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Join us for the PHB Tribal Tournament party! 🏅🎉

Like all good things, the Games are coming to an end. But the fun isn’t over: it’s time for the 2020 PHB Tribal Tournament to go out with a bang! 💥 Join us at our closing ceremony, where we’ll be announcing LIVE the winners of our three rounds (and overall) as well as partying in Poptropica common rooms.

Here are all the details you need to know:

  • 🕗 When: Saturday, August 29 @ 8 pm Eastern / 7 pm Central / 6 pm Mountain / 5 pm Pacific (for all other time zones, check this time converter). In some parts of the world, it may be Sunday morning, August 30.
  • 📍 Where: On our Discord server, the PHC — a safe chat space where PHB staff and other Poptropicans regularly hang out. It’s open anytime, so come on in!
  • 🎉 Why: To find out which tribe reigns supreme! And to have fun while cheering on your tribe, of course.

🏃‍♂️ Remember, you still have till next Tuesday, the 25th, to compete in the current Gamers’ Gauntlet and send in some more Poptropica fan art for the Creative Competitors round to earn points for your tribe.

Mark your calendars for the party, too! We’ll meet you at the finish line. ✊

🔸 United we stand 🔸

– the PHB tribe reps –

Noveen (Black Flags), Sporty Boa (Flying Squid), Spotted Dragon (Nanobots), Slanted Fish (Nightcrawlers), Lucky Joker (Pathfinders), Gentle Dolphin (Seraphim), Fierce Flyer (Wildfire), & Silver Wolf (Yellowjackets)

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Recap: Poppies 2020 awards and party 🥳🏆

Lights? Check. Internet connection? Check. Dr. Beev—wait, come again?

This weekend, we hosted the Poppies, our annual fan-directed Poptropica awards event, in celebration with the PHB’s 12th birthday. And what an event!

Despite the lack of Multiverse rooms (that feature disappeared a while back), just a few classic head-to-head mini-games to play (only Balloons, Sky Dive, and Star Link remain), and our decision to forego the traditional livestream in favor of concentrating our energy on announcing Poppies winners via our PHC Discord chat server, we had fun in the presence of emojis of all kinds (including the beloved Dr. Beev, the Dr. Hare/beaver parody from Mocktropica Island) and hit up the Party Time Tower on Time Tangled and Midas Gym on Mythology to shake the floors with our stellar outfits and groovy dance moves.

But enough about that, right? You want to know who won, and we’re here to bring you the highlights. Our winners for the 2020 Poppies are…

🏆 Gameplay Awards

  • OG Island We’ll Miss Most: Astro-Knights Island (runner-up: Mystery Train)
  • Best Pet Accessory: Buccaneer Hat (runner-up: Flower Headband)
  • Best Clubhouse Decor: Poptropica blimp (runner-up: Fox)
  • Best Home Island Makeover: Halloween (runner-up: Wizardry)
  • Best Quippy: 24 Carrot (runner-up: Escape From Pelican Rock)
  • Best Default Character: Old School (runners-up: Love Star and Girl Power)
  • Worst Paywall Offender of the Year: Classic islands return for members only (runner-up: Store items that used to be for all return as members only)

🏆 Community Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 Poppies!! 🏆 And if you’re interested in knowing the rankings of each nominee, head on over to the PHC and check out the pinned messages to scroll up in the chat. We’ll leave the pins for some time, but not forever, so check them out while you can.

As an added bonus, here’s a quick thank-you video from Theo of Dimension Bros, whose channel won Best Fan Video (you may recall the PHB’s spotlight post for them last month). Thanks for celebrating with us! 🥳

🎨 “Best Fan Art of the Year” Nominee Gallery

We’re always impressed by what this fandom produces. To celebrate that, we’re showcasing our top nominees for this year’s “Best Fan Art” award:

Thanks to all of you who nominated, voted, came out for the Poppies awards show—and most of all, for being part of the Poptropica community in ways big and small. 💙 Also, happy birthday to the PHB! 🥳 We’re grateful to you, dear reader, for your part in making these 12 years so special.

A minute of beauty onstage is years of work offstage. Now let’s pick up those Dr. Beev emojis littered all over the blue carpet and get it rolled back up!

—🌟 the Poppies Help Blog 🌟 —

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Recap: Poppies 2019 Awards and Party!

How’s it going, friends and Poptropicans?

It’s Sporty Boa here to recap what’s been another memorable Poppies awards show and PHB birthday party. The Poppies are our annual community awards event, where we celebrate Poptropica, the PHB, and the community as a whole. We thank all who nominated, voted, and celebrated with us! 🥳

It was a pleasure to announce this year’s winners alongside my brother and co-host, Fierce Flyer, as well as fellow PHB authors Gentle Dolphin, Lucky Joker and Slanted Fish via our YouTube livestream! If you weren’t able to catch us live, you can hear the full recording down below:

Without further ado, let’s recap and take a look at our official Poppies 2019 award winners and runner-ups! (You can find the full breakdown of the results in our livestream slideshow.)

