from the Past” where I showcase interesting things from Poptropica’s history.

For some of the more long term readers, this is going to be a walk down memory lane, inspiring some nostalgia. For some of the newer readers, this may be the first time they encounter some of the awesome things Poptropica has done!


The first episode of this new series is titled Superstars. As some of you may have guessed, this has to do with the five “Superstars” of Poptropica. Three years ago exactly to the date, the Poptropica Creators started a week-long series of posts showcasing some of, who they deemed, Poptropica’s greatest players. These players included Grumpy Icicle, Fierce Moon, Grey Icicle, Quiet Boot, and Sporty Boa, some of whom were avid PHB readers!

These players had achieved some pretty amazing feats such as being in the top ten island finishers for Shrink Ray Island, winning 93 games of Sky Dive, and being undefeated in the Prepare for Impact mini-game. The Creators even gave Fierce Moon’s blog, Poptropica Cheats and Secrets, a subtle shout out.

Back in the day, everyone wanted to be the next superstar. People posted their “superstar resumes” on their blogs, and even in the comments here on the PHB.

Do you remember the PCB’s Superstars, or is this all new to you? Let me know about that and what you think of this new series in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “Blast from the Past, Episode 1: Superstars”

  1. I remember those! 😀 Fierce Moon still somewhat blogs, and Grumpy Icicle was a viewer, idk if he still is though

  2. i used to follow fierce moons blog until i found the PHB… and ive sticked with the PHB ever since. i just like how theres like no ads in your face and the page is a lot nicer to look at. also ive notices that theres been a lot of fights in the comments on poptropicasecrets (fierce moon) and i like to stay away from that 😛

    but its cool to see them again here

    plus im so jealous of the golden rockstar outfit fierce moon has on.. i remember when that came out and i bought it but then i forgot my username and password lol

  3. I remember that! Well, sort of. But it’s sad they don’t do it anymore.

  4. Ah I remember that. For a week in July 2011, they did that… And Fierce Moon’s blog was actually the first fan blog I ever went to- and it helped me on some difficult islands way back when I was a timid gamer.
    Ah, memories…

  5. *sigh* Those were the days! I wish they still had them. I think they should bring them back! Who’s with me?!

  6. On topic: I check out Fierce Moon’s Blog sometimes.
    Off-topic: You should post about the upcoming free costume for members and non-members coming on Monday!!

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