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Fishing Suit now in the Store, and some new city settings!

Hey everyone, after a (not so short) hiatus, I finally have finals, tests, projects, etc. out of the way and can be active in the community again!

As previewed by HP in a post earlier this week (along with many other awesome things – so check it out if you haven’t), the new Fishing Suit has been (officially) released for Survival – Episode 2. It is currently free in the Store for everyone, so make sure to go claim yours! (The Fishing Suit can also be found on a tree trunk in Episode 2.)


As always, there have been some interesting new Daily Pops. Sometimes these Daily Pops can give away a lot about upcoming islands. They helped us figure out that  “Mall” (Night Watch), “Movie” (Back Lot), “Monster” (Monster Carnival), and “Winter” (Survival) islands were all being prepared for release, and now it appears that the next island will have a city theme to it!

As you can see, the Portable Toilets, Pizza Pocket Truck, and vending machines, along with all the background imagery gives away that the creators are working on a new city themed project! What city, you may ask? I predict it will be San Francisco, or a city based on San Francisco. The second image gives it all away. In the background, behind the pizza truck we see a bay with a bridge over it. This bridge might just be San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge!

So what do you think? Are you excited for a new San Francisco-based island? What do you think the plot could be about? Share your ideas in the usual place below!

12 thoughts on “Fishing Suit now in the Store, and some new city settings!”

  1. Okay, I was thinking of the wrong “San” city- that’s how clear it is I’m an east coaster XD Remember those costumes we saw before? They’re cosplayers! I mean,when I first saw them, I thought they were just costumes for an island pageant or play or something- I’d never think they were cosplayers until the daily pop with the convention exterior showed up… I wonder what the heck ComicCon has to do with our future adventures…

    1. It does seem like these city scenes may be related to the “Poptropica Con” cosplayers seen in the Daily Pop – looks like we may be getting some cool costumes when this island is released!

  2. I think we have a possibility for New York City, I mean, for all we know it could be the Brooklyn Bridge… and there are a lot of other bridges in the US like that, but, yes, the main possibility would be San Francisco!! I hope it’s either that or NYC!! That would be SUPER cool 🙂 ttyl

  3. Remember Zomberry Island Had Chinatown So this might be Oakland (City Next to San Francisco) or on the east coast it might be the Brooklyn bridge in NYC Or The Manhattan Bridge or another bridge in San Francisco is the golden gate bridge (One of the Americas Famous Bridges)
    So here are some possibility bridges
    Bay Bridge- San Francisco to Oakland
    Golden Gate Bridge- San Francisco
    Brooklyn Bridge- NYC (New York City)
    Manhattan Bridge- Manhattan, New York City
    Those Are Some Possibility Bridges

  4. It probably will be somewhere in So Cal because of the palm trees and with the bridge, I bet that it is the San Francisco Poptropica-Con (a parody of the San Diego Comic-con).

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