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Clubhouse Tour: Pink Crush 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Pink CrushEnjoy!

Hello, Poptropicans! Today, I shall be giving a tour around my clubhouse! Oh, sorry, I was having a mini-spa day, please excuse me for a second…

Ok, that’s better! Alright, where to start… let’s start at the beginning, that’s a good place. This is the doorway, with a lovely flowery wreath to welcome guests. I have a light for the whole house, but I also have built-in lights controlled by my home system. There is a backpack for school, a houseplant, and two light trees. 

I love to chill in my hanging swing chair thing. Feel free to relax, the couch is very comfortable. I just bought the latest TV, which works great. Totally worth the credits. My pets also like to relax in the living room. Speaking of, where are they? 

Ah, there they are. I absolutely love my dear pets. This one is named Luna. She is a rare breed of wolf, and she loves everything nature and the outdoors. She is very energetic and playful. The other pets adore her. 

Here is Mavis, the pet that loves fashion, being pampered, and loves to dress up. She just woke up, so she’s still a bit sleepy. Mavis is a very rare dog breed of a blue border collie. She and Luna share a dog house. It’s a lot bigger than it looks and is super nice and comfortable for the dogs. 😊

This is Taj, the only kitten I have. He is a very, very uncommon mix of tiger and wirehair cat breed. He loves to relax and sleep, A LOT. Even though he loves to nap a bunch, he loves to play and is a bit classy as well with outfits. He isn’t wearing it now, but he has a blue bowtie that he LOVES, but it got dirty so it’s in the washing machine upstairs. 

This is the pet area, with toys, bowls of water, and food. I hope in the future I can get many more pets and expand the playroom, but this will do for now. Every week, if there are new outfits and toys at the clubhouse store and Adventure Outfitters for the pets, I buy them. 

Here is the kitchen. Help yourselves to anything in the fridge. I also bought some cake and ice cream if you would like some. It’s chocolate cake and Zomberry ice cream. Trust me, it’s really good.

I’m thinking of either getting pizza or ice cream. Hmm… let’s do pizza. *eating pizza* 🍕Wow, this is good.

So, over there is a water dispenser and a vending machine for soda and drinks… Hey! Luna, don’t eat that! Cake isn’t for dogs, it’s for Poptropicans only. Sorry, Luna. Anyway, let’s move on. 

Here is the hallway! I re-did it a bunch of times, and I like it. Over there is a hammock I like to nap or relax in. Here we have my laundry baskets. (I need to do laundry later!)

We have a big plant and a tropical tree for decoration. I have a big treasure chest full of stuff from past adventures, memories, pictures of friends, and lots of other stuff important to me.

I have a picture frame of a cactus, and windows which each have candles. 🕯 I always have to be careful so the candles don’t knock over or something to cause a fire. Yikes! 

Now it is hard to see, but a little above, hold on… there we go! Here is all of the equipment that I need for the sports I play. I do these things occasionally when the weather is right. Usually, on Tuesdays and Fridays, I go to either Midas’s Gym or Bert’s Basement Gym on Mythology and Pelican Rock Islands.

I also like to stop at Ye Old Roastery on Fairytale Island. They have great muffins, and they also… oh sorry, getting a bit carried away. Anyways, based on my sports equipment, I bike, snowboard, surfboard, skateboard, play tennis, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. A lot, I know. 

Here is my office. We have my bookshelf, a humidifier, my home voice system “Poppy,” my table to the right with candles and cards, and my upper shelves with my telescope, radio, and speaker. I also have a leaf thing for decoration and a light-up heart above my computer.

I do my school work on my trusty computer and play games such as Legendary Swords. (I just started playing, so I am still learning how the game works!) You can’t see it, but upstairs I have the bathroom, washroom, pantry, and storage room. 

Last but not least, my favorite room: my bedroom! I have my unicorn plushy on my bed, and above it is a butterfly decoration, red flower drapes, a moon dreamcatcher, a string of lights with photos of my friends, and a green strand with pinecones. On the left, there’s my dresser with a neon heart lamp and a sparkly lamp. 

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed my tour! I like to switch out the decorations, so it definitely won’t stay the same for long.

My username is GoldenPuppy3 if you’d like to visit, and you can find me in both the comments on the PHB and the official Poptropica Creators’ Blog. See you soon. Keep on Crushing it!

~ Pink Crush 💖

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11 thoughts on “Clubhouse Tour: Pink Crush 🏡”

  1. Thanks for the tour, Pink Crush! You’re crushing it with all the pet and people-friendly decor. Love how the lavender walls match your purple outfit, too! 💖

    1. Thank you so much. To be honest, I didn’t even really mean for my outfit to match my wallpaper. I just chose purple for the color palette because I love the color purple💜💜 I’m so happy my post is on here!😁

  2. Thank you so much!! I am happy that I got to write a guest blog on here. Soon on the official Poptropica creators blog, will be a part 2 of my poptropican fashion post. I may do another post on here but I shall see. Enjoy my guest post everyone and let me know what you think!

    1. To: Purple Star

      I am not really sure what you mean, but if you are referring to my outfit, I combined it with different shades of purple from other outfits.

      1. What do you mean “combined it with different shades of purple from other outfits.”

      2. To: Purple Star

        From your below comment, I combined different accessories and pieces of clothing with other outfits and costume of the color purple. From another comment, if you are asking about my jacket, I got it from a outfit a believe named ” boss babe”. It has a purple jacket with it. I hope that answers your question.

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