Cozy Clubhouse Tour: Slanted Fish ✨

Hey Poptropicans, welcome back to Slanted Fish’s clubhouse!

You might have seen my other crib with its displays of mystical objects, but this time we’ll be visiting another room within my aquarium home sweet home. Come on in! Let’s turn the mood lights on.

Can I get you something to drink? A hot beverage is always nice, and we have some bites in the fridge too. Don’t mind Mr. Fantastic Fox over there — he just keeps guard over the valuables in the safe and guzzles away at the snacks. Sometimes you can catch him dancing to the beats playing upstairs in the AV entertainment corner!

Across from the kitchen on the other side, you’ll find a comfy nap spot, complete with a curtain cover to block out the outside world. Great for climbing into bed without climbing up anywhere!

Meanwhile, on the floor above, the pets have their chill-out space too. My kitty, El Mustachio Venti, quite likes curling up in the basket—when the armadillo doesn’t beat her to it.

Further up, you’ll find my inflatable Poptropica blimp! You know you’re in the halls of a Poptropica explorer when you see one of these. Elsewhere, there’s an assortment of knickknacks I’ve collected over my travels, from adventuresome animals to hoards of books.

Now we get into the sanctuary—the bedroom proper! This is the place for lounging around in bed, watching the jellyfish float or seeing what’s on TV. Plus, I’m a proud plant parent and always looking to collect more greenery. And hey, my rainbow sweater matches the popsicle pic!

Finally, off to the top right, we have a little corner of madness. Who makes the best pose: me, the dragon, or the wild Venus flytrap?

That’s it for this cozy clubhouse tour. It’s been fun having you over, and you’re welcome back anytime! To visit in-game, add me on Poptropica (username: slantedfish) and click “Visit” next to my name (Friendly Fish) on your friends list.

By the way, you can share your clubhouse with readers of this blog by sending in a guest post! Find out more on our Write for the PHB page.

See you next time on Poptropica Clubhouse Tours!

~slantedfish 🐠


25 thoughts on “Cozy Clubhouse Tour: Slanted Fish ✨”

  1. Love this clubhouse tour! I like your pose better than the Flytrap and the dragon. Also I like how your pet is wearing a mustache. I want to see more rooms of your house.

    1. No offence but honestly, I think the Flytrap had a better pose. But you sure got a better costume!

    1. Same! My beautiful kitty was gray but now he’s just the plain orange. I miss how you could change your pet’s color…

    2. I took these pics before the plain pet glitch happened. Unfortunately, seems like everyone’s having this issue with the pets right now. Hopefully the creators can fix it soon.

  2. Members are soooo good. Wish I’m a member… I tried on the PHB monthly free membership give away, but I never go chosen.

    1. Venti like the Starbucks drink size — comes after Grande. 🥤 Also, as in El Mustachio Grande from Wild West Island, but it’s El Mustachio Venti with a ‘stache. 🤠

  3. Heh Slanted Fish, are you a big fan of unicorns? You have one unicorn in this clubhouse, and one unicorn in the other one of yours!

      1. That’s ok to like them,but unicorns aren’t real.
        And I love the fox,foxes are mu fave animals

  4. And, by the way Slanted Fish, I’m a Chinese and I live in Shanghai. I think it’s cool that you are born in Hong Kong. I heard that they have tons of delicious food.

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