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Fishing Suit now in the Store, and some new city settings!

Hey everyone, after a (not so short) hiatus, I finally have finals, tests, projects, etc. out of the way and can be active in the community again!

As previewed by HP in a post earlier this week (along with many other awesome things – so check it out if you haven’t), the new Fishing Suit has been (officially) released for Survival – Episode 2. It is currently free in the Store for everyone, so make sure to go claim yours! (The Fishing Suit can also be found on a tree trunk in Episode 2.)


As always, there have been some interesting new Daily Pops. Sometimes these Daily Pops can give away a lot about upcoming islands. They helped us figure out that  “Mall” (Night Watch), “Movie” (Back Lot), “Monster” (Monster Carnival), and “Winter” (Survival) islands were all being prepared for release, and now it appears that the next island will have a city theme to it!

As you can see, the Portable Toilets, Pizza Pocket Truck, and vending machines, along with all the background imagery gives away that the creators are working on a new city themed project! What city, you may ask? I predict it will be San Francisco, or a city based on San Francisco. The second image gives it all away. In the background, behind the pizza truck we see a bay with a bridge over it. This bridge might just be San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge!

So what do you think? Are you excited for a new San Francisco-based island? What do you think the plot could be about? Share your ideas in the usual place below!

Sneak Peeks

PHB Sneak Peeks: Upcoming Friendly Features

Spoiler warning: If you don’t want to learn what some of the upcoming features on Poptropica will be, then don’t read this post. If you do, however, then read on! (Note: Just because this post has been made does not mean the Creators will scrap a project they’ve worked hard on! No hate, please.)


Still here? Ready to get a sneak peek into the future of Poptropica? Here we go, let the post begin!

Through some recently uncovered pictures, we may have a look at some of Poptropica’s upcoming features! Here we have an example of what will come to be known as a Badge Album when it is released. This one specific album is part of a bigger feature to be released.


There you have it! It appears that there will be an addition to the Friends feature in the near future. It features your Poptropica Avatar, your name, your battle ranking, and your Island Medallions. But what are those at the bottom? Those would be the various Badge Albums.


There are four types of badges that you can earn: Collector, Socializer, Explorer, and Competitor. If I had to guess, I would assume that each  badge type was related to the following aspects of the game:

  • Collector relates to either how many items you have, or how many hidden items you have found within the game.
  • Socializer relates to how many friends you have, how much time you spend in common rooms, or how many times you chat and battle.
  • Explorer relates to how many islands that you have started or completed.
  • Competitor relates to your battle ranking/how many mini-games you have won, how many island medallions you have won, or how many times you have completed each island.

There is also another little feature hidden away in this new way to show off all of your achievements, a way to not show off your achievements! In the bottom left corner, you can see this privacy lock.


This allows for you to hide your Friends page and profile. You can either have your profile shown to everyone, just your friends, or (presumably) not at all.


It appears that only time will tell all of the secrets that this badge feature has hidden away.

What do you think of all of this, are you excited to collect some badges? Are you gonna try to earn every badge? How do you even earn badges? Are you going to hide away all of your stats or show them off to the world? Sound off bellow with your thoughts about this new feature.

~Special thanks to Elphangor for providing pictures.

Mission Atlantis Island

Poptropica Hobbies: Underwater Basket Weaving

While strolling through the Daily Pop recently I found some images sharing a common theme: underwater. What could this mean? That can mean only one thing: Poptropicans may be heading under the sea for a new adventure sometime soon. I just hope that we have a better quest than underwater basket weaving!

Underwater underwater2

underwater3 underwater4

See urchins, spike covered fish, submerged mines – it looks like the oceans of Poptropica could be very dangerous! What could possibly be the plot of this Quest? The last time an island featured an underwater theme, we had to save a ship from sinking! What could be more dramatic then that? Whatever it is, this seems very exciting!

These scary fish and dangerous explosives leave me very excited to see what this could be! What do you think? What could we possibly be doing underwater this time?

Daily Pop

Could these be Poptropica’s new Islands?

Hey everyone! I’m here today to not only share in the celebration over Monster Carnival Island (dream come true) but to look at the future of Poptropica. We had a pretty good idea that Monster Carnival was coming soon thanks to some pretty monstrous Daily Pops, which raises the question, what other secrets are hidden in those often overlooked little pictures? I have grouped some recent Daily Pops that may give us an idea of some upcoming islands!

Atmos-Knights Island

These previews almost look like they could be from an alternate version of Astro-Knights Island. The last two images even show very similar locations to some that were used in Astro-Knights! The images show a castle, an old broken down windmill, and someone’s study. It also appears that these images are high up in the air.

As you can see in the bottom of the first two images the land seems to be floating on clouds! The plane crashed into the windmill in the second image is very interesting also! It appears that this is a mixture between an atmosphere set Sky Island and Astro-Knights Island… Atmos-Knights Island!

Twisted Twice Island

Our next hypothetical island looks like it could be a sequel to Twisted Thicket Island. Twisted Twice Island! The first and second images show forest scenes that could easily be part of a Twisted Thicket sequel island. The first image even has a ghostly Poptropican, very similar to the forest dwellers in Twisted Thicket once their powerful orb is stolen. Could it be stolen again and we must find it?

The third picture has the most connection to Twisted Thicket showing an image of what looks like a journal. Inside this journal are drawings of what could be the weapons used by the forest creatures and at the bottom a drawing of the Tree where the forest’s orb is kept.

Winter Wonderland Island

Odds are that we won’t be seeing a Frozen Island, but these Daily Pops do look a little chilly! What could be happening here? Is there an eternal winter we must thaw? Do we need to find the Abominable Snowman? All we know right now is that there is a frozen mud puddle, a nice looking bird pecking at a tree, and there will be a nice moonlight night! Time will tell what this new island/feature will turn into!

What are your thoughts on these new sneak peeks? Is Poptropica making island sequels now? All we have to do now is enjoy Monster Carnival Island and wait for the next announcement! These are all hypothetical, but what do you guys think? Will we be seeing Atmos-Knights, Twisted Twice, or Winter Wonderland Island anytime soon?

Advertisements, Mocktropica Island

Mega Fighting Squirrels ?

What’s up guys? While cruising through Night Watch Island, I found a new advertisement building for the upcoming movie The Nut Job. You can also find the building on some other islands including Back Lot, Virus Hunter, and Mocktropica.

Once you enter the building talk to the grey squirrel, Surly, standing beside the door. He will tell you that he has a new sure fire plan to get the nuts. Your instructions are to use a nut catapult to shoot the nuts over to Surly the squirrel. This can get really tricky, but do your best to launch the nuts while the catapult is just perfectly in the green area of the base.


Once you launch ten nuts into the bag you win! You receive two prizes, the Surly Power and the Pistachio Costume!


The Surly Power shows a little cut screen of Surly dropping down to steal a nut on ropes and pulleys Mission: Impossible style! The Pistachio Costume is just what it looks like, a big Pistachio that you can walk around in all day PSY style.

Lastly, there is a new piece of news on the PCB. They realize that we may have seen through their little Mega Fighting Bot ruse pretty quickly, but that doesn’t mean that they love those little bots any less! You can now find some Mega Fighting Bots extras on the Mocktropica Info page, their very own wallpaper and poster! You can find the wallpaper here and the printable poster here.

They also promised that the Mega Fighting Bots themed Members Only Bonus Quest is coming soon, so stay on the look out for a new bonus quest featuring some fighting robots!