Mission Atlantis Island

Poptropica Hobbies: Underwater Basket Weaving

While strolling through the Daily Pop recently I found some images sharing a common theme: underwater. What could this mean? That can mean only one thing: Poptropicans may be heading under the sea for a new adventure sometime soon. I just hope that we have a better quest than underwater basket weaving!

Underwater underwater2

underwater3 underwater4

See urchins, spike covered fish, submerged mines – it looks like the oceans of Poptropica could be very dangerous! What could possibly be the plot of this Quest? The last time an island featured an underwater theme, we had to save a ship from sinking! What could be more dramatic then that? Whatever it is, this seems very exciting!

These scary fish and dangerous explosives leave me very excited to see what this could be! What do you think? What could we possibly be doing underwater this time?

9 thoughts on “Poptropica Hobbies: Underwater Basket Weaving”

    1. the pictures seem like really rough drafts of the backgrounds. there isn’t much detail, exept for the first 1.

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