Star Link

Greetings from outer space! Wish you could be a pro at Star Link on Poptropica? Right this way, we’ll get you lighting up those boxes in a snap!

To start a game of Star Link, visit any of the common rooms (like the Arcade) and look for the head-to-head game machine. Click the arrows on the side until you come to Star Link, then wait for an opponent to join you.

How to play

Click between the stars to link them together. Form boxes to earn points. Whoever makes the most boxes wins!

Video Guide

Tips & Tricks

You and your opponent will be on opposite sides with spaceships corresponding to the color of your lines: blue on the left, red on the right. A grid of stars awaits, and clicking between stars forms a line of your color. With each turn, we get closer to forming square boxes with those lines.

What matters is who forms a box by drawing the fourth line, so it doesn’t matter who creates the first three lines of the box. So in addition to trying to create your own boxes, watch your opponent’s lines and see if you can use them to your advantage by using their lines to form boxes, too.

Anytime someone forms a box, they get an extra turn, which can become a virtuous cycle of forming more boxes if you play your cards right. The extra turns end when a move no longer forms a box. Each box awards its maker one point, so always be looking for places with 3/4 lines of a box done.

Unless no other moves are possible, avoid making the third line of any box. If you must, then try to make your line where your opponent can form fewer boxes, preferably just the one box. Generally, don’t put lines where there are two lines already connected, since your opponent could sweep in to complete the square. When you see 2/4 lines of a box already in place, try making lines elsewhere: you don’t have to be constrained to one spot!

Have a tip for Star Link? Share it in the comments! ๐Ÿ‘‡

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29 thoughts on “Star Link”

  1. Im kind of good at this game. So um heres a tip.

    Dont put lines where there are 2 lines already connected to make a square.That will make it almost a box and your opponent can complete it.

  2. I have a tip, first make a line. Then your opponent will make a line(which leaves 2 more line left to complete the square). Then make a line somewhere nowhere near the unfiished square. Your opponent will try to finish the square (thinking you’re still trying to make the other square). When the square is 3/4 finished, make your move. Finish the square. Good luck!

  3. Great! I love this game! And I’ve been saving this tip for a long time…
    First, make a line. Your opponent will usually make a line next to yours. keep doing this untill their is a line every where that doesn’t create 3/4. then,when your opponent makes one into 3/4, you grab that one, and then complet all the squares. good luck!

  4. I got a tip. Don’t put your line when there are only 2 lines. It gives your oppenent an oppurtunity to make a square. hope that helped anyone!:smile:

    Scary Tomato: Thanks, but that’s kind of like what Shaggy Tornado said above. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. poptropica is a good website for all ages. it has challenges fun history and character personification. i suggest parents let their kids go on poptropica.

  6. I have a question. Since there are twelve squares,what will happen if Player 1 got 6 and Play 2 got 6?

    Scary Tomato: The game would end in a tie (no winner). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. You know what! I have a tip. Keep on making lines until all of then are 2/4. Slip up you opponent by making him do all the work. Since all are 2/4, he is forced to make a 3/4. then finish the puzzle/game.

  8. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I still stink at Star Link. I guess it’s just not the game for me. Oh well. I always seem to get crushed by the other person…

  9. i make an outline of the hole thin ezept for spaces where my apponent could make a square,that way.when it gets to a point when one line can complete the hole thing,you dont have to spend time outlining it!

  10. Keep an eye out for boxes that are 3/4 finished.
    Some of these are very well hidden, and your opponent may spot them first. If your opponent’s
    score is higher than yours, this is VERY important. Don’y let your opponent stay ahead of you for long.

  11. Never let an oppurtunity pass. Don’t do it quickly. If there is no choice but to put a third line, look around in case there is something you missed to not make most of the box. Otherwise, make 3/4 of the box somewhere were your opponent can only make one or two boxes.

  12. Until you see a 3/4 square,try and make a line or 2 which may or may not connect to each other. If you see any empty spaces where your opponent can’t make a square,put it there! Also look closely at where you rival puts his/her line,you never now if it’s 3/4 of a square!

  13. what should i do if my opponent takes to long to do her turn in star link

    Slanted Fish: You might have to quit the game.

  14. I generally go second when I play (most of the time) and when I do, I just copy the other Player’s moves, until I can make a box.

  15. Anyone here with the Poptropican name Fearless Owl? I would really like to talk you you without those terrible conversation limitations.

  16. My strategy for this game is:
    Go around the edge of the game box until you see a 3/4 square. Then strike! Keep doing this until all of the edge’s lines are filled. Then, put the lines in spots where your opponent has no choice but to make a 3/4 square if they choose a line touching the line that you put down. Hope it helps! (I win almost every time.)

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