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Glitch alert: how to fly on any SUI

Hey guys, Fuzzy-B here! I have found a new glitch that allows you to fly on any SUI (sound-updated island)! You should probably enjoy this as soon as you can, as it will most likely get fixed fairly soon. Now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s get into how to fly on any SUI!


WHAT YOU NEED: First, you need to get the Conner Bailey (boys) or Alex Bailey (girls) advertisement card and customize the sword (or wand, for girls). When I logged in it was given to me automatically, so it should be in your inventory automatically when you log in.


HOW TO FLY: The next part is fairly simple and it’s how you fly. Point your arrow in the direction you want to go, then jump and rapidly pump the space bar. You are now flying across the screen as if you are on Super Power Island!

What do you think of being able to fly on any SUI? Pretty awesome, right? Be sure to check out the PHB’s cheats page for more cool glitches, and let me know what you think in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Glitch alert: how to fly on any SUI”

  1. It’s only for males. The girls receive a different power and hair with flowers with a blue dress and a wand. That stinks since I’m a girl and I think that sword is cool! 😛

    1. To all Girls who want to use this glitch: Replace the sword with the wand from the Alex Bailey costume.

  2. I tried it before and I had so much fun!! Awesome glitch.

  3. Actually, this glitch was discovered before by Mashimai, in fact he sent in a video of it for the June Popcorn issue. He just used the Ice Blaster gun instead. And I think that all handhelds that have an action can do it. 😛 Here’s the link to the video:

  4. It’s funny cause sometimes I will be playing Monster Carnival, and when I go to Honest Gabe’s to sharpen the blunted dart, my person will look like they’re laying on the floor when sharpening the dart

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