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Save the date for the PHB’s “Gone in a Flash” 2020 holiday party! πŸ’₯

The party has ended. Stay tuned for the recap on the PHB!

Hey Poptropicans. As 2020 comes to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to Flash, the technology that Poptropica has been running on since its beginning in 2007, which is being replaced by Poptropica on Haxe.

But we here at the PHB couldn’t let it go without a bang! And as the holidays draw near, we figure the timing’s good for a Poptropica party. So join us and let’s commemorate the occasion as our accessibility to years of Poptropica memories will soon be “gone in a Flash”!

  • ⏰ When: Saturday, December 19 @ 8 pm Eastern / 7 pm Central / 6 pm Mountain / 5 pm Pacific (for all other time zones, check this time converter). In some parts of the world, it may be Sunday morning, December 20. Save the date!
  • πŸ“ Where: Hanging out in Poptropica’s common rooms on Mythology and 24 Carrot Islandβ€”we’ll try to meet on both Flash and Haxe, though whether Flash stays accessible can’t be guaranteed! Your best bet on where to find the party is to stay with us on our Discord server, the PHC β€” a fun, safe chat space where PHB staff and other Poptropicans regularly hang out. It’s open anytime, so come on in!
  • πŸ’₯ Why: To give one last hurrah for Flash, the engine that’s sustained Poptropica for over a decade. And to celebrate the holidays!

While Poptropica is working on bringing over many beloved classic islands from Flash to the new era of Haxe, and have already been making some progress, some things are still going to look different. We’re hopeful for the future of Poptropica, but the transition is definitely a milestone β€” one that we’d like to commemorate with you.

So bring your nostalgic tears, your anticipatory fears, and temper that with your gratitude for all the years and a fair bit of holiday cheers, too. We’ll see you there as the game changes gears! πŸ₯³

β€” πŸŽ„ the Poptropica help bloggers βœ¨β€”

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Our guest of honor: Dr. Beev! πŸΏ

Happy Beev Day, Poptropicans! Look who showed up as our guest of honor on 24 Carrot Island (Flash only, not Haxe)…

Standing right in front of the cinema common room, where a PHC party celebrating the minor Mocktropica icon was planned for today, it’s Dr. Beev himself! Click on him and he’ll tell you a beaver pun.

You’ll also get a free Beaver Follower! This chonky boi (who goes up to your shoulders!) can go with you most places, but not common rooms.

Another thing: You can Costumize every part of Dr. Beev’s costume, from the cute pink goggles down to the big swishy tail. Enjoy!

All this Beev fan service from the Poptropica Creators sure is a pleasant surprise! Now that’s a Mocktropica-flavored update we don’t mind. πŸ™‚

If you’re reading this on Tuesday, September 15, it’s still Beev Day! Come join the party on the PHC with hanging out in common rooms, racing through Mocktropica Island, and going wild on the voice chat (possibly with derailed conversations about the Myron Van and El Pistachioβ€”sorry Beev). Or watch it on TheOrangeHe’s Twitch livestream!

Let’s take another moment to appreciate how the Creators actually put the Great Dr. Beev into the game. Pretty surreal, especially for the Beev’s small but growing cult following! Happy Beev Day, Poptropicans! 🐿

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You’re invited to celebrate Dr. Beev Day! πŸΏ

Note: The following event is not organized by the PHB, but will be taking place on our Discord server, the PHC! Hear it from MaryannTheConqueror…

We, a group of Poptropica Month participants, have decided to announce a very special day for all Poptropicans, in honor of a very special character. Even though the Poptropica Creators hardly acknowledge him, this character is much loved by the Poptropica fan community, which is why we have decided to hold this event:

🐿 In Honor of the Great Dr. Beev 🐿

  • What: Beev Party!
  • When: September 15, 2020 (Tuesday) at 12 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Central / 10 a.m. Mountain / 9 a.m. Pacific β€” for other time zones, use a converter. It may be late night Tuesday or early morning Wednesday in some parts of the world.)
  • Where: 24 Carrot cinema common room (Flash version) and the PHC (including voice chat!)
  • What to prepare: Anything Beev related!!! Stories, theories, fan art, your love, etc.

In addition to partying it up in the cinema on 24 Carrot Island (home of Dr. Beev’s inferior mirror, Dr. Hare) and hanging out on the PHC, we’ll also be playing through Mocktropica Island to find the elusive picture of the beloved beaver-doctor in the trash can. Some of us may also be making videos in honor of this great character and his takeover, so keep an eye out for those. Mark your calendars and join us for a fun time!

We will not stop showing our support for the great Dr. Beev until the Poptropica Creators give us a Dr. Beev costume, beaver pets, and maybe even an entire Beev Island! (And it better not be for members only, or there’ll be rioting in the common rooms…)

Update: Here’s a video announcing everything mentioned above!

