Recap: Pop Portraits S1 finale livestream & PHB 12M hits party!

Hi Gs,

If you’ve been keeping up with my recent posts, then you’ll know that the Poptropican Portraits Season 1 Finale Livestream has commenced — maybe you attended. 😉 You can watch the recorded livestream below, featuring me with PHB author Blake and ATP blog owner Spotted Dragon. 😀

A couple things happened in the livestream that were note worthy — first of all, my main account (puterpop) was hacked during the livestream, and I wasn’t able to log in. It was randomized frequently while hacked, but don’t worry — I got my account back and it was fine. 😉

I also got through three (uncolored) creators, leaving Tracy West for later — but do not worry. I’ll make a speed art coloring all of them and finishing Tracy in a video on my Youtube Channel soon. 🙂

Also, hope you had fun at the PHB’s Poptropica/PHC party for our 12 million hits (if you attended) while enjoying the livestream! 😀 UPDATE: Here’s the finished product!

creator portraits


24 thoughts on “Recap: Pop Portraits S1 finale livestream & PHB 12M hits party!

  1. Perfect Dragon says:

    Tht stinks about ur account, but glad u got it back! lol on the chat during the party everyone was trying to figure out who hacked you!

  2. WimpyKidFan says:

    Huputerpop, we contacted the creators to get your account back! Glad it helped! Btw, party and livestream were both awesome!!!

  3. Cuddly Knuckle aka Wilbur says:

    Hey guys I hope you saw us in the 12 million hits party!
    BTW, my gangbusters were thinking about what happened to your account.

  4. Bony Catfish says:

    Nice livestream, HP!

    Also, just asking, what painting program/software do you use? I have a devainart account and I want to use a better and “upgraded” painting program/software instead of using the painting program/software I have (and sometimes using the painter DA has). Using my painting program/software makes my lines look wobbly.

    • HPuterpop says:

      For the most part I use Photoshop Elements 8, which is a cheap Photoshop alternative – it’s also what I use for all my photos and art I post on the blog.

      However, there are plenty of free softwares for art out there. I used the free tool “MyPaint” for quite a while as the program for Poptropican Portraits. Another awesome tool is Gimp, which allows you to make paths and basically lets you draw with a mouse. You can find plenty of online tutorials teaching you how to do so. 🙂

      Also, a lot of my lines are actually wobbly, you just can’t notice it because I make them small. 😉

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