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Recap: Poppies 2022 😍🏆🎡

Greetings, Poppie-tropicans! We’ve come to the end of another sparkling Poppies — our eighth year of Poptropica fan awards. 🏆✨

Thank you all for joining in on the festivities throughout the month! We received over 160 votes in the polls to determine this year’s winners, announced via a livestream hosted by Slanted Fish, Sporty Boa, Gentle Dolphin, and Lucky Joker. Catch the spectacular slideshow celebration below, or scroll down to directly see the winners of the 2022 Poppies!

Don’t miss the intermission show by Smart Icicle where you can enjoy a “pop down memory lane” through seven years of Poppies past. For even more mems, check out our Poppies playlist! 🎥

And the Poppies go to…

Poptropica Awards

Community Awards

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees of the 2022 Poppies! The spotlights are well deserved. 🥳🌟

This year, the Poppies had a special visitor on our Discord server: Official Poptropica! At least, it seems to be — our hunch is that it’s legit. Appearing after the show for only a few minutes, the new account dropped by with just one short and sweet message of thanks plus some hype for “more Discord appearances.” Will we get to interact with the current social media manager like in the days of Skinny Moon? Maybe we’ll find out soon. In any case, it’s an honor to have Pop stop by! 🤩

“Best Fan Art” Nominee Gallery

Feast your eyes on this year’s glorious gallery, chosen by the people:

From nominating to voting to tuning in live, thanks for joining us at the Poppies blue carpet, bearing with technical difficulties, and celebrating the Poptropica universe, fandom, and PHB’s 14th blog birthday! 🥳💙

Keep on poppin’ on,

— 🌟 the Poptropica Help Blog 🌟 —

PHB Parties

Recap: the PHB’s 2021 Grapple-Pap Party ☃️

Pap-Pap Hooray, it’s Grapple-Pap! ❄️❄️❄️

This weekend, Poptropicans gathered in the Arcade and on our PHC Discord server to celebrate the holiday season with a bout of friendly games, festive outfits, and frolicking cheer. Catch a glimpse of the fun in the collage pic above! 🥳👋

We dressed up and doodled around, connecting with friends and facing our share of disconnections from full Poptropica party rooms. On the PHC, Santa Hare and a host of other Santa villains greeted us with boasts of their Christmastime delinquency. Snowballs were thrown, screen snaps were shared, and so were suspicions of who in the party room might be a Pop Creator — our bet’s on Detective Anna Gram. 🕵️‍♀️

Thanks to all who came out to party with us! We hope you had a blast and are enjoying the holidays, however you celebrate. Happy Grapple-Pap!!

~Poptropica’s little help bloggers 🎄

Fan Art Features, Mini Quests, PHB Parties

Grapple-Gifts of talents and shout-outs 🗣✨

Glorious Grapple-Pap to you, Poptropicans! 😄

Today’s the day! You’ve heard us tell you the PHB is throwing a Grapple-Pap Holiday Party this Sat evening at 8 pm Eastern, but there’s more: it’s now Poptropica approved!

Just a day ago, the Pop Creators’ Blog gave a little shout-out for our event, complete with a “See y’all there.” Sounds like they might be joining us! Don’t miss your chance to party with a Pop Creator — be sure to pop in for some games at the Arcade tonight! 🕹

Speaking of Grapple-Pap, Poptropica also released an official playthrough video of the Grapple-Gift event that’ll be here for the rest of the month. For something to pair it with, try our Grapple-Gift Guide!

Also on the Creators’ Blog is a post highlighting some fan creations from TikTok and Instagram. From TikTok, we’ve got a ceramic PoptropiCon soda bottle by @poptropisland, a vivid art piece by @romogogo, voiced sketches by @jackoluckisntnormal, and older kids @_carleyjo, @cassidyjuster, and @nikotomc looking to Poptropica as a distraction from school finals. Click the names or visit the Pop blog to watch! 🎥👀

And from Instagram, the Creators featured another batch of fantastic fan art, including a few from the PHB’s Lucky Joker (@howdyitslj)! By the way, you can also find his PHB team pic on our About page, and the names of every OG contestant in our Reality TV Island Guide.

Other art featured on the Creators’ Blog are @happyclonetrooper’s 2021 art summary, @bunnies_n_bowties’ sunset portrait of a Poptropica sky, and Sleepy Biker’s drawings of iconic characters wearing merch from Poptropica’s Zazzle shop. Cute!