Castori honorem

See you on the PHC and in Poptropica! πŸŽ‰

MaryannTheConqueror (with IsaacEntertains, Theo’s Ghost, TheOrangeHe, and Mess of a Being)

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by MaryannTheConqueror. If you did, be sure to check out Poptropica Month, the fan event that’s spawned this upcoming Beev party! And of course, join in on the fun on the PHC.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. You can find some tips and guidelines on our page on how to Write for the PHB, and share blog posts on the PHC.

πŸ“° If you have an idea for a PHB post, send it in✨

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Recap: PHB Tribal Tournament 2020 πŸΉπŸ”₯πŸ…

Rise up, Poptropicans! It’s time to find out which tribe reigns supreme!

The PHB’s 2020 Tribal Tournament has come to an end, and it’s time to recap the results, which were also announced earlier at our closing ceremony. We hope those of you who came had as much fun at the party as we did! It was a great time mingling, cheering, and going head-to-head in different games β€” this time just for the sheer fun of it. πŸ˜‰ Did you make it into the photo collage?

Above all, we’d like to thank those who participated with dynamism and unquestionable team spirit the whole way through. It sure was an exciting event and we couldn’t have pulled it off without you. Now, onto the results!

πŸ”₯ Creative Competitors 🎨

For our first round, which transpired throughout the entire event, it was all about art and creativity. Many Poptropicans sent in their written works, visual pieces, musical compositions, and more Poptropica-based fan creations!

We looked for effort, so players earned 10 points for their tribe for every creation they submitted. Here are the results:

  1. Black Flags – 570
  2. Wildfire – 240
  3. Nanobots – 190
  4. Flying Squid – 180
  5. Nightcrawlers – 120
  6. Seraphim – 40
  7. Pathfinders/Yellowjackets – 30

Scroll down near the end to view the impressive Art Gallery of the Games, a selection of our favorite creations submitted for this event. So much good stuff!

🧠 Genius Games πŸ’ͺ

In Genius Games, there were three outlets to obtaining points which included: the Caption Contest, Tricky Trivia, and Trace That Place.

The Caption Contest was exactly what it sounds like. We provided a photo of a funky Poptropica scene and it was your task to come up with a caption that best captured the essence of the picture. There were entries that were witty, outright laughable, and some even brutal in their honesty. Here are the stats along with a collection of some of our favorites:

  1. Wildfire – 170
  2. Black Flags – 130
  3. Nanobots – 110
  4. Flying Squid – 90
  5. Pathfinders – 30
  6. Nightcrawlers/Seraphim/Yellowjackets – 0
  • “Everyone once quarantine ends” – Tall Melon (Nanobots)
  • “Oh, this? Just a normal day in Poptropica.” – Incredible Fire (Wildfire)

For Tricky Trivia, team members worked together to answer 20 trivia questions (each worth 10 points) regarding Poptropica β€” both in and out of the game. Most were fairly simple, but a few were pretty challenging as well. Regardless, many tribes were able to get most, and even all, of them correct! (list in alphabetical order; not by score)

  • Black Flags – 200/200
  • Flying Squid – 190/200
  • Nanobots – 200/200
  • Nightcrawlers – 110/200
  • Pathfinders – 190/200
  • Seraphim – 50/200
  • Wildfire – 190/200
  • Yellowjackets – 0/200

Trace That Place was a scavenger-hunt-esque game where participants had to put their scenery observation skills to the test. There were 16 screenshots from various different islands, and it was up to the players to collaboratively figure out where they come from. Here are the results:

  • Black Flags – 160/160
  • Flying Squid – 160/160
  • Nanobots – 160/160
  • Nightcrawlers – 150/160
  • Pathfinders – 160/160
  • Seraphim – 0/160
  • Wildfire – 160/160
  • Yellowjackets – 0/160

To view the trivia questions we asked, visit the Genius Games post. And for their answers, visit the Gamers’ Gauntlet post. How many did you get right?

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Gamers’ Gauntlet πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

The final round captured the true essence of what makes Poptropica so great β€” completing Islands! In this case, the medallions from Poptropolis Games, Reality TV, and Reality TV: Wild Safari were the ones to go after. For each completion of an island, the tribe would earn 10 points. Here’s the list:

  1. Black Flags – 1360
  2. Nanobots – 340
  3. Seraphim – 130
  4. Flying Squid – 120
  5. Pathfinders – 30
  6. Nightcrawlers – 20
  7. Wildfire – 20
  8. Yellowjackets – 0

What a finish! As most of us know by now, Flash’s imminent fading by the end of 2020 means many of the islands will not be playable for much longer (unless the Creators bring them to newer tech). So competition or not, make the most of the moment and play the heck out of your favorite islands while you can!

