Islands disappear from Pop app

Poptropicans, brace yourselves for a rocky start to the new year — we just lost a bunch of islands from the Poptropica mobile app. 😔

The Pop app now resembles the computer version of the game, meaning new islands and loss of old ones. Here’s what you’ll find now:

On the plus side, the new update shows an intention to sync the mobile and computer experience, which had been a goal when the app first launched but had been inconsistent in recent times while Haxe was being developed. Now the app seems to have caught up, adding new islands like Fairytale, Goofball, the latest Home Island with its shop, the current character customizer, and daily credits without the spin wheel.

The downside of this matching, though, is the loss of many classic islands which had previously been playable on the app even after the end of Flash. Those now-missing islands are the complete sets of episodes for Survival, Mission Atlantis, PoptropiCon, and Arabian Nights, as well as standalone islands Reality TV: Wild Safari, Mystery of the Map, Shrink Ray, Galactic Hot Dogs, and the original Mythology Island. (Thanks to Steel for the tip.)

RIP to episodic and newer islands once playable on the app.

Doubtless this update (or should we say downgrade?) is a blow to all Poptropicans, whose access to old islands had already been limited by the end of Flash in 2020. It’s not clear why the Pop Creators decided to remove so many islands, and this time the culprit isn’t Flash, since the app uses a different technology that showed these newer (AS3) islands could still stick around after Flash.

Our best guess is that since Mission Atlantis, Ep. 1 and Arabian Nights, Ep. 2 are members only on the computer, the Creators would have wanted to keep things consistent on the app (whereas before, anyone could play all the episodes on the app). That still doesn’t quite excuse the deletion of so many other islands, but we can only hope that they plan to bring them back to both computer and app eventually. However, they did mention that they’re planning to bring back more episodes, and promised more news of rereleases in the coming weeks.

In Too Deep: There’s deep undercover and there’s which way is up.

In the meantime, you can still play many more of the older (AS2) islands on Flashpoint, and newer islands gone from the app may still be accessible through a Chrome extension and alternative Flash Player.

It’s disappointing to see these disappearances, and the new additions to the app don’t quite make up for what was so suddenly lost without any good reason given. Still, earlier promises of more rereleases may yet pave the way for their eventual return on both computer and app.

Let’s hope the rest of this year delivers more than it deducts. We’ll say it again and again: bring the old islands back!



5 thoughts on “Islands disappear from Pop app”

  1. It’s still the same for me, maybe it’s only for ios? I wouldn’t know, but Google play also shows fairy tale and the new island without it being on the app, it’s kinda strange.

  2. NOOOO!!!
    I have the mobile app and used it all the time because it had old islands on it. My worst dream was that the creators would update it, and they did.
    This is not what I expected for the new year. I’m just confused. The creators say they understand our frustration with new Pop and that they plan to do better this year, but their first move is deleting more old islands? I didn’t have much hope for 2022 in the first place, and this update didn’t help at all. I used to trust and believe in the creators. Now I’m starting to really resent them.

  3. I don’t have the mobile app but thank you slanted fish for telling me the rough news. 😦
    I’m very upset that we lost some islands and I hope they find a way to bring them back. I just read silver shell’s comment and if I had the app then my tears would fill up a swimming pool. Even tho I don’t have the app I still feel silver shell’s pain. Praying for old islands to come back and that everyone’s happy🙏🏻

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