By the way, there’s more art featured on Pop’s Instagram stories too, including a couple of the above! In addition, there’s a reminder for the ticking deadline of this month’s costume contest, which closes this Sunday, Dec 19 at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific.

That wraps up this Grapple-Gift of fan-made talents! Be sure to pop by tonight on Discord and Poptropica’s Arcade (through the in-game menu) for our Grapple-Pap Party. See you there!


PHB Parties

This Sat: PHB’s 2021 Grapple-Pap Party! 🥳❄️

Happy Grapple-Pap, Poptropicans! To celebrate the holiday season (both on Poptropica and in general), the PHB is hosting a Grapple-Pap Holiday Party! 🎄🥳

Legend has it that Poptropicans are obligated to spread holiday cheer, or the great Grapple-Pap will get you for one whole year. Well, we love an excuse to party, so you’re all invited join us on the Discord sleigh for a merry time of Poptropica play! 🎊🎅

Save the date for Saturday, December 18 @ 8 pm Eastern / 7 pm Central / 6 pm Mountain / 5 pm Pacific (for all other time zones, check a time zone converter). In some parts of the world, it may be Sunday morning, Dec 19. 📅

We’ll be hanging out in Poptropica’s common rooms like the Arcade (via the in-game menu), playing head-to-head games, and talking on our Discord chat server, the PHC — a space where PHB staff and other Poptropicans regularly hang out. It’s open anytime, so come on in. 💬👋

Bring your wondrous winter wear and get ready to have a beautiful blizzard blast. See you this weekend! ❄️

~Poptropica’s little help bloggers 🎄

PHB Parties, Poppies

Recap: Poppies 2021 Awards 🏆🥳💙

Hey Poppie-tropicans! We’ve just wrapped up another dazzling Poppies, our annual fan-directed Poptropica awards event. 🏆✨

Thank you all for joining in on the festivities throughout the month! We received over 260 votes in the polls to help determine this year’s winners and announced the awards this weekend in a livestream hosted by Sporty Boa, MaryannTheConqueror, and Slanted Fish. Catch the vid below, or scroll down to directly see the winners of the 2021 Poppies!

And the Poppies go to…

Poptropica Awards

  • 👨🏼‍🎤 Hottest Male Poptropican: Director D (runner-up: Octavian)
  • 👩‍🎤 Hottest Female Poptropican: Red Riding Hood (runner-up: Black Widow)
  • 🤦‍♀️ Most Overrated Character: Dr. Hare (runner-up: Balloon Boy)
  • 🏞 Most Picturesque Scene: Binary Bard’s Dream, Super Villain (runner-up: Heart of the Forest, Twisted Thicket)
  • 🥺 Cutest Creature: Merlin (runner-up: Dryad)
  • 🥴 Okay-est Ad Island: SpongeBob Island (runner-up: SpongeBob Island 2: Kamp Koral)
  • 🎁 Coolest Member Gift: Bunny Car (runner-up: Boba Tea)
  • 😵 Ickiest Poptropica Name: Hamburger Hamburger (runner-up: Beefy Brain)
  • 😎 Bougiest Poptropica Name: Golden Moon (runner-up: Invisible Ring)
  • 😭 Most Missed Feature: Old islands (runner-up: Costumizer)
  • 😍 Finest Piece of Merch: Time Tangled wall clock (runner-up: Shark Boy plush)

Community Awards

Congratulations to all the winners!! 🥳💙 To see the percentages in votes for the top 3 of each category, check out the beautiful slideshow created by Fierce Flyer in the archived livestream above.

We also had fun hanging out with everyone in Poptropica’s Arcade and on our PHC Discord server! Shout-out to the Dimension Bros, who were nominated for two fan videos (and one clubhouse), for tuning into the Poppies live on their TV and giving us this intense reaction video:

“Best Fan Art” Nominee Gallery

This year we had so many contenders for the “Best Fan Art” award that we went with a whopping ten nominees to choose from! Feast your eyes:

From nominating to voting to partying, thanks for joining us another awesome awards act! By the way, this Monday, July 26 marks our 13th anniversary — the PHB’s a teen now. Happy blog birthday! 🥳

Keep on poppin’ on,

—🌟 the Poppies Help Blog 🌟 —