🏁 Final Rankings πŸ†

Ouch! Coming in at last place with a mere 30 points are the Yellowjackets. That must sting quite a bit. Looks like you’re gonna have to bee better next time, guys.

They may not have gotten the win, but at least they’re not last β€” it’s the Seraphim! 130 points are all for this tribe but don’t be discouraged, seraphs. Just keep on soaring!

6th place isn’t anything to write home about, but the Nightcrawlers‘ effort in and of itself is still worth celebrating. What you gonna do with those 400 points? Wiggle wiggle wiggle…

The Pathfinders couldn’t seek their way to the top this time, but it was one heck of a journey! At the top of the bottom, the navigators stand confident at 5th place with 480 points.

Here comes a green wave, and we’re not squidding, because snorkeling in at 4th place is the Flying Squid. Not half bad, guys!

Things are heating up as we boil down to the top three. The Wildfire finished off hot racking up a total of 780 points! Way to bring some fire to the competition!

*beep* *boop* And I oop! Don’t let these little crabs deceive you. Nanobots defeated all odds by coming in 2nd place and pulling in a solid 1000 points. That’s no easy feat, so kudos to you guys!

Arrr you mateys ready to find out who took home the treasure this year? You guessed it β€” it’s the rowdy and ruthless Black Flags!

Winning by an absolute landslide β€” with over double the amount of points of their successors β€” these scallywags have more than deserved their reign as champions until the next games. Ahoy!

  1. Black Flags – 2420 (570 + 490 + 1360) πŸ₯‡
  2. Nanobots – 1000 (190 + 470 + 340) πŸ₯ˆ
  3. Wildfire – 780 (240 + 520 + 20) πŸ₯‰
  4. Flying Squid – 740 (180 + 440 + 120)
  5. Pathfinders – 480 (30 + 420 + 30)
  6. Nightcrawlers – 400 (120 + 260 + 20)
  7. Seraphim – 130 (40 + 50 + 40)
  8. Yellowjackets – 30 (30 + 0 + 0)

3️⃣ Round III: Most Valuable Player πŸ…

And for the last result of the tournament, we’d like to award Pegs (Muddy Kid) with the third week’s MVP prize! Thank you for your never-ending dedication, and congratulations on your membership! You’ve done the Nanobots proud, so enjoy every second of it and feel free to take your bow.

πŸ–Œ Art Gallery of the Games 🎨

You guys never cease to amaze us with all of your artwork. To celebrate that, we’re showcasing some of our favorite pieces from the event here for everyone to enjoy! (Click to view the full images.)

And with that comes the end of the PHB’s second Tribal Tournament! It sure was a blast and we hope it was as fun for you as it was for us to host.

If you enjoyed engaging with other Poptropicans, chatting, and sharing artwork and all the shenanigans, you should totally stick around the Poptropica Help Chat on Discord. It’s always open and moderated to ensure a fun time for all!

Until the torch is lit again… πŸ”₯

β€” the Poptropica Help Blog β€”

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Join us for the PHB Tribal Tournament party! πŸ…πŸŽ‰

Like all good things, the Games are coming to an end. But the fun isn’t over: it’s time for the 2020 PHB Tribal Tournament to go out with a bang! πŸ’₯ Join us at our closing ceremony, where we’ll be announcing LIVE the winners of our three rounds (and overall) as well as partying in Poptropica common rooms.

Here are all the details you need to know:

  • πŸ•— When: Saturday, August 29 @ 8 pm Eastern / 7 pm Central / 6 pm Mountain / 5 pm Pacific (for all other time zones, check this time converter). In some parts of the world, it may be Sunday morning, August 30.
  • πŸ“ Where: On our Discord server, the PHC β€” a safe chat space where PHB staff and other Poptropicans regularly hang out. It’s open anytime, so come on in!
  • πŸŽ‰ Why: To find out which tribe reigns supreme! And to have fun while cheering on your tribe, of course.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Remember, you still have till next Tuesday, the 25th, to compete in the current Gamers’ Gauntlet and send in some more Poptropica fan art for the Creative Competitors round to earn points for your tribe.

Mark your calendars for the party, too! We’ll meet you at the finish line. ✊

πŸ”Έ United we stand πŸ”Έ

– the PHB tribe reps –

Noveen (Black Flags), Sporty Boa (Flying Squid), Spotted Dragon (Nanobots), Slanted Fish (Nightcrawlers), Lucky Joker (Pathfinders), Gentle Dolphin (Seraphim), Fierce Flyer (Wildfire), & Silver Wolf (Yellowjackets)