Gameplay Awards

Community Awards

Congratulations to all the winners, runner-ups and nominations!! 🏆

“Best Fan Art” Nominee Gallery

We’re always impressed by what this fandom produces. To celebrate that, we’re showcasing our top nominees for this year’s “Best Fan Art” award:

Once again, a huge thanks goes to the Poptropica Creators, the PHB staff, and most importantly, the community for making this possible.

Thanks for sticking around to see the Poptropica Help Blog reach 11 years! We hope you continue to be a part of this incredible journey for years to come.

🔹 See you next time on the blue carpet! 🔹

PHB Parties

Recap: PHB’s Holiday Party 2017

pop holiday party 2017

Greetings, mortals! It is I, Zeus—Santa Zeus if you will; I certainly won’t—anyway, I’m back to recap the PHB’s 2017 Holiday Party you all were invited to this weekend.

First, thanks to everyone who came! So some of you wouldn’t bow down to me, but I still enjoyed your company, and hey, I can be forgiving. 😉 Anyway, check out the recap collage I put together above. So much festivity, sugar, and of course, wisdom from me!

I gotta say, it was really thoughtful of Greedy Shadow to leave out so many (fortune) cookies for Santa (and the other kids, of course). A lot of you had really vibrant holiday costumes, too—nothing as awesome as my brilliant red robes, though. Plus, it was fun to explore the many multiplayer ad rooms, thanks to Tallmeloniscool and KeithSammut, even though Keith tried to challenge my power with a sword duel. The gall!

Over on the PHC Discord server, I took up the many delightful questions you kids had for an old immortal soul like me, and overall, I think it turned out well! I guess being Santa wasn’t so bad after all… don’t let any of the other villains hear me say that. They’d think I was a chump. But then again, I’m the one who had fun in the spotlight, so HA! I WIN!

Well, it’s time I wrapped up this thing, so thanks for having me—I’m off to Mount Olympus now, but I’ll always be watching. Thank you guys for watching this blog, too. The PHB team can’t express their gratitude enough. 💙

Merry Zeusmas—I mean, Christmas—and happy holidays, Poptropicans. 🎄

– 🎅 Santa Zeus & the Poptropica Help bloggers ⚡️ –

PHB Parties

The PHB’s Holiday Party 2017: You’re Invited!

christmas pop 2017

Listen up, kids! It is I, the big boss on Mount Olympus, Father Zeus—I mean, I’m, uh, Father Christmas—ugh, I can barely pull this off.

Look, Poptropicans, I didn’t ask for this. Do ya see this beard? Do ya see how white it is? Yeah, I know, it means I’m an old man. Did I mention I didn’t ask for thi—


Okay, okay. *sigh* So, the beloved PHB staff y’all are so fond of? Well, they invited me to be the star of a show, and, well, who am I to turn down a chance to shine, right? So I signed a contract without thinking twice, and before I knew it, I’d been roped into turning my beautiful red robes and bushy white beard into *shudders* Mr. Santa Claus. Ugh. (Never mind that I could probably strike y’all down with lightning if I wanted to…)

But, well, maybe you lot won’t be as bratty as I think y’all are. Let me just get right down to it: we’re having a 2017 PHB Holiday Party this weekend, and y’all are invited. Woop woop. Run wild, kiddos. Enjoy yer youth and just go to this shindig, ’cause old age will catch up to ya one day.

If ya never been to a PHB party, uh, I’m supposed to show y’all how awesome last year’s holiday party turned out, so there you go, kiddies. Oh dear, they got Myron Van Buren to play Santa last year?! Whatever happened to the fear that we Poptropica villains used to instill in you people?! I guess we’re all taking a break, so ya might as well spread the word about the festivities:

  • 🎅️ WHO: Everyone – you’ll get to chat with Poptropicans, including PHB staff, but most importantly… SANTA ZEUS!
  • ⛄️ WHAT: Multiverse parties and lively chat on the Poptropica Help Chat (aka the PHC: join in at – with a holiday twist. Bring your Santa hats, candy canes, and of course, your holiday cheer!
  • 🕒 WHENDecember 22, 2017 (Friday) @ 5 p.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. Central / 3 p.m. Mountain / 2 p.m. Pacific (If you do not live in any of these time zones, or if you don’t know which one you live in, use this website to find out what time it will be in your area! In some places, it may be Saturday morning.)
  • 🎄 WHERE: The Poptropica Help Chat hangout, better known as the PHC –
  • 🎊 WHY: To spread holiday joy throughout the Poptropica community!

Okay, in case yer reading comprehension ain’t so good, or ya just got bad eyes like me and the rest of the old folks out there, the party takes place on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat), and along with hangin’ on Discord, we’ll have Multiverse codes so we can meet up on good ol’ Poptropica too.

To find the chat server, click on “Chat” up top or go to The place is moderated, so don’t you be tryin’ to pull any funny business, ya hear me? Ya best go over the rules over on the #tutorial channel if ya don’t wanna get kicked nor banned either.

Alright, that’s enough from the old man. Pop down into the comments if you got questions or just want to mock me for doing this foolish Santa stunt. See ya there, Poptropicans. Or not. Whatever. Personally I’d rather not have everyone see me as some chump pretending to be Sant—


Yeah, okay, you heard ’em. Get hype!!! That’s what the cool kids say, right?

– ⚡️ Santa Zeus & the PHB elves 🎅 –