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Gamer Clubhouse Tour: Theo’s Ghost 🏠🎮

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Theo’s Ghost. Enjoy!

Greetings PHB readers! I’m Theo, my Poptropican’s name is Perfect Ghost, and the name I use online is a combination of the two, Theo’s Ghost.  You may know me from the YouTube channel Dimension Bros, where me and my best friend Isaac make Poptropica (and other) YouTube videos (for ages 13+). But today isn’t about my YouTube career.

Instead it’s going to be a tour of my clubhouse!  I’ve seen quite a few clubhouse tours on the PHB and since the Poppies 2021 have a “Coolest Clubhouse” category, what better time than now to showcase my clubhouse to all of the wonderful PHB readers out there! I’ve shared screenshots of my clubhouse on Discord in the past, so you may already recognize it, but no one has ever seen the full clubhouse in all its glory, until today.

However, I must specify that my clubhouse is not your typical Poptropica abode.  My clubhouse is more of an art piece rather than a cool place I’ve designed for my Poptropican to live.  It’s meant to be more for aesthetic value than to actually serve any function to Perfect Ghost.  It’s the clubhouse equivalent of high fashion.  Clothes you see on runways aren’t meant for practical use, but rather for appreciating the design and artistry that it took to create them, while normal clothes like t-shirts and such are for practical everyday use.  So now that we’ve established what my clubhouse is, let’s take a look.

The clubhouse was built around one specific piece: the “eat sleep game repeat” poster that can be found in the store for only 100 credits.  This poster really called out to me and I just knew I had to fill my clubhouse with it.

The entryway is surrounded by the “eat sleep game repeat” posters, to set up the observer for what they are about to experience when they come into my clubhouse.  And apologies for the low resolution images, the Haxe version of Poptropica doesn’t lend itself well to taking nice screenshots.

As you saw above, the main section of the clubhouse is filled with nothing but “eat sleep game repeat” posters, as they fill up a majority of the wall space.  I think the black contrast against my pink/purple gradient wallpaper is a lovely visual experience.  Plus, the sheer overload of “eat sleep game repeat” posters is sure to elicit some form of emotional response from all who view it.  I know whenever I look at the absurd amount of posters I have, it fills me with a lot of joy, and I hope it does the same for you lovely PHB readers.

But don’t be fooled, there are more than just posters in this clubhouse.

Here is what I like to call “the gamer zone.”  It’s just a gamer desk and gamer chair from the store in the bottom right hand corner of the room, but I think it’s a nice touch.  It is, of course, surrounded by “eat sleep game repeat” posters, as they are the main visual motif of the clubhouse.  Now, you may be wondering, how can one eat, sleep, game and repeat if all the Poptropican is afforded is but a lonely desk? 

Well, the soda cup in the cup holder is clearly filled with some nutritious beverage for keeping one alive (eat), the gamer chair is excellently padded and extremely comfortable (sleep), and of course the PC is there to play lots and lots of Poptropica (game), and you need no external object to repeat.  The gamer zone is more than just the dedicated gaming area, but the dedicated living area, as the zone is designed to keep the gamer alive.

To the left side of the clubhouse we have more sparsely placed “eat sleep game repeat” posters.  Now you may think this is because I was either running out of credits or got lazy, but you would be wrong.  I still have thousands of credits in the bank as I am very Poptropica-rich thanks to my membership, and I would never allow myself to get lazy when it comes to creating an art piece such as my Poptropica clubhouse. 

The sparsity of the posters on the left side is to represent drifting further from the gamer zone which is on the right.  The further the gamer drifts from his gaming chair and gamer desk, he loses sight of his mission, which is to eat, sleep, game and repeat.  Thus, the poster is in less abundance.

In the top right corner of the room there is a single bunch of mushrooms.  These are to represent the fungus that non-gamers are like on society, and how their non-gamerness is like dirt upon a nice wood floor.

And that’s it!  That is my clubhouse tour completed, and hopefully you have a better understanding of the world now that you’ve seen my art.  This clubhouse costed me a lot of credits, and it was also excruciating using the Poptropica clubhouse decorator tool to place down all of those “eat sleep game repeat” posters, so showing my clubhouse some appreciation by helping it win the Poppies 2021 award for “Coolest Clubhouse” would be poggers! 

Anyway, that’s all from me. Now go eat, sleep, game and repeat!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Theo’s Ghost. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve shared here on the PHB.

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